My New Laptop

2개월 전

The OGs ( if there are any left following my blog) know that my old laptop that my grandpa bought me in 2009 had quit back in 2018. Before then, I had issues where when I plugged it in to charge, it wouldn't. Then I had other problems with the laptop getting slower and it was impossible to edit. I struggled for 2 years to come up with the money for a new laptop. I finally got a better laptop. I got it at Walmart a few days ago. This can really help me speed up the production for my blogging and YouTube. I can edit on one and blog on the other.


This one is way lighter than my old laptop. I am doing a throwback series on YouTube, so you will see the old laptop then. An unboxing video will be coming soon.

I used most of my check to get it so I will be working overtime on here just in case. It was worth it. I really wanna kick off my YouTube and my blog.

I was thinking about a business when I get new stuff take photos of it/make unboxings and reviews and can help said company get more buyers.

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