rain, wonderful rain, please come some more

3년 전

The most terrible heat wave that I have experienced has finally been broken. May the rain continue to fall softly. There have been a few bits of rain previously but after the "rain", I would go outside and scuff the earth with my foot and there would just be dust, no mud. The only relief that this "phony rain" would provide, would be some temporary reduction in the temperature from the relentless oppressive heat. I have even had to buy some fans to use in my bedroom at night, otherwise too hot for me to sleep.

Then last night the rain started to fall gently and when I woke up this morning, the rain was still falling. My house was full of disgusted cats. They never like the rain do they?

As I write this in the evening, there is no rain. Uneasily I am waiting for more rain. The only thing that guarantees rain is having test cricket matches up here in the Transvaal (Gauteng).



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Rain means water and water is life. Good article because rain gives life to every one. Good blog.

Happy New Year -2019 Sir.I Hope Your Golden Future In New Year.

Happy New Year sir @fred. I wish new year is better than our previous days. Anyway Cats don't like rain. They always want to stay at a clean and dry place.

life is short .so we should enjoy this life
.thanks for sharing this post.