how do you know when cheese is ripe?

3년 전

IMG_20181130_111037[30278] cheese.jpg


when a neighbouring staff member complains about the odour from her office!

then it's just right

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Cheese can easily be prepared but needs greater intention to prepare .

Lol Tell him that this is a special sort of cheese :)

Lol One of the most expensive cheeses. Roquefort - French cheese made from sheep's milk, is the world's most famous cheese with blue mold. (I think he will like the answer)


it is my favourite cheese. All this talk about cheese is making me hungry again. I ate yogurt for breakfast and I reckon a stinky cracker will round it off nicely.

Oh yes, if the cheese began to give smell, then he just matured :D

Great question and you are right, the smell is the best confirmation, haha

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