RAVING FOXES 006 | Maenad Veyl

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Hello Steemians !

Making long story short, this guy is a serious ass-kicker from the deeper parts of the underground. Thomas Feriero coming from Milan, Italy and working under a name Maenad Veyl recently released a unique techno cassette named Somehow, Somewhere They Had Heard This Before via Rotterdamse Techno label Pinkman. There are only 70 cassettes spread somewhere around the world, so it is an extremely limited material.

Maenad Veyl - Taiko Death Rhythm

Maenad Veyl is also known from his duo project together with Clockwork called CW/A where he produced and performed under alias Avatism. They played in the clubs such as Berghain. Beside of that, since April 2018, he also runs his own label named VEYL.

Listen to a preview of the first release on Veyl, a new label I'm launching with my friend Alex Knoblauch. 'The Acceptance ov Not Knowing' is out this April.
source Maenad Veyl facebook

Maenad Veyl - The Acceptance ov Not Knowing VEYL001

If you would like to listen Maenad Veyl live, you can find him at Garage MU Festival 19-22.07.2018 in Paris and Visions#6.66 03.08.2018 in Plougonvelinare. For some more informations about the artist, please check his Maenad Veyl Official Page


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Very good stuff. Reminds me of much of the revival of EBM that I've been hearing lately. I've liked Avatism for a while now. Glad to hear a little bit from their solo work.


Actually I'm a bit more into a bit heavier and industrial sounds right now so the Aviatism productions aren't exactly what I am searching in the electronic music, but indeed, the album Aviatism - Adamant LP includes a lot of interesting sounds. You can listen to this album on youtube


I'll admit, I'm not as brushed up on that side of techno as I'd like to be. Any suggestions?


You can start with Ancient Methods and Broken English Club

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