The Teardrops SMT Is Still In Its Imaginary State But It Is Time To Start Gathering. Read This And Consider Joining Our Telegram.

3년 전

Finally the @teardrops SMT now ranks in the google search engine, on the very first page for the search query "teardrops".

This is a milestone and great evidence of steemit's beauty. There are 53,900,000 and it is the 5th result.

It is now time to talk about the @teardrops token. Many things are set now and SMT is in-the-making. The community has thrived and has flourished.

The teardrops has been aligning itself here on steemit for around two years already and it is now time to gather in awaitance. 

Join us on Telegram:

The @teardrops SMT ColorlessPaper has been forming ever since by means of an entire curriculum participated in by thousands of steemians, from which we have kept drawing out unadulterated feedback, valuable to our formation.

Our ColorlessPaper will be out soon, written so un(dis)talentedly, that "everyone" will understand it. Too, it won't have many pages.

We want even children and babies who wan-wan-wan to understand our whitepaper.

The Teardrops ColorlessPaper won't require many pages; no complex formulas and as a currency the @teardrops SMT, will ofcourse follow the #smt protocol  

We will be as unconventional as can be, "no books" involved, just sheer heart and human.

For among the first times, we want the token to appeal to the soft-spot of every human; held and used and treasured by every human. For among the first times, we want the digital token that enters the mainstream without any barriers not only because of its testimonial value but also because "every human" is involved.

@teardrops is a breakthrough token. The result of "mining the human". An emblem of human.

The teardrops has stayed imaginary till SMT begins. In its imaginary state it has been heartily exchanged and by many.

On the side, #teardrops has generated thousands of posts here on steemit.

This post will give further insight into the grand picture for the @teardrops SMT. As the SMT whitepaper isn't complete yet and the model behind SMT still in works, we have used the months to evolve our model into levels of spanlessness. This we will discuss below.

The teardrops token is a breakthrough token. It represents "light inside the tunnel". We will bring this light right inside the tunnel. We will tend to "every human" and to accomplish this, we will need to take full cognizance of the masses of populace in the tunnel. We will accomplish this not only with the existence of our token but with the ever-far-reaching value we will create, touch every nook and cranny of Mama Earth.

Where allowed by the Smart Media Token protocol, the @teardrops SMT will be used on all of existing and oncoming steem-based interface. For now, these platforms includes, and Macrohard, which is underway. 

We will also have a game. In the midst of crypto-kitties, pokemongo etc we will have a game involving humans with the teardrops token playing role.

Here is a quick breakdown of what our websites will accomplish:

  • will bring about "true celebrity-hood for "everyone", once and for all. 
It is 4 web-models integrated into one, designed to "mine the human" into its awesomest version. integrates the entire enterprise model for, #teardrops and #untalented (UN(dis)Talented. 
  • will build every noble dream by creating an ecosystem for "dreambuilders (SteemGiggers) in place of the more conventional "freelancers". It will accomplish this using the model; "Everyone Has Something To Offer". (Read More...)
  • @macrohard is eventual steem-based interface that will open up the coding/programming-ecosystem to "everyone" using a SWAG model. (Read More...)
  • etc

Important Keynotes With Regards To The Teardrops SMT.

  • We will not have a black or whitepaper. It will be a ColorlessPaper. 
  • Where we decide to apply an oracle, it will be an un(dis)talented oracle.
  • Where we decide to use lists, we will have a grey/gray-list; "not a black/white-list
  • We aren't out to create "disruption". It will be "beautiful disruptions".
  • Our eventual (big picture) aim; to direct or re-direct each human to our Creator Jehovah.

Note To Potential Advisors, True Fans, Steem Lovers, SteemGiggers, Uloggers etc

Join us on Telegram:


We want to serve as means to bring steem to each "human", (removing to all barriers to entry) by appealing to the soft-spot of every human. We want to create an additional revolutionary use-case for "digital currency" to where every child, celebrity, school-dropout etc can/wants to be represented with it, for the sole fact that they are "human"
We want to create one of the simplest-to-understand papers in existence (ColorlessPaper). We want to create more testimonial breakthroughs in "human". We want a coin that represents this entire curriculum, for on the route to attaining the awesomest version of human (which is a gift to humanity every and each time), there will be @teardrops involved!

@teardrops has a mission of explaining to the world these things as the solution to many of the world's solve-able problems lie in this sole simple knowledge and not in INTEL from Mars. 

The world is going into outer-space; "we want to have them re-tap into human; "down-to-earth"  

We will simply create tons of awesomeness together and we will serve this awesomeness to the nations. There is beauty in the world and so much of it and even amidst the cruelty, we want to resound deeply-rooted, that shine, "light",  "good", "love" "forgiveness" "sympathy" "selflessness" is still in-there! 

The very "human" is still in there. We can certainly re-tap into  it! 

Instead of this:

 Video source/credit to: Youtube/TheJakartaPost 

We want to go back to this:


"We were made in Jehovah image" is a heftily weighty sentence and it incessantly valid!

 Upon steemit, my first post already had my definition in its undertone; "SurpassinGoogle"

to touch the globe from its outskirts and poke it with  awesome truly-happy vibes and lead people to Jehovah our Creator, who would rain on us "tears of joy".

We want to create a "new breed of tears" along with the "tears of joy" that we will experience, in this nearest future that is bright. We will spread special moments and this will involve every human, for every human has had moments and have dropped tears.  

This is a happy endeavor!

For now, we will need your help over time as you are part of this movement. Join us on Telegram:

A major part of the whitepaper will involve "proof of tears". I am still building on this playfully and enlisting those bizarre-looking ideas down. According to me so far, "tears are tears". There is some "real factor" to "tears", even with so-called "fake tears" but even if we establish that "tears are tears", we haven't solved "proof of tears".  

So for now, let's assume "tears are tears" and forget the "types of tears" and join me in the comments below, let's brainstorm together. 

With @teardrops, we intend to catch the soft-spot of every human's heart. While most innovations of the world are designed with cognizance for millions, we target billions.  

If millions fancy cryptokitties, pokemongo and stuff, let's see what the world will say when they're rewarded for the constituent of each tear or each tear. Let's see!

What if we could also reward him too and we now so can:

 video source/credit to: Youtube/PokeMyHeart 

We also want to adjust how the world perceives "tears" by giving "tears" value. (Even Jesus' gave way to tears, thus, we see tears and drops of it as a symbol of human in its realest state). 

Michael Jordan is likely to listen to us pitch @teardrops SMT. See this:

You should not be bullied for giving way to tears!
Perhaps, we can get Celebrities etc to our digital currency by rewarding them for times when they have given way to  tears on public media and put to some shame as a result etc. Just thinking!

or maybe Mary J Blige/Jay Sean will have a softer spot for joining the steem blockchain, upon hearing of our TearDrops token. Who knows! So let's go! 

 Video Source/credit to Youtube/Mary J Blige/Jay Sean 

Mainstreamity factor

Look at the video above one more time and i leave it all open to your very mind's eye. 
  • Teardrops is breakthrough token; an emblem of human

 We don't believe tears are symbols of issues but if the world thinks so, then let's use some teardrops tokens to solve the tears. 

As we give away teardrops, we will create a new breed of tears.  

Imagine someone, who cries profusely (teardrops A) e.g because of "donkey life" and you stopped by him and say with a pat on his back: "don't worry brother, here are some teardrops" and he is dumbstruck at this seemingly-coincidental timely act of unconventional unknown kind of love (where he is giving teardrops to fix his teardrops) and he suddenly bursts into another bout of tears (teardrops B)
I tell you, teardrops B was a new breed of tears.

While you may hurriedly call Teardrops B "tears of joy" like even the world may, in the intense donkey life that i have done, i don't call those tears of joy, for these are a new breed of tears.

Sometimes, when you have done so-so-so much donkey life, even ordinary regular news becomes utmost jackpotty news. 
Infact, some people aren't looking for lorry loads of money; their ears simply seek their very first whispers of goodnews!

Alas, with teardrops we will also create so many tears of joy too! 

Our edge

We just have some very illiterate knowledge in our hands that the scholars and elites of the world possess not and we will share  this knowledge freely. 
We will go back to a new breed of "old school".

Well, "the school of life" is not in outer-space; it is in nooks and crannies of Mama Earth and you will have had to fully-provenly attend this school to create spanlessly, something like @teardrops

When it comes to "tears", there is nothing like painted tears; "it's all real!". @teardrops symbolizes humanity in its every form, regardless of accolades, status, location etc 

We are very illiterate. Very un(dis)talented. Very human: "hearts intact!".

With teardrops every human, we will celebrate: "celebrities!".

Here is another mention of the teardrops token in relation to

No jokes involved. Your boy terry is a deeply-rooted constant.

Eventual (Big Picture) aim! 

To direct or re-direct each human to our Creator Jehovah.


@samic said it fully here!

taken from my intro post

Special Note:

I am a very legit illiterate and very un(dis)talented. Below is my fourth law of motion.

Read More:

Your Boy Terry


Before We Go 

Overall, a lot of beautiful things will play out on and growth will be very organic born out of "serious fun" i.e  fun that has "serious" coded into it i.e is directional fun.

Yes, overall we will play and we will fly, shine, re-tap into lost shine, re-erupt buried shine etc, attaining "true celebrity-hood once  and for all" and we will see that "light inside the tunnel". 

Then, we there will be an ever-ongoing climax at the Teardrops SMT, where will reward "proof of tears".

I am glad at organic growth so far. It has been around 3 months or  less now and there have been more than 30,000 posts related to #ulog but more interesting is the "beautiful-to-see-fact", that more than 4,000 steemians have already used #ulog globally and this is without "real promotion" and without having announced the open-use of 

Before i go today, i want something to stick, resound and stick a very particular word into your minds, hearts and cores and it is called,  "ULOG".  Kindly, listen to this video below with love and listen to the word "ULOG" on and on and on. 


I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click!  

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.  

 Join the community here:  

Join us on Telegram:

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incase you didnt read the whole post

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I am tired but this is the closest I am getting to understanding this better...

Imagine someone, who cries profusely (teardrops A) e.g because of "donkey life" and you stopped by him and say with a pat on his back: "don't worry brother, here are some teardrops"

A donkey life is a uncommon term in my neck of the woods, I mean dessert😸! It made me smike right before bed. It seems teardrops is a subdivison/category of ulogs. I will learn as we go!


My man, know that I support you 100%. In a world where fishermen lost at sea want to find any kind of fish to feed them and only imagine of finding a friendly Orca to guide them home; you are there, with a big smile, big eyes, big heart and nutritious fish swimming all around you. You are there to provide guidance and love. Ulogs the way I see it will and is the first step to bring the shine back to steemit, its users and most importantly you. U are the beating heart of Steemit currently. You offer all if u to us and ulog and even in times of low energy just a slice of your energy is enough to move all of steemit! I see the retention and activity centered around you and Ulogs. This new shine will only help steemgigs become more sustainable and further it's success! Perhaps as we all take this first step together our overall posting quality as a group will improve, for example better markdown usage. However, the video production is amaze balls bro! I have to catch up!!! Your Uloggers are emerging as super stars. I'm quite impressed and in awe. Your shine, even just at 1% in the middle of the night is enough to light up all of Steemit! I do not do ulog for the upvotes. They are nice I will admit, but I do them because I see your heart and commitment to Steemit. You know I first saw your upvotes in my group when I was much better about curating them months back. I saw with each up vote you gave people at $1 or so was enough to spur more activity and better quality posts on their part. I saw that and it gave me hope for Steemit because lots of people say this or that about whales based of the actions of a few. Yet, here you are one man, one team trying to breathe life into us all first off, then steemit and than you. You are a very thoughtful man who deserves more time to rest and for your immediate family but you choose to give your time to us! Thank you!


@surpassinggoogle, for the few times i have known you, you re not just an ordinary man. May Jehovah strenthen you to carry out these plans!


image (1).png

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Wow! You are not just smart Sir Terry, you are really dynamic as always! God is guiding you all the way. Thanks to Him. Though I want to join, my phone now has run out of space and cannot download more apps. :(

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Terry is always humanitarious and unique being full of great ideas and innovation. @diosarich. You can delete everything on your fone so you can join the @teardops's telegram channel.


I will join the group on telegram.


I don't really understand much about this SMT or how SMT even works, I got way too many things to do with so little time; but I do understand something, and that something is that you work hard and have great belief in jehovah and in equality. I'm not spiritual, so my prayers probably won't amount to much, but I pray these efforts help at least to pave a way for a little more fairness and equality in this world, for more love and respect instead of hate and segreggation... I can't join the telegram due to restrictions in my country, but I'm supporting you and this project, keep working hard, you've made a difference already, but I'm sure you're not stopping anywhere soon and I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone that follows you when I say you can count on us :D


I understand this right, Lol.


Lol, I read the whole post. All I can say for now.


hello mister terry, I'm already on the way to success with your help, I find it a bit difficult because I do not understand English, even though I use a translator this is difficult but finally I'm on my way, thank you very much for opening the doors and since When you arrive, you arrive to admire excellent projects and ideas, it is excellent.
I'm going my ulog # 3 🙋 today I was going to do the number 4 but there was a problem I did not want to enter the reason I do not know, but well there we go thank you very much what you do is excellent
greetings @surpassinggoogle

ah I forgot you noticed my post of teardrops I made it for a contest I hope you liked it 🙈



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I wanna join, but I have no phone... T_T Even the web account needs me to join via android/iphone first... T_T


use browser. there is web. type telegram web


I did... but it said I should create an account using an android or iphone first...
I tried it again...


Now I am join the telegram your group

I have got to be the dumb one , I read this and the teardrop token post and I do not get it , like at all

What is the SMT going to do ?

can anyone give me a TLDR version of the same.


In the best way that I understand it, it is an currency that will connect four interfaces;

  • and
  • or '.org' as the case may be.

Imagine that one token is used as means of exchange on,, and

The concept is similar to this.


If concept is similar to these sites it makes sense.

I am not able to easily comprehend that from the announcement post.


I see. I am glad that you now comprehend it.


it will simple reward proof of tears, happy, sad or unfell

This comment was made from


so , do you mean , a token for making someone laugh or cry ?

how do you measure that?


the measure is from activities that "mine the human" e.g as will be done on ulogs.orgmaybe through the art of ulogging. or on through the art of dreambuilding or macrohard through coding with swag. there will be tons of fresh activities. dont know the model of smt yet but the token will likely have influence to as votes, curation etc but a type of curation called fanstyle curation. distrubtion may be like airdropsa. some of these things are unknown till the smtone protocol is ascertain. the token is stilla imaginary but has beenbeen distrubuted around since its inception. it will getsimple clearer on the websites. on steemit activites are under differeny tags. for instancethe ulogging is 3 months old and more than 4000 steemians have participated


Sounds like a plan. of luck with the venture

Wow! Terry says...
We anticipate the revolutionary effect of the @teardrops on the world.
This is from stremit to the world while we keep shining like stars!


image (1).png

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  ·  3년 전

Seriously? That's is some very good news and great achievement for the teardrops family...bravo sir Terry!!!


Yes it is i likes it too and aways feeling great to aware these kind of updates..well good luck for further

Am glad to be in the formative yearswhere we give tears a value with @Surpassinggoogle's @teardrops SMT. You keep amazing me and you keep giving us the right challenge we need to build humanity. I join faith with @artaddict to pray for you that your children won't tear the kind of tears you teared for your parents. You will enjoy Divine health that only Jehovah gives.

I just joined the Telegram channel, but no communication yet.. Keeping in touch...

Good news! I think this teardrops project can be very interesting. I can't wait to see until everything is finished. The future of SMTs seem bright as I can see it now.

Congratulations sir Terry "boy" Adjaye the big heart, aka @surpassinggoogle. Great success to you....

Search engine the moon! Teardrops SMT will definitely change our lives, we believe on you bro Terry @surpassinggoogle for taking this far beyond our imagination and dreams, now its a reality for humanity. So lets rejoice in Jehovah's name. This amazing project is our saviour. Thank you a million times @surpassinggoogle 😊.


Amen. Can i get the code of that teardrops smt @surpassinggoogle please. The image can be save but i cant copy paste it?

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I just joined in the Telegram!

Already joined the telegram channel..thanks for updating us.. just excited for teardrops smt :)

Got excited after reading your post @surpassinggoogle. Yes, I will joined and support #teardropssmt in the Telegram. Thanks for making another avenue.

Wow it's realy big milestone for ulog community . May this community more growing .

If I say I understand all, I would be lying to myself. I got the idea but I think for me to understand, I need to go back to the beginning probably to where @surpassinggoogle started from. I have not been following the posts that is ulog, steemgigs and so on. I got the whole teardrop and smt part. Nice and awesome innovation

i was at the telegram already:-)

This comment was made from

the tears have been really wonderful! and I am sure that success will continue and embrace all humanity! God bless you @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle

Hello terryboy you are changing dynamics of steemit now smt are so hot property in this space,congrats and all the best,i will surely join you in telegram.

Still glad that you have the delegation by @ned!

I will join in on Telegram. It would be a really cool place to hangout.

This is so beautiful. Mind-blowing if you'd ask me, now, every tear has a value.


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Oh wow, this is a great feat achieved. I am looking forward to when it will even be the first headline on the google search engine. You have done so well @surpassingoogle, i admire your dedication and zealousness about any project you set out to do. May God givr you the strengtg to see it through. Congrats dear.


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Congratulations Terry and more power to you!
We will rise UP! ULOGS. org
@teardrops-Every TEAR has value.
teardrops token, this is exciting!
We love your heart Terry and we are here to support you

#uloggers- Pls. Let's take to STEEMGIGS to top 50!
Please continue to support @surpassinggoogle
If you haven't voted your witness yet, vote Terry now!
Write @steemgigs >>>

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This has to come too, and we'll have a party.

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oh yeah love that:)

Wow! This is a great news... It got what it deserved.

@teardrops smt is ready to go even more viral. Glad to hear of this new development. Will be waiting for the whitepaper to be ready so I can get more understanding.

Heading to the telegram group after this!!

For among the first times, we want the digital token that enters the mainstream without any barriers not only because of its testimonial value but also because "every human" is involved.

Thank you for always having humans in mind

I am trying to sketch offers love and dedication to @ulogs innovative platforms by @surpassinggoogle.


a very useful program my brother,i support the program,success is always sir @surpassinggoogle

Great Bro Its really nice news

Great workdone i cant wait to be part of the smt on telegram thanks for updating and carrying us along of the great achievement project...

Congratulations on your achievement. Wish you all the best.

Is there anyone to talk to about doing an blog interview about teardrops.
I find this subject very interesting and would love to write a blog about it

It would be posted on a "real blog" with high traffic globally, not just on steemit.

Such good news!
In the search in Spanish language @teardrops is the first in
the list.


What can I say....
I have tears now!

Teardrops is the most exchanged SMT
even in its imaginary form.

Teardrops is the most human SMT
that rewards the human

Ulogs is a baby and already has an impressive echo

God is reaffirming you: yes, yes, yes

You are a wonderful boy
who not only gave life to these
projects, you also give your life for them
because everything you do is involved
Your love for the human.


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more power to our terry boy!

This comment was made from

This name of SMT "teardrop" is really a very perfect name to name for an SMT and you are really a talented steemian.

Will be looking forward for its release.

I love to join in your community @surpassinggoogle,this will help me a lot,have a great day.

Our tears has now a big value. Thank sir @surpassinggoogle.

I have been in the platform long enough to see what you are doing is awesome is and a great way to keep people motivated and engaged.

I have seen the rough draft of your colorless paper that explains Teardrops and I have always been a fan of it.

I will continue to support you Terry as I want to #beliketerry

sir terry this is a very good article, you are very wise in making a good article, not only in your country you are known genius but in the whole world your name is already recognized your greatness @surpassinggoogle.

one more thing sir TERRY i will be looking for the @teardrops SMT token.

and I hope this can develop well.
God bless you :)

Wow! This is great news


Yes it is. @surpassinggoogle is indeed surpassing google if you know what i


Exactly... Na the idea wey I get for the doodle contest be dat

really great news...thank you for give us this kind of news

Congratulations Sir Terry.We really love you and backing you.This is the token of your teardrops.
God bless you more
God bless uloggers!

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Wow! Another interesting activity sir @surpassinggoogle..

Waoh, ive always loves your ideas and this is the highest ive ever get.

An SMT that doesnt have a whitepaper making it colourless? Oh my, you're so full of awesomely genius gene.
Your team too are doing great putting this up, am joining the telegram group right away.
On the day of reckoning of contributions to steemit, your name will be the first.

Ride on Sir Terry.

This is an achievement sir terry! Congratulations!

@surpassinggoogle wow !!! Great news that SMT rank on google search engine.. so good news..

Good job @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops
Looking forward to the tokens 💯

Great news sir, well done!

I will surely join on the telegram group. Thank you kuya Terry for letting us know it

Que gran información @surpassinggoogle de como podemos obtener mejores resultados en la busqueda "Lagrimas" y a través de @teardrops tenemos que apoyar todas estas iniciativas que de seguro nos traerá beneficios muy pronto. Saludos

This is wonderful! I'll try my best to support your project @surpassinggoggle and @teardrops! Looking forward to make a #ulog video one day..

Nothing greater than you on steemit Sir terry.

I could remember when I first joined steemit and it was a time of teardrops. Oh my, you're so full of innovation.
Thanks for bringing this teardrops to the people of the world.

Great idea to create telegram channel,and tear drops has already created a great impact i think this is the time to fligh high with teardrops.

Hello Terryboy i am so glad to see again,love your intensity towards the work and i am so happy to be with you,smt are the next big thing,i am so confident this will be huge success.

I am still new in steemit but i love to walk in your foot steps,i will be very thankfull if any one can guide me through ulogs.

teardrops is one of the best way to be happy with mind

Guys, kindly join teardrops on telegram!

This is the most anticipated grand concept that we've been waiting for. It feels like ages, but it is just around the corner.

You provide a useful knowledge .i thank you a lot sir

Thanks buddy You like this new post very much to me. I post your post and I try to learn something new from your post. Your post is very beautiful Thank you very much thanks to me.

I joined the telegram

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but i can't send anything, it says mute only.. why? @surpassinggoogle

Wow! Congratulations sir terry @surpassinggoogle.. thanks for this great news

If we use a client such as Esteem Surfer for most of our interactions with the Steem blockchain, then, are we penalized for such things when it comes to the teardrops SMT? I'm just wondering, for since I found Surfer, I don't normally use any web interface to conduct Steem business.

Big follower of your.
Love it.
Keep steeming.

Congratulations @surpassinggoogle!
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This is the start of a new beginning, joined already at telegram ...Our Love and support is all yours and for teardrops token. Bless all your good deeds to humanity. 😊

Here is the brilliance from an icon @surpassinggoogle...
The reason why S.M.T will stand out is because of it been a colourless paper, bringing more beauty to crypto platform.

i quote Newton 5th law, for every #steemian on #steemgigs, there must be a talent, even if they are (un)-talented, with #ulog and the #teardrops..

Baba T, your head is coloured.... Tuale boss

One of your best projects Sir!



This comment was made from

Thank you for the big heart.

In good time I will join, I'm running ..!

I'm going to join, completely new.

Telegram is joined by 5 of my friends :)

Nice educative write-up

#steemgig all the way