Teamsters using illegal practices to obtain personal information

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Teamsters is trying to get my husband and his co-workers to become union

My husband applied there because it wasn't a union shop. Sorry not sorry I don't trust the unions anymore and haven't since they sold is out years ago, as my family was affected by that. Haven't been a fan since them selling us out. Not to mention corruption of unions. You can support the corruption if you want but I refuse to. We don't want a union and now the Teamsters are stepping up their game to try to apply pressue to get people to vote them in.

How may you ask

They have been standing at the gates and taking photos of peoples cars as they exit and some how they are illegally accessing the BMV records and getting employees names and addresses. They are then showing up at peoples houses trying to get them to sign to vote for union. Then they want to argue when yoh say no thanks.


My husband's company pays him well

He has good benefits and makes good money especially for our area. Matter of fact the company he work for does have some union locations as they are a world wide company. But the employees where he works are the highest paid in the United States. So after the union fees we would be taking a pay cut and could forced to go on strike and not have an income. No thank you please move along. Unions had a place at one time but just like anything that gains to much power it became corrupt.

Dear Teamsters

Stop accessing employee information and showing up at their house, mafia tactics will get people hurt.


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Oooo, that's sneaky. Collectivism sound nice, but in the end the collective becomes more evil than the supposed injustice they claim to fight.

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If they come back I am gonna video it. I actually have it on surveillance camera but I will have a recorder in their face