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But computer geeks always want the latest crap

Back in 1998 when computers were all totally new to me, I became interested in using Photoshop to make cool pictures. So I did a couple of Photoshop courses and learned the basics.

The only computer I’d used at that point was an old IBM running Windows 3.1. The new computers at the courses were Apple Macs running the amazing Photoshop 4. So Apple seemed very advanced.

After using the Macs for a while I decided I wanted a computer of my own. There was a whole new thing just becoming popular – websites – and I was keen to make one.

It was then that I learned just how much a Mac actually cost, and how much people were forking out for programs like Photoshop. Truck loads.

Microsoft Computers on the other hand only cost half as much (still a lot back then) but even back in the 90’s, all the latest Microsoft software was being freely copied and passed around.

After buying a new PC, I had free copies of Photoshop 4, Office 98, and Frontpage 98 within a few days. Why anyone has ever paid for software was quite beyond me. Screw Microsoft!

Apart from having no shortage of free software readily available, the other thing I’ve always liked about Windows is the file system, and being able to easily customize it. I have hundreds of thousands of files, so good folder systems are important to me.

I’m no Microsoft fanboy though, I absolutely loath the eugenicist Bill Gates, and don’t trust Microsoft an inch.

Windows has all sorts of issues, but as I’m not exactly a geek, I’ll just describe one of the big ones like this: Windows shits in its own bathwater, and eventually drowns in its own fetid stink. Windows runs great on a fresh install, but a year or so down the track it starts running like an old pig. There are work arounds to improve this, but Microsoft certainly does nothing to help.

Eventually I decided to try Linux. It was geek central in the online forums and they all seemed to worship whichever distro they were obsessed with. I tried out quite a few and eventually picked Puppy and Ubuntu as my favourites, but there were quite a few things about Linux that soon wore thin. A major one was not being able to run Photoshop (and no, GIMP was not as good).

So I went back to Windows XP, but this time I knew that despite its faults, I could get a hell of a lot more done on Windows than I could on Linux.

Later when I moved on to Windows 7, I mostly lost interest in Linux. Windows 7 was hands down first choice for me, and still is. These days, free software for Windows is even easier to get (it downloads in seconds), so when Linux fans go on about Linux programs being free, I always wonder if they realise that all those expensive looking programs for Windows are free as well.

Tablets on the other hand, have clearly never been a Windows thing. When I got into tablets I was 100% Android, and pretty much just saw it as another Linux distro. So I never even considered an i-Anything. My big complaint with Android, is that like Linux, it has a confusing file system. I’m no fan of Google, but all in all I cope fine with Android.

That got me thinking – what if someone objectively looked at Windows, Linux, Android, and Apple, and created a new system using the best parts from each. These systems all have good and bad aspects, but cultists all seem to be blind to their own cult’s shortcomings. And I suspect that things are going to stay that way. I fact it looks like Microsoft totally lost the plot after 7 (8 and 10 are a joke), while Apple is also going backwards in many areas, and the company is possibly even more evil than Microsoft and Google.


So what would I recommend? For a PC, either Windows 7 or Linux MX (Linux has come a long way, and MX is a nice O/S). For a tablet or phone – Android. And what about Apple? No way - bugger paying for software.


For actually doing stuff I like an HP computer or laptop running Windows 7. And fortunately I have eight of them. So maybe I really am a cult fanboy…

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17" screen HP laptop is ubuntu linux, my main go to, the other 2 are crappy windows, with constant nagging updates. I have not used a desktop for a decade, no good to me, can not take it outside, not fit for puropose, call me a geek if you like. :-)


I got myself a very cool HP ZBook 17 workstation in mint condition for $1500 (it looks like its never been used) with a new hp battery and 500gb ssd set up with win 7 (they were retailing for $5200 in NZ four years ago and they are said to be military spec)


With all the updates turned off Microscum never bother me

Hey I have windows 10... Had no choice after destroying 2 PC on porn sites...



Did you say porn? - that is disgusting, you need to join a help group...

I CAN HELP!!!!!!


Sorry - that was wrong


That second picture has cured me... Cold Turkey...

You're definitely right about Apple's file system. It's horrible. I have an older HP desktop and an ASUS laptop (which is awesome). Android is way better for phones, but I do have an iPad tablet. This is only because of the apple pencil combined with drawing programs like Procreate, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo, which are only for iPad. Android doesn't have much that can even come close to those programs. Photoshop, although a good program, turned to that scammy subscription model so I'll never support that. I could do some work to get a free copy, but Affinity programs only cost $60 and are pretty damn close to Photoshop and Illustrator.


When I say Photoshop I'm strictly stopping at CS6 (last of the free versions)

GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF YOU FUCKING GEEK - next you will be talking to yourself to make up for no AI replies...


For actually doing stuff I like an HP computer or laptop running Windows 7. And fortunately I have eight of them. So maybe I really am a cult fanboy…



I'm still using a mouse just like that second one - wireless is one more toxin...

You know why Microshaft software is ez to get for free? Because Gates is a marketing genius. He was a leet haxor as a kid. He understood his peers and their feelings about IP. So, when he stole DOS (yeah) and later Windows GUI (from Macintosh) he made some big public noise about IP being stolen and hacked, knowing it would piss all the hackers off, and when he pissed them off they'd steal his software.

Why, you ask, did he want them to steal his software? Because then they'd use it, and whatever they used they'd recommend to their clients because that would make their work easy. Their clients were all the big companies in the world. Those big companies had to buy his software. They couldn't get away with stealing it, like leet haxors.

That's how Microshaft became the biggest software company in the world, and Gates the richest man in the world, for a while.

I watched all this happen in real time. I set up my first network in Austin TX in 1987 using CP/M, before DR DOS even had a product Gates would want to steal.

This is why you can still steal Microshaft software, because selling it to you isn't economically viable, but wherever you work, you will need companies to use software you can use, and they have to buy it. Selling licenses to big companies is highly economically viable, and that's why actually free OSS can't actually compete with Microshaft. Big companies can't use Linux because none of their employees can.



Yeah that really is genius - I have a friend who does IT for a business that pays microsoft over $200k a year...

More than makes up for punks like me