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Which image sizes work best?

3 x 4

600 x 450 px


700 x 525 px

800 x 600 px

16 x 9

600 x 338 px


700 x 394 px


1542 x 876 px


3 x 4

600 x 338 px


700 x 394 px


800 x 450 px


1 x 1


500 x 500 px


600 x 600 px


700 x 700 px


800 x 800 px



Photos by Sift - www.sift.co.nz





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All looks the same to me on mobile phone.

Posted using Partiko Android


That's what I'm testing!

Phone all the same, but laptop or PC the 700 px wide sizes do show bigger.

Now the interesting bit is that on my tablet the 700 wide ones are wider as well - that was what I wasn't sure about

800 or bigger wide make no difference on anything so not worth the bigger file sizes.

So the short answer is do all ratios 700px wide

Hey frot, they all looked the same on my phone:
images (1).jpg

All good, anything you pick is peachy keen!



Dwarf modelling is a new frontier!

Depends on which platform.

On Steemit.com they are all scaled down to 640 px wide.

The thumbnail on Steemit.com
was the ratio of 800 x 465 (if my memory is correct, but this was from a time that steemit scaled to 800px wide)


Ta - I'm just going to make everything 700px wide from now on - it seems to work well on my blog as well as on Steemit

I can't really see any difference. Are you messing with our heads?


I hope so - but see my answer above - there is a method to my madness!


There's a worm in this apple.

As seen on my 15 years old computa.

what ever fits in the post ;p hahah