sixweekhealth-week 5 (Keep Fit & Active) 六周健康挑战-第5星期 (健康与活跃)

4년 전

Thanks to @healthsquared, @sweetsssj & @coachben for organize this program Keep Fit & Active

感谢 @healthsquared, @sweetsssj@coachben举办的活动保持健康与活跃

This year I enrolled my children to boys brigade handled by a church in Subang Jaya to avoid them from the gadgets. They just faced with television, tablet or phone when they were free in the weekend. Boy Brigade is similar as Boys Scouts for age 6 years old above with combine drill and fun activities with Christian values. A semi-military discipline and order, gymnastics, summer camps and religious services and optional classes such as musical band & swimming class.

Below photo is the first day of the boys bridgage with all the singing & musical band by the children.

All the children from different grade will be called by the captains to line up & marching at the basketball court under the hot sun. There were 3 different level which is Pre Junior, Junior & Senior class.

After the bible class & snack time. They will had games & excercise at the basketball court such as jumping frog, push up, run etc which I felt was good for them to make them stronger & fit.
圣经班和小吃后,大家往篮球场玩游戏和操如青蛙跳,俯卧撑, 跑步等等让小孩们强壮健康。

I hope when my children grow bigger, they are active, fit & be independent.

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Wow, I was a Girl Brigader back in Kuching, Sarawak. The same church has Boy brigade as well. Good to see your wonderful pictures about them again :) Hope your boys will grow along with them. From my experience, it benefits my growing up a lot.


same church? actually im buddhism but I love their boys brigade so it came with bible when my kids came back & told me but I dun understand bout it

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妈妈的心... 只要孩子好,什么都好啊







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