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Back in 2016, in the early days of the blogging platform Steemit - when it still looked like an awesome new blogging platform rather than a massive Ponzi scheme - certain key accounts were flinging money about in an apparent effort to bring in new users.

One of my first posts got a $404 payout. Although the whole thing looked a bit suspect, I didn't look a gift horse in the mouth - I just went "choice mate, thanks a lot" -

Next I started learning about crypto currencies, and by early 2017 was hanging out to get started. So I cashed out some of my Steemit earnings and bought some Bitcoins. They were only US$1000 (1) back then so US$404 bought 40% of a Bitcoin.

Cryptos went nuts that year, and by the time Bitcoin went up over $15000 I was getting very sweaty and nervous. I managed to cope with the stress until they hit $17 000 (2) then sold the lot and breathed a sigh of relief. They actually peaked for a short time at $19000 but $17k was an awesome point to ditch them.

So 40% of a Bitcoin went up from US$400 to US$6800. Then convert that into NZ$ and it becomes NZ$10300. If those Bitcoins were used to buy gold bullion when it was $NZ1700 an ounce, and now it is up to NZ$2100 an ounce, then that $10300 has gone up an extra 23% and become NZ$12669

The next gamble is seeing if some more Bitcoin bought at US$5000 (3) can be timed for sale that well again - I'm just waiting for that nervous sweaty feeling to come back, and then it will be time to zip over the to the bullion shop -





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aaahh the good ol know one thing that prob killed steemit was the fact that zillions of people are on it. I think this has to do with tribes size - like a true good size group is around 150 people - and once it gets bigger than that - it goes to shit.


I have many paranoid theories about Steemit - are you finding Palnet better?


I am tagging to palnet but I am posting steemit - I still just am committed to my one true love, steemit - but I am also on palnet. I have not had the terrible experiences you have had with steemit - only the slow degradation - but I have a few friends I talk with...but since you asked i just scrolled through the feed at Palnet and like it sooo much better - thanks for asking and giving me that boot I needed...How do you like it?


I'm just getting my head around all this tribe and tokens stuff - subgroups of steemit - I think it could work but it's all very new so not many people using the tags or tokens yet- also check out creativecoin - I'm going to start using that tag as well now - could be interesting:

I got a good one for you. It was the time I turned 420.00 investment into 70.00, or thereabouts. I invested in this crypto called Steem a few times while it was in the 1-2.00 range and now they are worth a shiny quarter each.

We all have a story inside of us.

Nice job on getting into Bitcoin before the banker crowd drove the price way up.


Well that was my best play - I did many bad ones - I never paid for Steem but I did have about 10000 of them when they were worth $6 each - and didn't sell until it was down to $1 - slaps forehead and regrets lost 50 grand...

I think the banker crowd will be manipulating Bitcoin up and down from now on - the trick is picking each major turning point

Smart cash - OMG! - bought shit loads when it was worth nothing - didn't sell it at $2 - still have shit loads but its worth nothing again...

Well played!
Trading is the most unseeming path of self-discovery isn't it?


I'm just in it for the money!


I don't mind playing a Ponzi if I know its a Ponzi :)


That was the best one - there were lots of not so good ones - I'm just blowing my own trumpet here...

You did well👍

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I must be a guru :)