Google is probably trying to save Huawei.

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It should be said immediately that Google is not hardly worried about something else that is not related to Google ad revenue and the ability to analyze user data.

Whatever it is, it is reported that Google might be involved in rescuing Huawei from losing the Android license. Rumors indicate that Google has prepared an argument for the US government to allow Huawei to use the Android license without restrictions. The argument is quite simple - a full Android license is less of a security threat than any Android hybrid version that Huawei is currently maybe preparing.

The Huawei operating hybrid system would only mean that it can include not only orders from the Chinese government, but also malicious code from other parties. In addition, the sale of Huawei smartphones in the United States is already denied, so there is no reasonable reason to prevent Huawei Android from being used for public security.

If Huawei loses its Android license, it simultaneously means lost Google services and Google Play Protect protection. Apps will no longer come from the Google Play Store, which is also considered a major security threat.

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