Robot Surgeon Kills Patient - A Psychological Perspective

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The thing that strikes me most in this case is the seemingly astonishing dereliction of duty of the supporting surgeons and staff. It seems like they have already accepted that robots are not just inevitable but also superior. In this case, this was a robot-assisted surgery - the robot was not on automatic but being manipulated by a human.

So these skilled professionals decided to go home and leave the robot-enhanced lead surgeon with minimal support staff.

These are, I repeat, professionals; what about every other job that will be robot-enhanced?

Are we being primed for sinking into the inevitable uselessness of being human?

Surgical Robot "Spirals Out Of Control", Kills Man As Docs Sipped Lattes

Robot surgeon 'spiralled out of control' after hitting nurse while doctors shouted at each other during pioneering operation that went catastrophically wrong and led to death of father of three, inquest hears

da Vinci Surgery

You will not change the future if you believe it is inevitable.

"inevitable" is a disempowering trigger word designed to reduce your ability to create a more humane future.
Look out for it - it is everywhere.

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And who develloped that Robot? Who will take care of that Robot? its not gonna repair itself :D