Perfect technocratic control.

2개월 전

I expect many of you may have noticed lately that a lot of people are talking overtime about the economy and about the cashless society, about UBI, about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) about Crypto and about the rapid i-yi-yi movement OUT of the old economic paradigm (that everyone of us grew up in) and INTO a new purely digital economy fully controlled by a centralized technocracy - i.e. by the NWO through their puppets and lackeys in all the world’s governments… including our own.

For a long time now, many people have been trying to draw attention to this eventuality, by way of pointing out that C-V really had shit to do with anything medical and everything to do with providing the oligarch tyrants in the control grid with a perfect false flag misdirecting crisis, that could serve as a perfect cover story to get millions of terrified people to surrender their rights, livelihoods and health so that this new totalitarian economic model could be prepped and readied for launch.

It’s genuinely painful to have to admit just how fully effective their C-V proved to be and how easy it was to get people to a point where they were incapable of resisting or saying NO - but could do nothing but acquiesce and agree to do whatever they were told to do.

Well, now 20 months later, here’s the NEXT phase of doing what you’re told - booster shots every three months, hospitals full of vaccinated people, handing your children over to the state and welcoming in the cashless society … right on cue and not a minute too late. Nice work.

Good luck!

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