Private Clay Class - Monday Life 私人粘土班 - 星期一之生活

4년 전

Today had a private clay class for my colleague Pooi Yee accompanied by her sister. She chose the Alphabet Cube Bear & Horsy Bear for today's clay class. She got a freelance job for Baby Full Moon Package from her friend, she decided to add something special full moon door gift for customer. A memorable cute figurine for everyone, & may customized according to customer's design.

We start our 1st basic class is alphabet Cube Bear, the most easier claying with just basic round, square, water drop, oval shape & alphabet cutter to cut out the alphabet. A pasta machine for clay color mixing & some clay tools to make different pattern. She finish her 1st figurine in 2 hours & sent into the oven to bake for 20 minutes in 130 degree.

Got bit of hungry after finish the 1st figurine which is 12.30pm & is time for lunch. We went to Subang Jaya SS15 to search for food.

今天帮同事Pooi Yee和她妹妹陪伴下安排了一个私人粘土班。她选择了字母熊熊和木马熊熊作为今天的课程。今天是她第一次粘土班因为接到一个朋友满月配套计划,她有一个特别想法就是粘土小雕像当作顾客纪念礼品。顾客也可选择自己喜爱的设计。


开始觉得有点饿了就选择绕Subang Jaya SS15寻食物。

Is time for lunch, we drove to Subang Jaya SS15 for Indo Bowl since they not try yet. We went around 5 to 6 rounds for parking, seemed no one drove out from the parking. We almost gave up & chose another location but end up we found 1 but quite far from the restaurant. It took around 10 minutes walk to reach the restaurant. We ordered Nasi Goreng Balado, Indomie Ayam Madura, Indomie Dendeng Balado, Teh O Ice, Lemon Tea Ice & Nescafe Ice. Satisfied with the lunch & back home around 3pm to continue the 2nd clay project.

午餐时间到了,既然她们没尝试过就到Subang Jaya SS15的Indo Bowl吃午餐。竟然饶了5至6圈都没办法找到停车处,在想要放弃时就让我们遇到一个空停车处。蛮远的,必须用10分钟走路抵达目的地。我们叫了Nasi Goreng Balado, Indomie Ayam Madura, Indomie Dendeng Balado, Teh O Ice, Lemon Tea Ice & Nescafe Ice。大家都很有满足感,回家去继续第二个小雕像。

Our 2nd clay project was Horsy Bear, a difficult level which need to make sure the horse is stable enough for the bear to sit on it. Firstly we have to make the body with 4 legs & send to bake in the oven, once the body was harden continue the rest of the clay. Pooi yee had a problem of doing the milk bottle because is miniature, she had tough time to shape it out so need more practice.

After finished the 2 figurines, glossed it with the gloss varnish to make it shine. She's happy with her handmade figurines & going to show her friend the samples for approval. Wish you Good Luck in your new project & hopefully we have a chance to become copartnership.

第二个小雕像木马熊熊,有点苦难度因为必须确定木马的稳固才可放上熊熊。起初先捏木马身体和4支脚然后先烘硬才继续捏其他。Pooi Yee遇到一些苦难在捏奶罐因为太小了所以必须努力练习。


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sophisticated skills, great, good.




亚克西 = 维吾尔族语 = 好的意思!


@yumisee 亲和同事的双手真是太厉害,这么精巧的摆设也做得出来,棒棒达~



@yumisee, 这是小可可我在steemit最好的邂逅,好喜欢你的贴(^∀^)哇~~~ img