How #VC can Win More Often & Beat the Market with More Security investing in AlphaOmegaEnergy


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How VC can Win More Often & Beat the Market with More Security.

Case Example: Imagine if #VC had a #Founder come to them with this pitch:

I did just that today to a VC..

“Do you know any funders for Breakthrough CleanEnergy? I am #1 on earth made 3,334 techs #1 in all classes also but 0.1% of startup funding goes to Cleantech & nearly nothing outside of the G7?”


Now, to the outside world watching this, 99% of humanity would think, and expect things like:

A: Wow this guy is getting dragged into an office to get funded in a minute

B: F I wish I had some money to put into this deal…I’m gonna miss out again.

C: Wow Breakthrough CleanEnergy, super cool man, hey yeah all we hear about is ClimateChange every 5 minutes, it’s all day every day, it’s the only thing anyone talks about, of course this guy is getting funded for sure, there’s another unicorn.

However, to the shock of the public onlooker, the VC takes a pass almost every time, resulting in as we have seen it, protests in the streets, climate marches, even Cop25 being burned to the ground in anger as no real action ever takes place other than Carbontaxes being imposed.

The strange contrary to sense reality of this one sector seems to defy all logic and defy all physics. Why? ...Consider this:

D: Not even 0.1% of startup funding goes to anything CleanEnergy related.

E: “Breakthrough CleanEnergy” Gets less than 5% of that funding

F: 90% of VC refuse to invest in CleanEnergy at all

G: VC have been very much late to the game in SDG & Impact related causes

H: VC are losing generally 90 of the time, but CleanEnergy companies have provided more jobs & Job growth than any other sector relatively across developing economies in the last 10 years.

Fact: VC just have not gotten on the CleanEnergy bandwagon yet.

Result?: Gains in CleanEnergy companies, those who were funded by VC, have been oversized and consolidated to a mere few players in the game. The success rate is above average for those funded, in both win rate, and average exit values. However, 90% of VC never enter at all, and half of those underperform their peers significantly when they do.

Summary: VC have missed the boat nearly entirely on the #1 growth sector over the last 20 years, which provided more successful companies, more jobs, and more economic growth than nearly any other sector. Instead, they have gotten slaughtered in shitcoins, vaporware, apps, craps, toys, games & piles of gadgets nobody wants, fake relationship apps, fake intelligence that never pays, VC pyramid ponzis, no values founders, and chasing the nearly never paying but famously alluring, fake reality.

Now, let’s look at another sector where VC have failed completely and missed the boat. Emerging markets and undeveloped Markets and predominantly the Tech4Dev impact sector.
Consider this.

I: Emerging markets have provided more than double the growth in the last 10 years as developed markets.J: Everyone knows the cost of Emerging markets is very low to manufacture, and the middles classes there are absolutely exploding.K: Emerging markets have much bigger populations than the developed markets and they are growing at breakneck speedL: The opportunities to look inside and see what is missing are unprecedented, with most of the markets missing almost everything to some major level.

However, 99% of VC don’t invest in the Emerging Markets, and have missed this growth, performance, and opportunity for their investors. Typically they only invest in their local market and in cliques of who they know or who introduces them at a close arms length.

However, VC can be endlessly seen demanding #Founders buy from or manufacture in Asia, and if they won’t, they refuse to invest in the founder. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just invest in Startups in Asia then or Founders in Asia or just relocate the Founder altogether? One would assume this to be the basic go-to sense of the VC, but oh no, no not so fast, as the stats show that VC have stumbled all over themselves on this one to date.

So, let’s analyze how VC can combine these two issues to create much more stable, reliable, secure, steady, outperformance with more exit potential, higher growth potential, that gives them what they need, that mandate of beating the 1.32X 10 year return of the stock market, with fewer losses, more capital preservation, & thus a much more confident investor base and the opportunity to earn those massive pension dollar decisions.

The founder in the beginning example continues onward to the VC:

“I have 434 MW demand backlog for this across 15 nations already. I’m a #Christian #SocialEnterprise #Impact #investment Founder focused on #EmergingMarkets still undeveloped since its the perfect #ProductMarketFit vaccum demand market everyone should want but of course most VC refuse to fund into. Someone needs to teach them a lesson about lower cost base = more success, maybe you can teach them?”

AOE Power System 200x the Energy of Solar.png

And here are the lessons the Founder (Me) began to offer the VC (Mike Nicholls @Mikenicholls88 Partner @ Main Sequence Ventures )

“You can teach them for me. Here are the lessons I want you to teach them about, that will result in more wins for more return more of the time, leading to more #Impact for the world & the REAL Change The World that we all need.”

  1. Vaccum demand: VC are always talking about “We need a big market for you to grow into, if the idea is great but the market isn’t big enough to provide return, not interested.” Well, of course there is no bigger vaccum style demand than CleanEnergy in the undeveloped markets that are starving for energy and desperately needing it to grow and develop their economies.

  2. #PMF or #ProductMarketFit: There is factually no better PMF in the entire world than CleanEnergy but especially in these economies that do not yet have 100% energy penetration. When you have no electricity and someone says hello would you like electricity or its the highest cost on earth and someone says would you like cheaper electricity, what do you think the answer is? Of course dummy, it’s yes!

  3. Biggest TAM on earth: VC seem to have a lust for TAM (Total Assessable market (But isn’t it strange them to watch them all like hypocritical madmen deliberately avoid the #1 TAM on earth? Its Energy! Not only is it 1 Fifth of the entire global economy, but 2/3rds of the economy is 100% dependent on it’s cost base being low enough & reliable enough & the #1 driver of their success. Try turning the lights off in your business for a week. Mayhem!

  4. Low Cost Case = longevity: The reason VC want Startups to manufacture in the Emerging Markets like Asia or Latam is the additional profit margins due to the much lower cost base. Salaries, materials, manufacturing, administration are all far cheaper, up to 1/12th the cost even.

  5. Passive recurring income: CleanEnergy offers a number of models like selling electricity on contract which provides a passive recurring long term steady income to the business. This is of course far more reliable than having to find 10,000 more customers online to buy your app or $15 gadget just to put food on the table or you’re bankrupt.

  6. 8-10 types of finance versus VC money makes it far more scalable: Most startups fail because they run out of money, now of course that’s 90% the fault of the VC not giving them enough money in the first place, or investing in startups without a hope to ever make any money and for some reason they just punt on an ivy league degree, but when companies have a plethora of financing options available like CleanEnergy companies do, they can result in not only better survival rates, but also of course much better scalability as you just can’t get finance when you don’t make any money.

  7. Desperation demand: There is nothing more desperate right now in the Emerging markets to solve than energy. If a VC can’t see that as an investment winner, he or she really needs to choose another job and stop trying to pretend to know about investing in PMF and he better never open his mouth again about “you have to sell something that people want and then VC will invest in it”

  8. Long term I&C (Industrial and commercial) B2B (Business to Business) contracts: 70%+ of startups are not B2B model & even fewer are I&C. However these are the biggest customers. If you have long term service contracts in this market, you have a winner. It’s so huge and so desirable a business segment that it even scares most people off for thinking it’s impenetrable.

  9. The world needs 20x the power than we have now: Bill Gates is on record for endlessly speaking that we need 5-10x, but due to the demand growth and population growth, we actually need 20x. Is there really any other sector on earth with so much lack of supply? No sir. VC are lost on this one. LPs need to start asking VC’s “What’s the biggest demand on earth right now? And for the next 20 years?, and are you investing our money in that?. When he says No, he should expect to be fired and LPs should be firing him, immediately if he doesn’t switch.”

  10. The Climate change narrative emergency: Aren’t you sick and tired of this yet? The endless all day long free marketing ringing in your ears on this issue. Can you even believe that it would ever possibly be true that 90% of VC don’t even touch this entire Climate issue? It seems even unimaginable, but it’s true, and it’s costing investors massively. And costing the world too, hopefully VCs start to actually care about that one soon!

  11. #1 Demand product on earth: You want to have and invest in a high demand product, not something people don’t really want. Ask Latin America about energy, or Asia. There is not one single country among them that has energy security or adequate supply to meet it’s needs today, let alone to meet things like industry 4.0, 5G, or the Sustainable Development goals. No more lunacy can be seen in the investing world than Venture Capitalists giving this product a pass.

  12. Biggest Megatrend in human history: Is there really anything bigger than the change to renewables? Governments are literally mandating a shift of 1/5th to 3/5th of global economics, and they want it done right now not later. 2030 agenda is a mere 10 years away and governments have already mandated a 100 shift to renewables, a seemingly impossible speed. How can VC be possibly not deeply invested as by far the #1 in their portfolios and if you invest to a VC you better be asking the same question. It’s like not investing in the internet in 2010

  13. Faster GDP growth tidal rise in EMs: Everyone knows the GDP growth in the G30 is absolutely abysmal. -2-3% growth at best and only if you’re Trump and using massive FED money to buy it on the debt purse making it actually artificial. But the GDP growth in the EM’s is 3-10% a year. Energy in Cambodia has been 20-30% a year for example. Don’t you want to be risen up with the market rising under your boat? Makes sense. What really doesn’t make sense, is avoiding this. It can make a good case for incompetence however.

  14. Currency rises in EMs: Currency values in the emerging markets is generally quite low, and especially low at this time historically over the last 30+ years. The Trump dollar has risen to the top of the trading band creating unprecedented currency growth opportunity. As these currencies rise as their economies grow, putting pressure on rates to increase, when they are already high versus a lowering fed and abysmal EU & Japan, it just makes sense to hold EM and undeveloped Forex for the long term in the more stable markets.

  15. You can finance cheaply in the developed markets to invest in EMs: Rates in the developed markets have never been lower, let’s face it. It’s also easier to get than ever before. Many strategies can be used to gain finance in the developed markets cheaply to invest in the emerging markets in strong GDP and product demand growth and reap the rewards.

  16. Less capital available in EMs means fewer competitors for well funded startups: The biggest problem for all startups, but especially for startups in EM’s is the lack of investors. Only 1 in 20,000 startups worldwide will ever get a deal in it’s lifetime, but it’s an even worse vaccum in the EM’s

We all know that Facebook was decidedly armed with capital to make it the dominant player in the industry, a strategy most VC have failed to be smart enough to copy, hoping they can get the same result with a mere pennies on the dollar which of course failed completely every time to date, but this success story is much easier to repeat and with far less capital needed in the Em’s and anyone employing it will reap the rewards. Hey LP’s time to kick your VC in the ass or grab the donkey’s leash and start pulling, or just go direct to AOE. Redemption request time

17: Less tax across the global tax space: Now, it’s a sad day in the VC space when they are saying “oh no one cares about taxes cause nothing we invest in will ever actually make any money” OMG is that your VC? How embarrassing. It’s a very common thing they say these days. But for those quality companies that should be inundated with funds like AlphaOmegaEnergy, that will profit in under $500,000 of investment, Taxation IS a big issue and you want it to be as low as possible.

Fortunately if your VC is smartly investing to AlphaOmegaEnergy, most countries have all kinds of tax breaks for Clean Energy, even up to 15 years with no tax on cycle 1 investments and up to 30 years on cycle 2 investments for your next fund. Others have to pay 10-15-20-45% & if an Elizabeth Warren or a Bernie Sanders or a Greens party in UK, AU, or Australia gets in power, it might be 70-90% in just 12 months from now! Remember that on voting day!

18: More Impact as can affect more people & hire way more for less money: These day making an Impact in the world when there are so many choices, should be mandatory. But there is of course no better way to do this than the combination of Breakthrough CleanEnergy in the emerging markets. With salaries $240-350-400-850 a month, you can create 3-5-10 times the number of jobs, changing lives and changing economies for the cost of the one typical developed nation social media diva at work when you aren’t looking instead of doing their work.

19: Hypocrisy of wanting manufacturing cheap in Asia or EM but don't want to invest there should clue you in to where you should be investing instead: If you want the manufacturing there, you should be investing in that manufacturing in there also. Face it, it’s a product that you are buying again and again and again. Why not capture the extra profit and the IP security? Especially at today’s lower prices which will be much more tomorrow.

20: Investing to western founders in EM makes perfect sense: The #1 reason investors shy away from the EM is the cultural gap. Investing to foreign people far away when you don’t know them well and don’t know their mind and culture, is a hard one. But what if you sent your brother there to manage it, or a good lean startup manager who knew finance and startup from silicon valley? Wow! What an opportunity! Then you can trust it would be run well.

Surprised to see VC not doing this? They don’t! LPs you better start asking your VC. Who can we send to the EM’s? Let’s hire somebody. Or you can just invest to AlphaOmegaEnergy. Probably you should do both.

21: EM stock market prices are higher in IPO: Valuation have been getting much higher in developed nations as the fed pumps money into banks 7 the pockets of the rich and also lines them with endless tax breaks, and then the corporates are buying back their shares at record prices, leading to a nice juicy 45.5x earnings for CleanEnergy & SDG stocks, however in the EM’s like Chinext, HK, SG, Vietnam, Thailand and others, the prices have been 90+ and even an AVERAGE of 270+ on the Russel 2000 global component.

VCs want that IPO exit but you never heard them say “I want an IPO at 261X earns!” Well…. Why the hell not? That’s the whole point. LPs ask them why not. We all want an answer. If you want the 261, invest to AOE and smile at the VC when you beat him, and ask him for the 2 and 20 back.

22: Dollars go much further in EM. Do you have USD? Oh wow you are “so rich” it buys 4,000 Cambodian Riel. Do you have $250? Then you are a millionaire!! Well, not quite, but as writing this I just topped up my mobile phone for $1 that will last me a whole week, renewed my fast internet for $12 at home, paid my motorcycle petrol tank fillup for just $3, ate a restaurant cooked dinner last night for $1.25, a full naturally juiced fruit smoothie for $1, a package came to my door for 65 cents, and I took a taxi yesterday for $1.25 and another for $1.75 across the city and back. We moved our house for $162 in 4 truckloads as well. I just love having Dollars in the emerging markets. Imagine what they buy in business investments! And imagine the returns if your VC invested. Very very nice.

(To the VC reader) Can you teach the other VC these 22 basic lessons of investing? They don't seem to get it. I can webinar teach to 20+ VC if you set up the meeting. It's obvious to all they don't get it yet, as if they did, they would be flooding the EM’s with capital and getting new funds and probably having me on boards for it. I’m not on any boards yet in fact. They seem to require politician’s sons who know nothing about the industry for some reason instead. Oh, protection they called it. I guess I’m not tall enough. :D

23: Hardware not vaporware/shitware as consumer product fails 97% of the time & 99% coding startups fail: Did you know that just by choosing to invest in a consumer product startup that your VC will have a 97% fail rate? :D but they all love it so so much. In fact most VC prefer this category over stable reliable CleanEnergy 9 out of 10 times. We never said they are good at their job. In fact the Kaufman Foundation found that 90% of VC funds failed to even beat the market. It’s no wonder why.

Coding startups are even worse! 99% of them fail. But this is the #1 investment class of VC these days. Wow talk about improving your odds of failure. Coding startups are the easiest to copy/displace/disrupt/outcompete as they generally have no real IP and far fewer internal defensibility points. Another platform can take all the users easily and consumers are the most fickle customer class. Isn’t it a wonder VC don’t prefer to secure your money in something solid like AlphaOmegaEnergy?

24: Startups with early profit are more successful, we will profit under 500K more money.: AlphaOmegaEnergy is a rare gem, most Startups in Silicon Valley don’t profit for YEARS and who knows how much capital you have to throw at them to achieve it. If you can find anything that profits early like this, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to not just take the winner. Taking the loss factor off the table right at the outset is one of the biggest no brainers in startup investing you can possibly do. Isn’t it a wonder why more VC don’t choose it? CleanEnergy profits earlier than most.

25: Startups with more paths to profit are far safer investments and more resilient and give more exit potential.: Unfortunately the startups VC’s choose usually have no established pathway to profit at all (early stage we are talking of course as let’s face it, A PROFITABLE COMPANY IS NOT A STARTUP ANYMORE) (and never was in the startup business model definition created in the early silicon startup era).

However, when startups have MULTIPLE pathways to profit, like AlphaOmegaEnergy, with Bitcoin Mining AND selling the energy to it, AND selling energy to industry, AND financing such initiatives, then more products to add, the future security of investments like these just keep on giving. You have to look for and choose these kinds. CleanEnergy can easily pivot to multiple models once in profit.

26" The ponzi pile on doesn't produce more "winners" as fitbit just sold for 1.7 Billion post 4 billion IPO & still losing money by the hundreds of millions a year. Wework is functionally defunct, Snap IPO is teetering on SEC intervention, Uber is a 95 year old grandpa on endless VC ponzi life support as is Lyft, Theranos is dead, and LPs are tired of it. Real profits are now “the thing” how the F were they not always “the thing”? Avoid at all costs. Just choose AlphaOmegaEnergy instead.

27: Outsiders have always been the best innovators: Let’s face it, when has the establishment EVER created Breakthrough anything? Only when they copied or stole from the outsiders usually. There are exceptions, but even in the board rooms we can see the power of the 5th man and the 6th mind to the table from the outsider perspective to see things we can’t. The contrarian, the multi-disciplinarian, it is an endless success story throughout all of humanity and one that VC’s TALK about but only as a fable, “We’re looking for the outlier” until they define what that is and it’s no different than what everyone else’s box looks like, and is nothing like the definition of anything but status quo cult.

True outliers are not part of the establishment at all, nor are they from our cliques, markets, or experience pathways. Their minds see differently to ours, and when they look at what we are doing in understanding, they can see many flaws that we can not. These people are primed for Breakthrough in not just one thing, but many. If you want the disruptor, you need these people funded.


28: There are over 1 million #tech4dev innovators out there in the EM (not in the Developed markets where all the development is already over) with a much higher fast-to-profit, innovation/pivot ability factor, with low cost base, & are perfect impact guys. It is NOT hard to find people to invest in that can make profit, grow, and be safe and stable on the cheap. VC’s are taking 100-1000 Startups to look at before they actually invest in anything.

If it took your contractor 100 swings to hammer a nail and he kept using this method, you would fire your contractor. Well it’s obviously time to fire your VC, because with a MILLION Tech4Dev innovators in the EM perfect PMF and TAM with fast to profit on lean costs, there are no more excuses for this VC to be doing tourism and endless dating just to lose it all instead of investment to an endless stream of reliable success stories.

29: IFC says 290 Trillion is just waiting to pour into the AOE era: Ask your VC what other industry has 290 Trillion dollars just waiting on the sidelines including all 240 governments of the world, and 100-1000 Fortune 1000 corporations in the EU just itching to come in. Ask how your VC is going to capture that value for you. If his answer is a delay or blank stare and the answer is not immediately “AlphaOmegaEnergy” You better be giving the sack in a hurry and filling out that redemption slip.

30: Fusion Failed, Thorium failed, Nuclear failed, everything failed, CSIRO failed. It’s way beyond time to fund the outside innovators after 140+ years of dodging them all: The ITER reactor which admittedly will never produce a single Kilowatt is racking up a 50 BILLION dollar tab. The insanity just has to stop. AlphaOmegaEnergy is way past due a chance & the rewards obviously are going to beat the market. When they can get to profit in under $500,000, can you really make any excuse to cover not investing? Better tell all the LP’s why you aren’t investing.

31: UN, UNCC, UNDP, WEF, ADB, IFC, are all pushing money in the TRILLIONS, 4.5 TRILLION in fast a year to Undeveloped markets and EM and Brics nations, EX-China now.: Better jump on that gravy train or just kiss it goodbye like a fool. What Startup sector has every government, devorg, & bank pumping TRILLIONS into the industry? Oh! That’s right! NONE OF THEM. If your VC doesn’t take this money by investing to AOE, get a new one.

Want me to teach your LPs and others? I can go all day on these topics and list another 30 off top of head and lecture on. All of them really are litmus test items in my opinion, and of course any of those among the public viewer who would listen to it.

32: Crypto bullshits a lot of VC’s invested in them there are 20,000 of them and they are all down 90+% bar a handful: None of them nearly have a REAL product, service, make or manufacture any goods or services, none have revenues or customers nor profits. Yet the allure of this tech sucked in millions of people to date. The tool itself has real potential but the people and the projects in the industry so far have been complete garbage. Even the more “promising projects” like a “powerledger” were plagued by the endless scams found in all of these like discounts, bonuses, team rip of the coin, dumping, pump and dumpers, manipulators, no real product and a thin service, with false promises of global reach and more. Result? Investors have been massacred to put it lightly.

But, if you put something like AOE on it it would be the #2 crypto in just 3-5 years with global demand appeal not for the currency but as an investment. AOE pans just that. & no bonuses, no discounts, no team coin at all. You don’t rip 30% of inbound investor money “for the team” when you raise a startup deal or IPO, its a scam! Poor Richard Branson! (he invested, ouch!)

33: Regulations are much lower to non existent in EM undev nations making it far easier to just grow with no red tape.: It takes YEARS to get a license to sell power in the G20, even longer to get approval to use new tech in the power industry, and tens of millions of dollars and endless IP intrusions and of course that’s why 4 Billion people have no electricity. In Cambodia? It takes zero minutes you just do it. No license is required at all. You only need one if you put a line across a government road. And then you need $530 and a week and you are approved. It’s just that easy.

Why would you smash your head against a losing battle? VC says “the path to least resistance!” LPs wouldn't it be great if they actually invested how they talk? MANDATE, FOLLOW THE MANDATE!

34: Government is far easier to connect to in EM: They are smaller, with smaller GDP’s and have a job to grow their economies. There are fewer opportunities that come. This they are more open minded, have less bureaucracy and these markets are easier to “grease wheels” when needed as generally they demand it anyway or just do nothing and let you do it all yourself and ignore you. Compared to the massive bureaucracy that was propped up to destroy competition and opportunity in the G30 and wow its a panacea of opportunity in comparison in the EM world.

35: Breakthrough CleanEnergy is a massive vaccum market right now and it seems like no one sees it. Really who is even talking about Breakthrough CleanEnergy now? Even Bill gates abandoned it completely, changing to stone age second rate products like only batteries for solar, mini grids with solar, and then fuel from nuclear waste. His #BEV fund even stated they are against any new alternatives and especially anyone not from the establishment. O.O Wow. The Anti-Bev Bev fund. Block Energy #Ventures? I think its a more accurate name.

36: The amount of money pouring into Asia EM & #Latam EM is unprecedented every year, but VC is just passing on this train foolishly.: There is an important factor in investing and one of that is follow the money, follow the fund flows, and be first where it will “keep following” Huge opportunity here and just basic sense.

37: One hitter in Breakthrough CleanEnergy would yield Billions in follow on quickly with solid VC marketing by VC: ITER has 50 Billion on it. Wework, a ponzi got an 84 Billion valuation for IPO, the world needs more than 3,000 Hydrodam scale projects right this moment. How many hydrodam size projects in consumer gadgets are needed? Any?

38: Way easier to IPO at much higher valuations in aggressive EM markets and asian markets: It takes an average of 7-15 years to IPO in the G30 now. But you can IPO in a Cambodia in 12 months, a profit and $500,000 in equity or a Hanoi in 2 months, or the same for many other markets. If 3-10X is the mandate with an exit, one can only wonder sometimes what the hell these VC are even doing. Avoiding the mandate for fun maybe?

39: LeanStartup in EM can achieve the impossible in Developed markets on day 1 just by design. Low cost base, fast to profit, fast to IPO, way more capital goods for less investment, less tax, lower staff costs, can hire large staff force you cant in developeds and then compress time frames, break reg hurdles, get to officials, many.

40: Competition knowhow in EM is far less as they don't have the technical and innovation and finance skills as the developed nation’s people, nor the ability to "reach back" into developed markets to get it and finance. Having foreign managed EM companies is a strong competitor with today’s technology and knowhow.

41: With 10 million in equity the dev banks can come in and scale us with project finance and have huge interest in doing such. They refuse to do anything for small companies or startups but comparatively AOE has significant advantage as Devorgs and Banks love clean energy projects and will finance all day if you have the first 10 million in equity. No startup has this but for this sector. Amazing VCs wouldn’t be quick enough to want to add tens of millions in cheap financing on top of your investment isn’t it? Hmm, they do know about finance don’t they? You better ask them about this case.

42: The Impact sector is very interested in CleanEnergy in EM right now but there is “nothing in profit” in their view. O.O (Only because they refuse to actually look, and you have to chase them endlessly even) and they don't touch seed, making it easy for VC to create the Devorg Devbank pile ons merely by seeding enough to get to profit and get the Impact zombies to actually take some of that action they claim to be about.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 9.58.48 PM.png

These 42 points I wrote just off top of my head. I then decided to put it into an article as there was too much info and valuable for just one VC, I need to use my time effectively because let’s face it, most VC are completely overrated and I never met one I would give my money to yet. AOE is the ultimate minimum litmus test for that to happen and they better be selling all these things even more than I am or there is no way I could register any pass grade on investment competency for a VC let me tell you. Got lucky in some shitware? Sorry, not good enough.

If you need more basics on how to invest, let me know. I am available for consulting, coaching, and sometimes when I need a break, just to enjoy the conversation of it all.
This one needs to be said more than all the others.

43: It's NOT change the world if it doesn't help the undeveloped peaceful markets you are ignoring, no, that’s called merely changing money from one rich pocket to another, its status quo not change.

44: There is no such thing as smart city without AlphaOmegaEnergy: Pm2.5 999 Smog like India, also Toxic Smog in Paris as they TALK about donating hundreds of Blimate to them in COPOUT25, & where the whole structure only feeds the centralist nuclear agenda, or the globalist tax and political marketing agendas.

The cities need Decentralized solutions to the people and industry, free from the corrupt grids, free from corrupt Toxic energy, free from corrupt radioactive wastes, there is no smart city without solving the energy issue it all runs on, and with 5G set to triple global energy demand on it’s own, the ONLY smart city is an AlphaOmegaEnergy city.


45: You can create a VC darling #unicorn by design in energy in the EM to an IPO in literally just 12-18 months with just 3-10 million dollars with just one Breakthrough CleanEnergy hitter from #AOE or the right application of it. (the right founder & structure & culture of course needed)

46: MEGADEALS: #Softbank funded 200 Billion to a single solar farm: This is more than the entire #Australia VC market in one single project, and AOE beat everything else in energy tech & already has a deal with softbank to underwrite us. A VC should be fired immediately if they have a deal from softbank sitting in their lap and don’t take action. You don’t keep Softbank waiting.

47: Traction. Maybe VC need to learn to actually value it not only TALK.: If a startup has 14 Broker dealers that want to sell the IPO already, 434 megawatts in demand backorder across 15 nations, can profit in less than 500K, and a VC doesn't fund the project, it's pretty certain that the VC should be removed as a VC and has no business as a VC, even if their fund size is so big that this wont make 1% for them. It will definitely pay multiples of the cost & time to hire the governance, or at least feed it to smaller VC they know, point made.

48: Skip the fake economy & virtual economy & Invest in REAL ECONOMY Industry: Its far more: secure, stable, hard to replace, with more collateral, with more recovery on loss, more finance opportunities, a higher batting success average than consumer & virtual/vaporware/gadgets.

49: Early profits: The VC industry has now shifted (or at least the media thinks so) to profits early instead of neverprofit ponzi and hopium model so it's time to go back to industry B2B I&C models as those are the most sure to profit, the most early to profit, and the most stable profit. That’s why we designed the AlphaOmegaEnergy model this way, as every ‘Good VC’, TALKS. (or should all be talking)

50: B2B I&C: Provides bigger clients/accounts leading to less Acquisition cost on average and far more secure business with far less advertising and marketing costs needed. Example is AlphaOmegaEnergy didn't spend a dollar on ads to date to get a 434 megawatt demand backlog and then we could ask a single VC how much of their portfolio wants a 20% discount on electricity without spending any up front capital and get even more, with 240,000 VCs globally to ask. Hey VC, you are the one that should be asking them. If not, you don’t bring much value to the table.

51: VALUES: VC are talking globally now about the lack of values in founders due the endless scams, rorting, exit scams and more. It has always been a good time but never been a better time to choose Christian mission oriented founders doing industrial #Tech4dev in the emerging markets. Investments should never end up years later with an exit scam or some unethical things the founder is doing.

Values provide superior values. Get that extra ‘being’ looking over the founder's shoulder 24 hours a day when you aren’t and no one else is. It’s Always a winner.

I wrote these 51 in just 30 minutes with a 15 minute break in between for a snack. I could write a book on this but I’m too busy & I would rather make 3,335. :D

I told the VC “Thanks for the inspiration” after listing 1 sentence each for these in his twitter message box. I then expanded all the points into an article. I just had the feeling to share a couple points, and then I just had the feeling to just roll with it in creativity, so I did.

What was his reaction? You might be surprised.

In fact, he called these incredible values, points, and time tested victorious coaching, and all our skills, incredible world #1 massive portfolio of technology, traction, business model, and values for the poor and fight for our world and environment, a Fucking Time Waste.

Again, that VC was (Mike Nicholls @Mikenicholls88 Partner @ Main Sequence Ventures )

Surprised? Can't believe it?

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 7.24.26 AM.png

So that brings us to point

52: Always be friendly, loving, warm, understanding, to founders. Especially the Mission oriented Change The World types. Your children’s future’s are counting on it in fact, all of ours are.

53: Feedback to and help Founders: There is no place in business nor the world for heartless loser VC. Don’t ignore them either, it’s rude. Have some manners. If you are worried you will piss them off and miss your chance because you are frankly an Fng A hole well, keep yourself in the game by providing nice friendly feedback in a loving manner. They may still let you in with a penalty later for rejecting when you should have helped.

54: Creatives: Those creative founders are never the same as everyone else. They aren't ruthless A holes & they aren’t “just as “normal” as you. That’s what makes them special. From the stuttering mess of public speaking named Elon Musk to the Tourette syndrome style swearing & passion grit of Dave McClure to a creatively flowy guy who made 3,334 techs just letting it flow, the unique founders are just that, unique. Invest in them the way they need it, and you won’t be disappointed.

55: It is a great number. Folded on itself like DNA it provides an endless supply of Clean Breakthrough Energy Unlimited. One only need to flow enough in the right box until he is out of the limitations of that box and into the unknown and achieving the unimagined. Alpha Omega Energy.

A Fucking Time Waste to some VC.
A Purpose Driven Life to the well intentioned Christian Man.

AlphaOmegaEnergy“We Changed The World!!”


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