The Perks of Being A Mom... facing clutters and scribbles everyday

2년 전

Being a mom is quite a rewarding experience not all women get to achieve. Hearing a little buddy called you mom is the one thing I won't swap for anything in this world. But not every time, everything goes to your liking. There's always the tantrums, the outbursts, and all the negative aspects in life that keeps pushing you to your limit. Well, a mom is still human after all. We get tired and fed up from the stress we get to face everyday. But one thing that keeps me going is this little wrecker that loves to see her toys all messed up.

Take this picture below for example. Do you know that I get to clean that mess up a hundred times a day? Yup, you heard me right. For some reason, everytime she see them all neatly stuck in the tray, she always had the urge to pour them on floor messing everything up. It's quite alright if you see her play with them. But she won't. Not everytime anyway. She just loves seeing her toys in clutter. Once she's done messing up, she will leave and go back to watching her favorite happy birthday songs.


And just look at this work of art we have on our wall. Lovely isn't it? It's a joint project by the way. :D


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