Help Needed, My Phone was stolen

3년 전

Good evening my dear steemians, @steemcenturion here. It is with much pain and sobriety that I wish to disclose this information to everyone and solicit for your help.

I have been in Umuahia for over a week now because of my mum's sickness, she has rheumatoid arthritis, which our doctors sent her to FMC Umuahia, Abia state.

Yesterday, I went for a Gospel meeting in Government College, Umuahia, and when the meeting was over, because it was late, I decided to go to my friends lodge in Umudike and sleep over

(she is my best friend and I already had a spare key).

So i called her and luckily, she was around and I told her I would be coming to her place,

She was so happy that she said she was going to prepare something for me.

I got to the place and I got a pleasant welcome , we discussed and discussed till we both fell asleep.

Meanwhile, someone was having a party in the lodge next to hers and it was really noisy, we didn't bother cause that was supposedly how the university campuses environs are.

At around 1 AM this morning, we had bangings on our door,the bangings woke us up,and became incessant, at first I was so afraid that I didn't know what to do, then I gathered the courage to ask

Who is that?

A make voice answered me from the other side.

If you don't open this door, I will shoot you and you will die there.

I didn't know what to do at this moment, as I was contemplating my next course of action, Amaka rushed and opened the door, and to my surprise, 3 very hefty men jumped into our rooms and started searching everywhere.

One turned to me and said

Where is your phone and your laptop?

I told him I didn't have a laptop, and that i plugged my phone in the walk socket, and he was like

You think you can lie to me?

They had wanted us to remove our clothes but the noise from other rooms in the lodge made them to quickly dissapear.
Finally, searched our rooms and carted away with our monies,my wrist watch and necklace,our phones and my friends brand new laptop.

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Everything happened like a movie, I was so shocked to my marrows that I didn't remember that my phone was stolen.

It just dawned in me that I have been robbed!

For the first time in my life, I feel so disconnected from life.

I can't begin to imagine what I just lost with that phone.

First off, my phone houses my accounts and Cryptocurrency wallets, back ups ,private keys , mnemonics etc. -All Gone!

I had over $233 with of tokens, some of which I bought, some I got from airdrops and contest (I recently won 5 EOS from Eos nation contest).-Gone!

I had bought $50 worth of Ethereum to start my Cryptocurrency trading Career -Gone!

I had over 3000 doge coins and 2 litecoins in my coinomi wallet, which I had diligently mined from coinpot for over 5 months now.- Gone!

When I was in school, I had a dream to open up an online Magazine for women , since 2016 December, I have been writing and compiling over 500 articles targeted at women development to help kick start the vision in 2019 - Gone!

I had started 5 fictional story series for my steemit blog which I had completed the drafts of 3 and was still on the remaining 2, I was supposed to start posting them by June 2018.- All Gone.😭

My Graphical typography works, planned to add to my steem based website coning soon, 24 wonderfully designed collections- All Gone.😭

My WhatsApp with All my contacts, some of which I promised to teach one thing or the other.-All Gone.

All my pictures I had saved in my phone, from Year 1 to final year- All Gone😭

Some of my online training certificates and designs, which I had planned to send to my mums laptop once I get back home, -All Gone.

The fact is, I lost so many things I couldn't even account for from this theft, some of which whenever I remember I just break down in tears.

What pains me the most is that those guys do not know the value of all these things, they will probably sell for the phone for a cheaper price and or, just format the whole thing.

The only thing I have left right now is my steemit password, which was backed up somehow in my gmail account.

I just had to write this to plead with all steemians to help me in any way possible, I don't know what else to do at this point cause today is a very Black day for me.

Am calling on all my steemian friends to please help me in any way you can,
From @euronation ,@steembees @genesis-project,@steemchurch @suroassinggoogle @steemgigs @sistem @youarehope foundation, @damarth @dobartim @surfyogi @danielsaori @air-clinic, @sircork ,@eurogee @iamchijamz @backtoschool @steemhelpinghand @more4less @airhawk-project @antigenx @smyle @ewuoso @julietisrael @cherylsonty @desmonddesk @levitated-mind @emekasegun @flysky @drigweeu @sweetestglo-eu @fantomcee @ejemai @tojukaka @fisteganos @acheever, @iconelly @ajibade @wafrica @eturnerx @sourcehope @jerryboy4luv @bloggersheaven @zoneboy of @utopian @druids @murphylee @eunireal1 @timmyeu @peakreal1 @joagawu @hr1 @sussan @ehiboss @enolife @vheobong @samstikkz @gee1 @zizymena @jeaniepearl @desmoniac @donnest @adabless @solomonojay @aauthespian1 @adedoyinwealth @owoblow-steemit @abiye @insideoutlet @cryptosharon @sammyswt @brightfame @amec @ogoowinner @illuminatus @burlarj @ajremy @tony-duke @oredebby @camzy @ackza, @stellabelle, @surfyogi, @bleepcoin @reko @yehey @guiltyparties, @elgeko
And @everyone, anyhow you know you can afford to help me, please do.

I thank everyone one of you for coming to my aid. Thank you all.

Since my phone is stolen am not online at the moment, I will be going for a sim card welcome back tomorrow morning,I don't know how I can be communicating with all my friends here, except through my comment box.

Thank you all for your time.

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This is such a horrifying experience. So sorry that this had to happen to you.
I hope you recover whatever you lost a hundred fold.
100% from #Dynamicsteemians.


Thanks @elsiekjay, you're really a good friend my dear

Wow, not cool on so many levels. 100% upvote from me and the asapers when i get home to PC.

It would have been pretty terrifying.

Im quite shocked that you had all that information on your phone only and not backed up in numerous places. We have wallet keys sent to all our various email addresses as well as printed out in filing cupboards. They are way too valuable to keep in one place only. Also does you phone not backup data? Mine backs up to a cloud nightly so if i was to lose it I could pull most of the stuff back onto my new phone.

I hope you can recover some of your stuff. At least what you have posted to steem is here to stay.


My dear,My phone does not back up with cloud storage, we do not have sich facilities over here, even when you see, the cost implication is very large,

I was able to save my steemit password and ethereum private key on my google drive, but everything else is gone.

Thanks for your help , am so grateful.

My regards to your husband.


I'm so glad that you had your steemit and ethereum on hand, a small win, I am very sorry you had to go through that, it would have been very traumatic even if you didn't lose your phone. All upvoted by asapers and resteemed now too, best of luck!


Thank you so much dear, you're really a friend indeed, am looking forward to when i can you in oerson and aporeciate you face to face.

For someone new, you have not only acquired much but you are conversant with màny people. This interests me to help. I have two people who came before you who cannot mention the names of 5 steemians. Am impressed. This shows that you actually connected with so many. Take it easy and may God provide for you. I will get back to you


Thank you ma'am, God bless you.

Accept my sympathy dear. Don't worry God knows why it all happened this way; thank God they didn't touch (rape) any of you coz it would have been so traumatic. Just take heart and be strong coz we (steemit family) gat ur back.

Am so sorry for your loss dear, i do not know exactly how to help you out in this scenario, but i pray you recover some of what you've lost.

When i heard the story last night, i coudn't believe my ears, this is really not cool,

Why would people still be engaging in this kind of things in this 21st century?

Upvoted and Resteemed



Thank you so much sir, you are a worthy leader.

So sorry this happened to you my dear friend... You will gradually recover those things you lost in due time.


Amen dear, thank you for your help.

@steemcenturion, my number 1 steemit baby, so sorry for your loss, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I had a similar experience in the month of March. But in much better now. I have upvoted and resteemed to help out.



Thanks sir, i really appreciate.

I'm sorry dear... I wasn't happy when i heard about it last night.
Will look for a way to help out.


Thanks dear, i just don't know what to do, i now go to cybercafes to make posts and reply.

Shit, this is so bad.
Those coin and token, there isnt a way you can recover them?
I'm so sorry love, nemesis would definitely catch up with those fucked up guys.
But please accept this little token.
Stay strong sis


Thanks dear, i've been trying to stay strong.

I don't how long i can bear this,

Every minute, i just feel like crying.

But i believe

it's not the end of the world.

My dear this is a huge lost....but your life worth more than anything....He that have life can make billions of money and accumulate wealth....don't worry you will recover all.


Amen, thanks for your support mum.

I actually feel for you. However, I'm happy God spared your life.

Do not bother so much about the stolen items. You got better days ahead. You got life and you'd certainly recover all that's lost.

I wish I can do more for you. God's grace and be strong.


Thanks dear, am grateful for your help.

Dearie, take heart, feel bad for your loss, but I know you will be comforted! That is certain!


Uncle burlarj, nice of you to drop by.

So sorry for this.... Hoodlums everywhere. You'll come back stronger dear.....

I'll do the little I can.


I never expected this, am still in shock.

So so sawi for your lost dear @steemcenturion
I really know how it feels:) its well, all hope isnt lost!!

Upvoted and resteemed


Hi Vicky, thanks for dropping by

Soo painful dear....soo soo painful, will give you my best of upvote......just be strong ....we love you here..


Sorry dear , may God bless you richly this week


Phagun, thanks for stopping by

Am so sorry for your loss dear, you've been a source of help to me , i have upvoted all your comments here, hopenit helps.


It really did, thanks @bowale-sc

Am really sorry about that...i tried calling you but to no avail until @Iamchijamz told me what happened...
Those people will never go unpunished...
You will definitely recover all...
Baby know that we got ur back


Thanks dear,i really appreciate.

My dear so sorry about the happening.


Uncle Bright, we thank God, no life was lost.


This is huge

I will need to come back here and vote with a much bigger VP

No wonder I didn't see you on Whatsapp

Jeez, so sorry.
I'll get back here babe.


Am sorry dear, i was unable to see tour comment, i mistakenly mutee you before ,but i think it's been settled.

Help me tell Steembees family that i miss them.


I saw the mute but I knew it was a mistake...

Will definitely tell them
Cheer up


thank you so much dear, i saw your donation and i was gladened, you also added me to auto upvote, am so happy dearie, My God Will richly bless you.


Amen, it is well dear...

Anytime dear, you know I love you

I'll include you in my prayers dear


Thank you so much dear


Am glad your pretty face wasn't touched darling..fank God u safe...stay safe...coz inasmuch as there is life..u will get everything in's you who got those tokens and all that..not the phone..u can do to again..cheer up and believe u so sorry for the theft..stay safe please


Bae, am still waiting for you ooo @julietisrael.


Waiting for me?
I don't understand o

Nne am so sorry about this, I can feel your pain. I believe you will come back more strong, thank God your steemit and eth passwords are safe, don't worry about those that took your phone and properties because they took all your troubles and problems and added it to themselves. Stay strong dear.
Upvoted and resteemed.


If you can put a copy of a police report on here it could bring much needed support, 100% upvote & resteemed & hopes enough will see & help! @steemresources account I am trying to also raise funds for smart cell phones and you are now 2nd on the list to receive help.


Ok dear, thanks for your help, ill snap the report and send it here today.


Also, thank you for the add on @steemresources, am so grateful.

100% upvote & resteem... Best of luck


Thank you so much dear, you've been very supportive to me since i met you.

You know i love you right?



You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

They had wanted us to remove our clothes but the noise from other rooms in the lodge made them to quickly dissapear.
It should be disappear instead of dissapear.


At this point, that doesnt matter to me.

All thanks to God that you are still alive, don't give up, blessing is on the way. God shall replace
all that was lost in multiples.


Amen sir, Amen