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Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks.

To begin with Alex and Bill look almost exactly alike and their facial recognition matches 100% only it appears Alex has had a nose job, a face-lift and gotten considerably fatter than Bill ever was. Alex definitely dyes his hair, they have two identical moles on the right side of their necks, and even their teeth are a perfect match. They are both famous funny Texans who constantly talk about conspiracy / "truther" type subjects, and they are both very quick to frustration and anger, Alex being well-known for his screaming rants and Bill known for shouting down his audiences and even naming an album "Rant in E Minor."

Bill wasn't born in Texas but moved there as a teenager and always idolized cowboys and the Texan spirit. Bill allegedly died of cancer in 1994 but he had no public funeral; Alex came on the scene shortly after Bill's passing and has no verifiable history before 1994. Alex claims to have gone to Anderson high school but when people call up, Anderson says they have no record of him.

Bill Hicks' best friend, camera man and producer, co-creator of Sacred Cow productions, was Kevin Booth. Shortly after Bill's passing, Kevin became Alex Jones' good friend, camera-man and producer! Bill, Alex, and Kevin were all 3 very outspoken and involved with the Waco, Texas Branch Davidian debacle and there exists video of Kevin and Bill in 1993 outside the Davidian house before the final conflict but no video of Alex. However, a year or two later after Bill's passing, Kevin was out there again, this time with Alex filming a Waco documentary and rebuilding the Waco church! You can also see here at a Bill Hicks' 10th Anniversary event, Kevin Booth gets on stage, shows a Hicks' documentary then says with a smirk, "maybe in some way Bill Hicks is still here with us now" and presents a framed plaque with Bill's portrait to none other than Alex Jones! WTF!?

Alex claims to be only 39 years old right now, though even after all the plastic surgery, he still looks considerably older. If he was really Bill Hicks then Alex would be 53 now which is closer to Alex's apparent age. Bill Hicks was also a long-time cigarette smoker and Alex claims to have fought a life-long battle with cigarette addiction himself. Their names even follow the same 4-letter 5-letter pattern, Bill/Alex Hicks/Jones.

Director Richard Linklater was a big fan of Bill Hicks and lamented never being able to work with him, then later Linklater launched Alex Jones' film career giving him roles in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly. Bill was well-respected in the comedy community and today Alex is good friends with famous comedians like Joe Rogan and Charlie Sheen. Bill was also a big fan of Andy Kaufman, the comedian who would go to great lengths to disguise himself and create separate personas, much like it seems Bill is doing with this "Alex" character.

Is Alex Jones really Bill Hicks? Not convinced? - Now watch this video: alex jones is bill hicks

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Alex Jones is NOT Bill Hicks. He even said so himself when whoever first came up with this crap first started going around on the internet.


Well that proves it then you big numpty :)

The more you look into this kind of thing, the more of it you find.

Most people say its too hard to just change your name... but with a bit of govern-cement help, its actually very easy.

Wineheart → Lady Gaga

is one example.

Bill → Paul McCartney

an even bigger example. And there were HUNDREDS of pictures that showed pretty good proof that he was switched. But, all the media said, that was Paul, and so, we all said, that is Paul.

Hey, we even voted for a dead president... again.


Yeah it goes on a lot - and the photo evidence for Alex Hicks is exceptionally clear, being fairly recent - Faul McCartney was a blatant switch too but the photos from around 67 are not as good.

Next stop gaga winehose? (try not to up chuck on this tranny reinvention)

I know - this is hilarious isn't it? People just don't care or they believe what they want to believe.

I thought he was a comedian and that's how him and Joe Rogan are such good friends.


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No way bro your way off. Hicks is an absolute legend and genius.... Alex Jones on the other hand is a very sorry case for a human. The two are worlds apart

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Bill Hicks was an angry fucktard... Very like Alex Jones! (very very like...)

But if you ignore the different personas and focus on the facial structure, it is very obvious.


You have never had a big psychedelic experience have you @frot? Baby boomer I’m guessing?

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I had the odd psychedelic experience in the 90's !

But really - check the evidence in my post and refute one fact - just the facial resemblances themselves would be statistically impossible to have randomly occurred.

And maybe my beef with his original Bill Hicks persona is that he was supposedly a comedian, but personally I just didn't find him very funny (yes I have seen some of his vids) - and Alex Jones always gave me the exact same vibe, but more so.

I'm 52 myself, so Generation X

Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials: Born 1996 on
Millennial's or Gen Y: Born 1977 – 1995
Generation X: Born 1965 – 1976
Baby Boomers: Born 1946 – 1964
Traditionalists or Silent Generation: Born 1945 and before

As well as the moles on his neck, Bill Hicks revealed his agenda every time he opened his mouth.


What do you mean that their face resemblances would be statistically impossible to have occurred randomly? Your just seeing into it what you want to see. Do you work in forensic?Bill Hicks was a visionary first and a comedian second. Say what you want about his humour but he was spot on every time 👌

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So which fact are you disputing?
I like how they even walk with the same limp...

"You can't have the same exact teeth top & bottom, front & back(impossible), limp, moles(at least 4), facial-bio metrics,height(when compared to Kevin Booth & Dave P interviewers they've shared), hands, connections, locations, friends, producer, mannerisms, lazy eye, broken pinky finger, perspiration issue, hair part and a plethora of other "coincidences" without being the same person. Eventually the odds hit mathematical zero. Do you really think he died of pancreatic cancer at 32? You just won't truly take a look at the information, that's all. Vocal surgery(type 3 thyroplasty "shortening") has been common is espionage/Military Intelligence for a hundred years now. Changing your eye color from brown to blue is very simple non invasive iris implant(most likely) or laser surgery, 3 days later you have blue eyes. He had minor plastic surgery(face/neck lift, lipo, teeth slightly shaved, moles removed, hgh cycles, ears reshaped, iris implants, vocal t.3 thyroplasty) Bill Hicks wasn't very big at the time and was openly sick of comedy."