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This sounds like such a cool idea. Best of luck to all who entered.


This sounds like such a
Cool idea. Best of luck
To all who entered.

                 - shaidon

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Yes, good luck to all contestants :).
Thank you.


^^^^ 030 enjoy you all hehehehehheeh


Amaaazzzing entry <3.


Thanks scrawlyyyy❤

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Thank you.



I hope there is a round, whatever the number shall be, in November, when I am a bit more settled and have a little bit of time to participate. It really is such a great initiative.


I hope you will participate too, Donna :).

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such fun, good luck to everyone!


Thanks corpsvalues, and I agree, good luck to everyone! :D


wowowowowow i've only seen this coloured now * ___ * thank you, scrawler <3 very nice colours * ___ * I love the soft glow in the background amidst the thicket of growth and how it is also echoed on the glass chamber of the dying rose * ___ * wonderful hue! I love it <3

Am a happy spoder now wowowowow~~~~


I'm glad that you like it because I was afraid I made a mess out of your pretty Beast.
I hope the art will motivate people to enter our contest. Easy money to win, as long as they find a partner :D.

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Thank you :).

This is a great idea.
I will do a collaboration with @littleblue.
He is my 4 yr old. I don't anticipate a masterpiece, but it will be fun.
I will try to get a post up today and do a promotion and link in it to get the word out.


I am looking forward to your art creation. What's most important is that you will have a lot of fun doing this with your little guy :).
Thank you for the promotion since it would be lovely if people are more engaged with each other on Steemit ^_^.

Excellent! Let me share it! :-)


I hope the resteem will make more people to join ^_^.
Thank you, trin.


Yeah, I have a lot of artists following me... I think this will be nice for them. :-)

I am an artist. I need one writer. Who are free for my team?


@zakludick maybe you can partner up with @mister-omortson ??? Both of you are talented :D


I am ready))))


I'm keen!

Contact me on Discord! WulfenZA (zakludick)#7488


I think we are going to be too late :(

I love!!!! but I can not find a partner (I cry) but I will not give up !!!!


Awww, good luck with your search!
I hope you will be able to enter the contest, either this one or the next one ^_^.

Cool contest! I've never done a collab before and this seems like a good way to start!

@adamada and I would like to participaate!
Here's our entry \o/\o/ I did the girl and he did the creature behind it:



Entry received :D.

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