techno-lust - Real Racing 3

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(the ultimate car, the McLaren MP4-X)

As you may know, I am an avid "Real Racing 3" fan.

A while ago I published my first story about my shameful secret.

I then followed it up with another story.

I rate myself as an ordinary player of the game (mediocre if you consider the time that I have wasted on it).

Now the Fellows at game headquarters, the Firemonkeys as they call themselves, are planning a big release soon in December 2018. I watched on youtube the announcements. Fantastic new track and lots of new cars.


the BIG thing I saw was that they are giving us a chance to win the best car on the game. The McLaren MP4-X, the ultimate car. I know I don't have the skills but having Gold Coins can compensate. Thus I am feverishly trying to increase my balance by completing various series with any car in the game that I own without spending the precious Gold coins.

(best specifications in the game are here in this car)

In my progress in the game I have not even got to the requisite level to see the car, I have to buy a Ferrari that is too expensive for me at the moment.




But I have patience, lots of it. Probably a personality disorder. The Asian mindset is what I admire most among all nations, they are patient and endure, they know their time will come to dominate the world (start learning Mandarin everybody).

I went to the fan base for Real Racing 3 to see how past experts have realised this goal when it first came out towards the end of 2016. I examined their comments and watched the youtube videos where they show how to succeed in winning this car.

I downloaded the data from the progress chart to see what costs are involved at the various stages, the R$ means very little as I have over 69 million of those. From the chart I see that the R$ costs are nearly 6.8 million, no problem. The gold coins required to be able to complete all the R$ levels is 645. I have a balance of 823 today on the 23rd of November 2018. I can still earn and watch ads for another month. So things are looking good. The next tactic is to see how many spare gold coins to keep, in case I hit a level that only experts can pass (the cost per upper level nearing completion is approximately 50 gold coins), thus I must keep a reserve of a 100 coins.

That gives one the initial goal of getting the car, but to compete in the "exclusive series", the car must be fully upgraded. The total number of coins to fully upgrade the car is 1565 coins, but I will spend 645 coins (hopefully) to acquire the vehicle. The remaining coins will be 920 to fully upgrade the racing car. One pleasantly surprising fact is that the biggest final level costs are: "drive train = 210 coins"; "body = 110 coins"'; "suspension = 190 coins"; "exhaust = 190 coins"; "brakes = 145 coins"; and lastly "tyres/wheels = 75 coins". Obviously the order of purchase will be from lowest to highest.

It is expensive but I have a endurance racing Audi (2014 model) where the final engine upgrade is 675 gold coins.

Now you can see where the "fremium" element comes in. Carefully planned to tempt us racing car victims. I really admire them. It must be remembered at the end of the day it is a business and the designers and other fellows need to make a living. I don't grudge them anything, I have the freedom to choose what I want to do. Some folks who play it are prepared to pay real money.

Sadly there are always those who cheat and the designers have to spend a lot of dollar in catching these fellows. No different to copying music or movies.

The release is soon, but I am working hard to get this beauty. (just a thought, don't I think these same thoughtsevery time I try to win a new car?)

To hell with my thoughts, let foolishness prevail, McLaren MP4-X here I come!!

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Looks pretty good, sir. I was playing Asphalt 8. now Real racing 3 time

Very nice game. I love game.

I love gaming. Specially i like racing game. Anyways thanks for always

Great review, my friend and this car looks amazing, and the race itself is also an interesting sight! Thanks @fred703

Lol Indeed, to hell with everything. Sometimes you need to be distracted from the everyday hustle

Oh yes @fred703, I am also a big racing lover and it’s a pleasure to see your car!

Haha. My son is interested in a similar game, you can not drag him by the ears, sometimes to the detriment of school


The gaming of my one brother's kids caused a lot of strain between the parents. It can be a curse if not managed. My kids think I am foolish.

Wow fantastic game. thanks for sharing this post.i love game.

There are many skills and courage needed to run these cars.

It'a very interesting game.I like this game.Thank you so much.

Wow fantastic favourite game. thanks for sharing this post..I love game..


do you play this game?

Beautiful game. thanks for sharing this favourite game.i like it this post.good day..


do you also play this game?

Beautiful car games. thanks for sharing this post..