Could've known

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She's out there feeling fly feeling good with her pals, yeah she arise but never thought why her daddy always comes frowning at her, chasing friends away, telling her to stay far from smoke. She proofs stubborn by going against her daddy's laws, making her plans and executing them.
Jumping on her bed one Sunday night,looking up the ceiling with a big smile on her face after thoughts of memories she thought were beautiful, then suddenly her body system changed and she feels maybe it's stress. That weird feeling continued up for hours and this time around she's curious what could have been the problem.
It's 9am on monday morning and she's not yet up for school, daddy comes knocking at the door and she couldn't even stand to open up. Finally the door is down and her dad rushed to his daughter. Looking into her eyes alone he knew everything was wrong with her, rushed her to the hospital 1. itemand the result came out that she had gonorrhea, which is exactly the same sickness that killed her mom.
Her daddy sitting close to* item her sick bed asked her a question : Wh1. itemy? and the next thing that came out of her mouth was
Could have known I
Should have listened
Would have been better
Keep saying it doesn't matter, it'll be later
I was shocked when I saw it gettin* itemg harder but * itemI know God is there to make it better

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