Techno Friday - OAR-004-A by Oni Ayhun

2년 전

Almost went to sleep without getting down with my favorite tag of the week: #technofriday!

I'll keep this brief. Once many moons ago I was making my way though a barn at a festival in Washington when I heard Derek Plaslaiko drop this number and while the dancefloor was pretty scant during his set, this tune still captured my imagination enough to track it down in the pre-shazam days of music searching. Oni Ayhun may not be a familiar name to many with only a handful of releases around the turn of the decade, but you might be more familiar with his work as part of The Knife as his real name. Once your realize that (particularly if you are familiar with the shaken up versions of The Knife songs from a few years back) you can certainly see the similarities. This is a Techno oddity that takes bits of IDM and modular bleeps and churns them into a tense and unnerving track that defies any real expectations by the genre. Adventurous DJs only should apply for this one. Not for everyone, but the right dancefloor can be blown away by it.

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Oh man! Olof Dreijer is such a machine when it comes to making music!
i love the knife and i love almost everything that comes from those two siblings.

Thanks for your article! 😎

I added it to the #worldoftechno map !

You can find the map here

And the related article here


I know right? Tracks like this make me wish he would make Techno full time.


Well.... I think his diversity is good! If he wouldn't do the other stuff, there where no The Knife! 😉
Do you know this track?

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Hi, Adrian, I have never heard of Oni Ayuhun. Thank you for the tip, I will give it a try. :-)