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The night envelops and darkness fills the air. Ah! Night, I feel your presence. The only comfort who comforts my soul.

I hug you tightly and you smile. You are the hero of my unreal novel. I want you with me. Always...

But your presence is painful. My head throbs and my heart aches. Waterfall of tears is flowing into the river of sadness.

Sometimes, I find myself staring blankly at the wall or staring at my laptop screen endlessly.

I tried taking my hands from you but you are hugging so dearly that I just stay still.

No one hugs me like you do. No one showed their emotion onto me like you do.

Or am I delusional?

I am walking in the street packed with people but stares aren't there. It's unusual.

I hear voices everywhere but none of them I know.

I look at their faces but they are all just black.

They are gone.

My brain is reminiscing to memories that I don't recognize now. Happy faces of people that I don't know.

I dream about people I don't really know when I am awake. They seem real in my dreams yet unreal.

I get crazy about things I don't understand.

The more I linger on you, the more I get scared of myself. I am not me.

Who am I? That pops out every time.

The path I am walking now doesn't seem right but feels good.

The silence of darkness sometimes eases my confusion.

I get mad with everyone without a reason. I get disappointed. Frustrated...

This is not right. This is not what it should be...

I am emotionally DARK.


The night will come, anyway.

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hello po ask ko lang po kung may byteball na po kayo. ^_^


Hi. Anu yang byteball?


app or software po sya para sa mga steemit members po you can earn money depende po sa reputation nyu. message nyu po ako sa fb www.fb.com/kncxtian05 or check nyu po sa profile ko dito kung ano ung byteball may blog si deeveri about dun legit po to just helping other steemians ^_^


Sige po. I'll check it out. Thank you.


pwede ko po kayo iguide pano makuha rewards nyu. pm nyu nalang po ako sa binigay kong fb link

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Exelente post amiga .