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And I was right wasn't I? - flagging is one of the main things that has screwed the platform. Now a bunch of geek numpties are running around flagging stuff and nearly all the people posting real content have left.

And if there had been "featured posts" back then I would have ripped into that bullshit too

This is what I wrote back in 2016:

Ditch the flagging thing

This one is controversial, and I have three ideas. The simple way is to get rid of all flagging. Even Facebook, which is certainly not an example of free speech, doesn’t have flagging (it does have many ways to do the job less obviously). I think flagging is bollocks, so this would be my perfect solution.

Failing that, I’d make all flags (downvotes) carry the same weight, like they do on Youtube. But it’s harder to do that on Steemit because the voters here all carry different voting power, so that’s probably not an option.

My third best option is to make a downvote equivalent to the power of the median (middle) upvote on that post. By that I mean, if there were, say, 11 votes ranging from .01 of a cent to $100, use the value of the 6th vote from the bottom (which is also the 6th from the top) which might be more like 10c.

Possibly some whales won’t like this suggestion much. But most whales view Steemit as an investment, and want to encourage a larger user base. Many of the 99% of people on Steemit who are not yet whales, don’t much like the idea that a whale can potentially come along and bury their post because they disagree with it. As happy minnows are the key to Steemit's future growth, hopefully a lot of whales will be cool with this idea, or one a bit like it.

Back in 2016 I thought whales viewed Steemit as an investment - but now I think they always viewed it as part ponzi scam and part social media programming experiment.

As of Hardfork 21 I have quit using the Steemit front end as far as possible because my feed is full of more "featured post" bullshit I don't want to see, so I'm just going to occasionally look at Palnet - but there is bugger all on my Palnet feed so please tag your posts "palnet"








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Why? - are you going to flag me?

Too confusing 4 little old me.. But I agree flagging and down voting is BS. We are here to express our free speech.. Free means free of interference.


Right from the outset the big accounts have pushed the flagging angle - it's clearly utter bollocks, but with the benefit of hindsight, it's part of a larger agenda, and free speech is not part of that. Repression of free speech is certainly an objective though...


Then they invented "politically correct" to shut us up..

upcoming days on steemit will be epic


Yes "epic" - that's the word I was looking for!

It will be interesting to see what happens with the flagging with the changes and how people's behavior will change. I think we could experience a big drain of smaller value holders because their votes aren't worth as much with the new fork. I feel like if the price drops below $0.10 then people could be pretty tempted to swoop in with larger influence to try to get a bigger return here.

As far as the flagging is concerned I think there will be a few flag wars but I don't think the bid bot situation will go away because a lot of the people in power are running the bid bots and Steemit Inc has always just kept trending as Stake weight.

So yeah..... I don't know what the answer is at this point. I know in 2016 and early 2017 when Smooth and I think Abit set up a flagging bot when a whale would vote for a post that really lost a lot of people when they tried to come back to Steemit after being away or not knowing they were running an experiment.

Even though the YouTube algorithm encourages engagement and downvotes don't necessarily hurt you as bad as someone watching 5 seconds of a video and bouncing it still has a mental effect on a content creator. If I get 30 likes on a video and one douche bag hits the thumbs down I get pissed.


For people's behavior to change there has to be people still here! I'm sure bots and AI accounts will rapidly change, but most actual people have buggered off by now...