TEAM SOUTH AFRICA - Discord - How to use WhaleBoT #2

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In our last Discord post we were introduced to WhaleBoT. We learnt how she moderates chats and how she can be summoned to give feedback on member’s voting power etc. Today I am going to show you guys some more interesting features of WhaleBoT.
For those Team South Africa members that have not joined us on Discord yet, please click this link to sign up and get involved in the discussions:

So, let’s dive right in…

Steem price

This is quite a straightforward one actually. Want to know what the current price of Steem is? Simply type the following command:
whalebot prices


As you can see, this has actually returned the current price of Steem, SBD and BTS. Pretty neat hey 😎

Tagging (aka Looking For Niche)

Now this is a feature I really like! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be used quite often enough 🙁 Hopefully we can play around with this on our server a bit and see if we can make it useful 😉

Basically, this feature allows you to tag yourself with topics you are interested in, and then allows you to search for other people with common interests (and vice-versa).

Adding tags

So, let’s say you're interested in photography - you can add the tag photography by simply typing:
whalebot tag photography


As you can see, this has now added the tag photography to my name and has also searched other users who are tagged with photography.

Don’t worry about all those numbers. That just means that those users are on a different server and I have not connected to any of the servers they are on (during this session of Discord). Here is the result after I have connected to those servers:


That’s better!! See all those names? Those are other users who are also interested in photography. Your results may differ depending on which servers you belong to. If you are ONLY on the Team South Africa server, then only Team South Africa members will have names assigned instead of numbers. You can now click on their names and contact them directly (if you so wish).

Now, simply repeat this command to add all the topics you are interested in. Each time you type this command (even if you have already typed the same command before) it will add the tag (if not already added) and do a search for other users with the tag.

Viewing other users’ tags

So, you might be stalking a specific user (hehe) and want to know exactly what their interests are. Assuming they have set up their tags, use the following command (replace jaymorebeet with the username you would like to check):
whalebot alltags jaymorebeet


So, jaymorebeet is interested in diy, photography, nature, gardening, chickens, parenting and food. Cool 😉

Removing tags

Let’s say you are no longer interested in photography, you can always remove that tag from your name by simply typing the following:
whalebot untag photography


And, tag gone! Nice!

So take the time now, head over to the Team South Africa Discord server and set up your tags/interests 👍🏻

Just for fun

These commands really are there just for fun 😉

Let’s say you are all alone on the Team South Africa server with no one to talk to because everyone is at work (or asleep), you can always ask WhaleBoT to give you a hug:
whalebot hug


And for those who like cats, give this one a try:
whalebot give me a kitty pic


That is an animated gif, so if you move your pointer over the pic then you'll see the animation - whahaha 😆

And that wraps up our tutorial on how to use WhaleBoT. Stay tuned for more posts on how to use the other bots on our Discord server.

If you missed any of my previous Discord bot posts, please check them out here:

TEAM SOUTH AFRICA - Discord - How to use WhaleBoT #1

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thanks for sharing keep it up


Thanks 😉

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Wait I don't get it is Whalebot only for discord?


Yip, it's a bot on Discord...

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That is flippin awesome man!!!


I agree!!! Sounds great I'm trying to understand the details but its elluding me somehow?


Did tou figure it out now @pjcswart? For the most part it's a fun gimmick however also has some useful capabilities like checking the currency value and narrowing down on your searches.

Learn something new everyday makes life interesting and fun. Thanks for sharing some more insight into how to use....


Always got to keep learning hey 😆

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Hey everyone. Will any Capetonians be attending open streets tomorrow?? Im from Pretoria flying down tomorrow at 6 back tomorrow night at 10.. long day but promises to be a blast who will be in attendance?

Thanks for sharing the information. I really found it very useful. Like the idea to give the value of steem!


Greatest pleasure @marcel1965!! You should really try it out hey - price is super low now 😳 got you a $1.51 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! got you a $1.51 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Great work,! That whalebot sure has a thing for cats.😸 I wonder why? 😉


Haha!!! I guess the developer likes cats too - he must also be an awesome guy 😂



Hi...I would like to join as I am proudly South African...


Welcome to the team!! @teamsouthafrica is now following you back too 😉
Make sure you use teamsouthafrica as one of the tags on all your future posts...