May I Be Back Stronger In The Coming Days.


So in the last 3 days, i am recovering from dengue fever at home; then, i find out that my dad has got dengue too.

He has been admitted now and this is day 3.

His body wasn't handling his well. On the first day (some 5 days ago), i noticed him with a high temperature but i had let him be because he was sleeping. My dad hardly sleeps. Seeing him sleep gives me a measure of joy as i don't sleep either and i understand. 

I was hoping that sleep will help his fever abate etc

but on the second day (some 4 days ago), his manner of sleeping started to get me scared because he wasn't really "waking up". (I re-lived many moments, those from my mum's last days etc)

He practically wasn't waking up and when he gets to answer to "daddy", he is very weak and his mind isn't present etc. Well, this also meant that he wasn't eating or doing anything. He was extremely weak. So, hospital was next. An ambulance was needed. 

It has been three days in the hospital. I can't tell yet if he is recovering but at least my mind is calmer, knowing that "diabetes" has caused the extreme-sleeping. And yes, he has dengue fever. 

It is just "all complicated" when you top dengue fever on all his other existing ailment. He has practically slept for most of these past 5 days. He has been unable to sit up or do anything. He tries too but he simply can't. He has slept almost the entire day today.

His mind-state has improved a bit from how it was though. Perhaps, as the dengue fever abates, he will be active again. 

The going was very tough for me. All this just needs to be fixed really. All this suffering etc. For one, he must have his maintenance meds each day, however broke i get because there is just too much trauma involved for me when he doesn't and no cut-expenses as when some complication occurs, one still ends up paying it all in the hospital.

I didn't get a diagnosis or any real treatment for my dengue. I had all the symptoms though but i didn't want to go to a hospital because there really is no means to. I preferred to use what expense goes into that, to buy "days of maintenance meds" for my dad but then his own dengue came and the hospital at last. 

There never is any real recovery for me. There is never one day in my life when i can "breathe". I prayed for this last dengue with hopes to physically breakdown for once but along with it came pangs of distress and well, further evidence "that there is no rest for me".

I will be stronger in a few days and will be back to pushing here on steem again. I am tired of always saying sorrowful stuff. I will soon stop that at least for a period. 

Your Boy Terry



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Ohhhh thats so sad news. You dad suffer for dangue verius is very dangerous disease.I pray for you and your dad God gives both of your good health.Ameen.Your dad recover soon.

I pray for the spirit of recovery upon you and your dad .... Long live Ajayi family

I hope you and your father get well soon! Good work on all you do for the steemit community. 👍

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Sending blessings for you and your fathers quick recovery. Big love brother.😎

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So sorry to hear about your dad Terry...he is on the mend by the look of things. I would recommend having your platelet count.
As an alternative, boiled water with moringa is a potent helps the immune system and energy-booster. Best wishes.

Very sorry to hear about your dad dengue fever. I pray for her quick recovery soon.
Concerning the ulog form, I've filled it already.

Your project are too great to be neglected especially for all what you've done for so many of us.

Strength from above on you @sir terry.

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  ·  작년

Very sorry to hear about your father and you dear.Please take care of yourself too,you are our asset and inspiration.We need you and love you , pray for your wellbeings dear.Please take care,every thing will be allright.Have faith in god,he is all powerful.

Sorry about this dengue ordeal, @surpassinggoogle. My two daughters got it last month and here in venezuela it is not easy to deal with the most mundane diseases. Hope you and your father fully recover soon.
I am still in debt with my certified-ulog video. I will do it soon. Many inconveniencies, the most recent and pathetic one being a huge lump on my forehead resulting from a mosquito bite.
So, i feel you when you say you can't catch a break

Hi @surpassinggoogle, I'm very sorry to hear about your father's Dengue disease. My elder brother got infected with Dengue 6 years ago. His temperature went as high as 105 F. However, he recovered from it after one week. Ask him to stay strong. He will be fine.

I've been less active at Steemit platform except the Steemhunt part. I'll read more about Certified Ulogging before resuming on this platform.

Have a good day!

Steem On!

May God Give you, Your Dad and Your family a healthy life and recover you as early. Amen

You had very sorrowfull days don't worry terry God is there believe in him and i will pray for u.... as i am a medical student i know how dengue fever affects and causes problems to patients.but don't be strong... if mosquitoes are elimated we don't get malaria,dengue,filariasis and so many...i don't know why God created this creature..

My prayers are with you Terry, so sorry about everything. Even this will pass.

I really really hope you find closure to all this pain and sorrow
Surely after all this, there must be sunshine
As always, I send you lots of positive thoughts

I hope you can find a moment to breathe. I am truly sorry for you and your family's pain.

Hope your father gets better soon.

@surpassinggoogle, There are not much words to say about your pain because it's un-discriptive, but great to see that no matter how many adversity phases you are facing, you are coming forward strongly and trying to win. Keep up brother and wishing you an great day and stay blessed.

Having suffered undiagniosed Lyme disease for many years @surpassinggoogle, My heart goes out to you and your Dad. It seems as if there is no end to the disabling symptoms but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please don't apologise for reaching out because it really helps to have the support of people whether they're familar with what you are going through or not.
This is one of the great strengths of a platform like Steemit. I hope you get as much rest as possible and experience real breakthroughs in your health. Our body's will respond when given the help it needs. I'm not sure if you have tried Colloidal Silver or not but this is one of the main things that has turned things around for me. It is so expensive to buy but in the end I bought a kit to make up my own Colloidal Silver and I wouldn't be without it.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Regards, Trudee.