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AlphaOmegaEnergy is the World's #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy tech Startup & Innovator in Human History with 2,949 Techs as of today, #1 in Nearly Every Energy Class in the world. AOE is going on the Blockchain. If you invest, you will do very well, to make an understatement.

  • We are raising 2.6 Million in a Seedround on Blockchain.
  • We are paying 300% in a debt note to our investors with 100% of shares held as collateral coverage until paid back (control caveats)

This post is written in response to steemians on discord asking me to "Prove we are not a scam" and claiming 300% is a scam. (facepalm)
BTC just went from 4,077 to 12,240, over 300% in just the last 3 months. That these people can't put this together is just frankly, mind-numbing.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 3.56.31 AM.png


  • AOE is an EXISTING not new project. AOE was Re-Founded May 4 2015 and has been grinding for 4 years as a Startup already.
  • AOE is NOT a "crypto project", AOE is an EXISTING Industry Startup, going to raise and build on Blockchain
  • Many people in the world have been saying "We need existing companies from existing traditional industry to come onto blockchain and build on Blockchain" AOE is precisely that.
  • AOE is NOT a coder group, but CleanEnergy Engineers and innovators, and their supporters.
  • AOE was pre-seeded by Bitcoin traders who first invested July 2017, and have been watching AOE ever since, achieve the Impossible day in and day out for some time now.
  • AOE was grinding as a Startup for over 2 years before ever hearing about ICO, and owned no Bitcoin
  • AOE currently owns no Bitcoin as sold it all to invest in the project, and has no major holdings in any other cryptos. We will SELL ALL our Bitcoin you give us, (or others) to invest in AOE, PERIOD.
  • AOE was invested by some Japanese promoters who signed contract in a law firm for 6 Million, promising that, but never came through on it. They bankrupted in the bear market. AOE only got $184,000 in BTC (and some more from another group) and then survived for 2+ years on that after buying over $110,000 of equipment for a high tech office, a solar company, built a small mining center, a 3D prosthetics division beginning, built a financial platform, built a platform for Low Energy Education Network for orphanages, Began building a platform for Air Quality Monitoring, and a program for our 2,000 KM Fully Powered Electric Plane
  • AOE is doing an STO style Seedround on Blockchain. However this will be open to all people and not a security. You'll have to learn more on that later.
  • AOE does NOT have the typical completely mortally bankrupt selfish sleazeball so called "ethos" (if you can call it an ethos) of the crypto industry of "Bitches and Lambos"
  • AOE is not taking any "Team rip", we are taking 0% of the coin. 1% goes to the undeveloped kids in Cambodia, 99% goes to investors
  • NO DUMPING. If the team holds coin, they can dump it. That is BS. The ONLY WAY you can prevent dumping is the team has no coin. They are not supposed to have coin. They are supposed to MAKE A BUSINESS AND MAKE A FKNG PROFIT. Why are these LOSERS ripping huge commissions like 20-60% of your investment just on the way in? This would NEVER be legal in a REAL investment on the stock market. But one Lowlife crypto programmer immediately called me a scam when I said we get no coin. He said we have no interest in the project then and will just take the money and run. This Moron has such ZERO intention nor understanding whatsoever of MAKING A BUSINESS and earning any REAL PROFITS that he immediately began belligerance and hung up on me. This is the "quality" of these crypto promoters.

If you need coin in order to make money from your project, QUIT, DONT RAISE MONEY. GET LOST. STOP ASKING FOR MONEY. Startups should be building REAL BUSINESSES not virtual fkng bullshits that never make any money and reliant only on more suckers entering the ponzi so the price goes up so they can dump. We HAVE THE COMPANY. We have the assets, the equipment, the technology the business the multiples the value and the IPO. WE HAVE THE BIG MONEY. We don't need the coin, but we do need to do right by our investors so we can scale. If you F your investors you are GONE you will never get money again. That's not our directive. Our directive is CHANGE THE WORLD.

  • AOE does not allow the BS crypto industry SCAMS of: discounts, bonuses, syndicates, free %ages to advisors, and we refuse to buy fake faces on whitepapers, period, nor give coin to promoters for them to hold permanently (unless it is compensation and we can buy it back at limitations.) They are NOT investors. If they aren't doing the promotion up front, they DONT deserve any coin. What a joke. This is also why the Crypto promoters have refused to help us to date. Because they have no values, no care whatsoever for the world, and are only about money TODAY not even 1-2 months down the road at 2x the price. They don't give a SHIT how good the project is they REFUSE to help it.

Crypto promoters are some of the worst PEOPLE I have ever met. They don't care one iota what the project is, as long as we pay them up front they will sell it no matter what absolute dogshit it is. If its as quality as AOE and we don't have the money? They don't care. This is the ULTIMATE LITMUS TEST of the radical corruption of the crypto promoter industry. We are NOT for sale. They sure are. Prostitutes.

  • We actually out of anger towards an "advisor VC" who refused to help us after we chased him for a year and he demanded 1% as refusing to even talk to us countless times, as on the phone with him the poor Cambodian kids were loving on us saying hello every single morning for a year, we decided to give his 1% to the kids and tell him to get fkd. We are NOT for sale. We are glad he showed us what REAL PRIORITIES look like.

Some LOSERS on the internet say that we are a scam for stating investors get 300%. There people are, well let's put it nicely, not the smartest bunch of people. EVERYONE KNOWS that Investing in tech startups at early stage, IF they are successful, will provide 3X+ returns, IN GENERAL.

  • IN FACT, VC DEMAND 3X-10X or even MORE over 5-10 years and if they can't get that, they won't even invest. As I type, Bitcoin is up over 300% in just 6 months!!
  • If you don't give your early investors 3X+, DONT ASK FOR MONEY. No one will invest anyway in a Startup. If you don't understand this, I don't have time to teach you, move along. If you think Investors are investing in Startups for 10% a year , LOL, yeah right, just move along. Pick up a Startup investing for dummies book at the library and start readin' We aren't for you, yet. Take all your money OUT of crypto, go down to your bank and deposit it all into your 0.00013% per decade checking account and go back to the Homer Simpsons on tv.

Shockingly even some random faceless Crypto guys are saying scam. Apparently they never invested in crypto to actually make any money but just to get Rekt in shitcoins that drop 85% in value the minute it hits an exchange. IF it ever hits an exchange. Apparantly also their LOGIC is just so great that they landed in Crypto chat rooms and forums to make that whopping 2% interest to beat the bank and earn that ever elusive 2% a year so they can brag to their friends. I guess 4.5% in a money market fund is just absolutely off the charts for these people. (rolling eyes)

Here is some nonsense from "some faceless dude on the internet":
"My invitation to you is to prove that AOE is not a scam. If you want serious investors that’s what it’s going to take. Clean energy solutions are important and vital, and I hope you can be a genuine part of the solution AND add value to your future readers and investors."

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.14.01 AM.png

Response: Thanks for the recognition that Clean Energy is VITAL. But on the rest of it? LOL. Sht. PASS. We don't have time for fools. (not saying you are) We have been building for all to see for YEARS before we even heard about Blockchain. We pitched in 16 cities across 6 nations to governments and secured 184 MEGAWATTS of demand from 15 countries. The #1 Guy in Energy in Myanmar said "We can LEAPFROG A GENERATION if we can get AOE into Myanmar to build projects" (but he backed right off when we asked him to round up a measly 250k...) We put all our own money into this for YEARS.


We are NOT a new project. We have already raised and are the #1 Raising REAL Startup business model in the country of Cambodia in all of it's history. We have investors already who watched us daily coming to our office weekly and came to our houses and took us to Singapore and Japan and Vietnam and signed contracts with the biggest Japanese law firm and 2 groups of promoters and we're all over the internet already.

We have websites and videos and almost broke through already. We have been valued for 1+ Billion for IPO already with a 50 Million estimate to be given to us by even one office of SBI Securities the #1 crypto investor in the world already institutionally (but not the Japanese office, which is the good one we need to get into) We have 14 broker dealers that want to sell our IPO already.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.16.11 AM.png

This business is my LIFE my family's life before me, their dream for the future and side hobbies and interests as long term energy professional engineers. They are all dead. I picked up the torch. Unlike all these coders who have ZERO skin in the game WHATSOEVER in their shitcoin projects to rip your money, this company is who I am and what I do. I will fkng DIE for my business. There is only ONE road forward and that is VICTORY or DEATH. These shitcoins have nothing in their projects and don't care if your money is lost. They say "don't invest if you aren't ready to lose" I say DONT YOU FKNG DARE ask for money if your not going to give it back. VALUES. They mean a lot. Crypto projects HAVE NONE and thats why they are all dead. (exceptions like Steem obviously exist)

NO, We have ZERO interest in "proving your not a scam" and anyone with that mentality can frankly piss off and go back to your SHITCOINS on the internet casinos you all love so much. Such talk is for fools throwing money into Bitcoin Dark and TitsUp Diamond or FUFakeconteststroncoin etc. Sorry, PASS, move along don't waste our time. I won't even dignify such total BS. It's like asking Archimedes to prove his engineering isn't a scam. He will look at you like he wants to throw you down a cistern. Just walk.

We have fought and bled and nearly fkng DIED for our startup for YEARS. F off with your scam talk. Just walk. We gave EVERYTHING for our dream for our mission no car for 8 years , living in $30 a month apartments in the third world, gave up the money and the fame of silicon valley to go to the third world to help. No, no, YOU NEED TO PROVE YOU, YOU are not a scam. hit the fkng road. We did all this before we ever even heard what the hell a blockchain even is.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.15.52 AM.png

We are on track to be the very first "crypto IPO" Not ethereum, not waves, not kickico, not bitcoinshitfork, not gamblingripyouoffBScoin on the con artist tronshit copy crap p2p scam BS, but US. We were headed to IPO on the way to third world long before we thought Bitcoin would be even viable as a store of money in any way. We had no idea WTF an ICO even was. Never even heard of it.

So. Now that I've cleared that air and set the priorities straight, What is AOE?

Flyer_3 (3) copy.jpg

FIRSTLY, AOE is a Social Enterprise. As Far as I know we were the very first one on the Blockchain. There really are no others, at least none that I know. AVA foundation has been working on some apps for like 6-7 years and still has nothing. Unfortunately they are ignoring us for some reason, who knows why. I guess they don't think the undeveloped world should get energy, clearly they aren't interested in supporting that. 4 BILLION PEOPLE have no access to basic electric related services. 4 BILLION people have no toilets. Why? Because no ELECTRICITY for running sanitary water. 4 BILLION PEOPLE have no access to clean drinking water. Why? Because no ELECTRICITY for cleaning and pumping the water. Think AVA foundation cares? THEY DONT. PROOF SHOWN CLEARLY.

We went to the third world because ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Thats what REAL CHANGE THE WORLD LOOKS LIKE. NOT the status quo of richest cities only making toys games apps craps and fkng FAKE REALITY BS for only the richest people in human history. We are Impact Investing. WE ARE Change The World. Not these FAKE LIARS on stages in Silicon valley pumping their 2,953rd scooter app and getting 330 Million dollars in a single round just to scoot snot nosed rich most privileged people in human history around as people starve, and die by air pollution by the TENS OF MILLIONS A YEAR and they NEVER give a single dollar to a CleanEnergy Startup in their nations.

92% Dont breathe safe air.png


AOE's business model is to make electricity and sell electricity. Big industry buys it for 20 cents a Kilowatt hour and we sell it for 16 cents to them, which is a 20% discount. We manufacture our own power equipment, hook up to buildings or the power grid and sell our spark. It's a simple business model. We take your investment and build our company and equipment, earn profit, and then scale. The market cap multiple of our company then increases.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.14.11 AM.png

AOE Power System 200x the Energy of Solar.png

We ALSO hook up to our own miners. We mine Bitcoin and others (we already did this for 12 months) and then we sell the coin and re-invest in our company. We will also put some of the earnings into AOECOIN. (Benefits depend on investor's country regs and are individual per person)

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.15.23 AM.png


Once we finish our seedround, we will then finish building our our initial foundational verticals.
They are:

  • Solar Orphanage Program. Changing Orphanages from paying for expensive toxic energy over to solar. We earn profit doing this as we made a for profit social enterprise model for this and will scale it
  • Financial platform (95% built already,

FiClean Sem Flyer.jpg

  • AOE innovator's prosthetics using our 3D printers we make some equipment with, to make 3D prosthetics as we run. We not being used, they make prosthetics. We have ALREADY done this and learned how to make ALL prosthetics already.

AOE Innovators.png

  • AOE LEEN Low Energy Education Network. We use Solar to power Internet in a box education open source IOT smart network to help those get internet for free. Orpahange and poor school focused. We are also monetizing this so it's free.
  • AOE FuelFreeFlight Program. We are building the world's first 2,000KM Electric plane with our own technology. We have full design for this already and ready to go. Just need the money.

AOE FFF Plane Center.jpg

  • AOE BlackBoxSatellite program. We are sending up our own rocketless entry satellites beginning with 3 test missions prior to our A round where we will raise for the full version. Please, technology luddites, give it a rest here. The world IS moving forward with or without you.

In future rounds we will add more divisions. All of these we can run out of one office centrally in a DNA model.

  • AOE weather monitoring network and advertising

  • AOE air cleaning system (cleans public air, powered by AOE)
    These are two divisions we are already prepared for and have 4 air monitoring units we bought in prep for this.

  • AOE has a standing portfolio of 2,949techs and a lot of new tech trees we don't have time to climb up. We made prediction then commitment to pass 3,000 by year end 2019 due to the endless totally mindless BS attack by a radical neo-luddite so called "consultant" who simply believes technology firstly can't possibly exist, second can't believe it could EVER be made by anyone outside of the establishment and 3 just endlessly attacked everything about us and said that even if you make something then you have to stop for YEARS to go prove it to the world and establishment FIRST instead of building it and making it and using it. He cant possible comprehend how it could even ever be possible just to build the fkng thing and use it. So, we said 3,000 (We have been pacing that pace anyway) and said it out of being sick and tired of this absolute bullshit. It's the first and only time we have ever hard predicted a tech #.


They even attacked us these "business consultants" telling us we shouldn't talk about our # of techs claiming "it's too many it's too OVERWEALMING you just can't say that!" telling us we should just hide our technology and hide our achievements and never talk about them again just 1-4 and thats it. But we have already been public about our innovations FOR YEARS ALL OVER THE INTERNET. These shleps. Of course we aren't going to hide it. After posting it all over the internet for YEARS>?? What a fkng joke.

Needless to say i am not longer TEACHING those "consultants" about absolutely every topic like they have never heard of a business in their entire lives, and who have never built a successful business in their entire lives and never got a deal for a single startup in their lives either and don't know a single REAL investor in anything. ..... O.O They also wanted us to change our mission, move from third world leaving the poor behind, or move to terrorist conflict zones, or donate our technology, or stop and go to the france nuclear power retailer to TEACH THEM FOR FREE to "you have to prove yourself to the world!!"........... yeah, Ill just stop myself right there before I fkng break something.

We are traditional high tech industry not a "crypto project to get bitches and lambos or do a pump and dump"

Now all the crypto promoters they are all whining that no one is buying their promotions saying "the industry is so slow! no one is throwing money at us any more!" and they STILL refuse to help the startups do a raise on blockchain, as they sit waiting for the phone to ring with a check on the other end as 15 MILLION PEOPLE ARE fkng DYING a year. Not that they care, obviously they don't. Even when they can make a crank of money on the back end in only 8 WEEKS. Nope, they aren't worth the money to even invest in themselves for a measly 8 weeks. They have that little confidence in themselves and their real ability.

  • None of the 15 nations that asked us to build projects think we're a scam.
  • Neither do our existing investors or the mass of clients waiting for us to install
  • Only jokes on the internet ever say such or the radical neo-luddites from the establishment that have been brainwashed to think technology doesn't exist. The roubini's and schiffs of the energy tech world

BTC did over 300% in only a few months. and people want me to waste my time talking to morons calling us a scam that we are paying ONLY 300%? No, no thanks, I have much better ways to waste my time.

If you stumbled into a crypto room so you can earn 2.5% to beat the bank LOL
Hey guys thats some great LOGIC lets dump all our fiat and crypto and delegate to your 2%
I know you were hoping and salivating to earn that massive 2% and are now just SHOCKED to hear how you might be able to earn a little more than that somehow. LOL oh FFS

So, let's look at what coins have done lately.Biggest Gainers*
These are the 7 DAYS gainers. in just 7 DAYS. Just look at the last figure on the right.

Name Symbol Volume (24h) Price % 7d

1 XMax XMax XMX $21,973,220 $0.004601 627.35%
2 ContentBox ContentBox BOX $3,355,624 $0.034762 314.73%
3 Webcoin Webcoin WEB $123,887 $0.015582 183.60%
4 Seele Seele SEELE $6,143,176 $0.025735 167.26%
5 Ruff Ruff RUFF $14,572,337 $0.035155 156.44%
6 U Network U Network UUU $3,431,699 $0.005930 154.26%
7 Litex Litex LXT $1,316,321 $0.023960 142.00%
8 IGToken IGToken IG $571,175 $0.000136 133.34%
9 Yuan Chain Coin Yuan Chain Coin YCC $2,734,520 $0.028055 132.69%
10 IHT Real Estate Protocol IHT Real Estate Protocol IHT $532,453 $0.035635 124.90%
11 Ergo Ergo EFYT $58,085 $4.25 123.64%
12 HTMLCOIN HTMLCOIN HTML $109,936 $0.000160 112.17%
13 AMO Coin AMO Coin AMO $1,498,745 $0.001407 110.55%
14 QunQun QunQun QUN $4,558,680 $0.017485 101.72%
15 STPT STPT STPT $12,842,118 $0.073658 97.80%
16 MetaMorph MetaMorph METM $81,677 $0.013784 85.78%
17 BitNautic Token BitNautic Token BTNT $3,440,833 $0.025519 85.19%
18 Egretia Egretia EGT $85,508,438 $0.046347 84.39%
19 Burst Burst BURST $200,872 $0.008808 79.87%
20 Aditus Aditus ADI $83,659 $0.001326 78.49%
21 Token Token MTC $185,246 $0.015833 78.33%
22 Lambda Lambda LAMB $30,881,131 $0.173114 77.19%
23 SPINDLE SPINDLE SPD $87,606 $0.002030 74.55%
24 BitUP Token BitUP Token BUT $542,090 $0.011754 74.43%
25 0xBitcoin 0xBitcoin 0xBTC $1,488,191 $0.421340 74.31%
26 The Currency Analytics The Currency Analytics TCAT $60,455 $0.002615 71.98%
27 VouchForMe VouchForMe IPL $118,835 $0.011516 71.12%
28 AgaveCoin AgaveCoin AGVC $75,627 $0.053466 70.80%
29 BlockMesh BlockMesh BMH $151,103 $0.003663 68.47%
30 Beam Beam BEAM $61,875,806 $2.13 67.73%

68% to 600+ PERCENT.... IN A WEEK!
And you are going to bother me because I'm going to give a debt note to my investors for 300%?
Are you shitting me?

AOE gives our investors (those who qualify via regs) a debt note with MINIMUM 3x return. You buy for $1 and we have to buy back at some future date for $4. You can sell it on the market earlier for whatever price you want however, even to us. I hope you sell it back to me for 2x. Please do as we will go get a loan from a VC and buy it all back for only 1x or 2x and save money :-) Please do sell.

We ALSO give FULL COLLATERAL security to our investors by assigning all shares to the debt note to cover it as collateral coverage in FIFO first in first out basis until their principal is paid back.

NO ONE gives those 2 guarantees in crypto. Why? Because they are not legitimate in intention to their investors in general (some exceptions) and they don't care if their investors lose money. We have entirely different values. In our beliefs system YOU DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY IF YOU CANT PAY BACK and pay back at a good return. PERIOD. Founders should NOT get equity if they fail and investors scraping to get some of their money back as the founder has 80% of the shares and tanked on the investors money. Thats called FRAUD not management.

Sorry people but if you don't like a staunch values guy, pick another. I've had it with the FAKES, FRAUDS, PHONIES. And how they get and STEAL BILLIONS of dollars and never help nor build anything for anybody. We have gone through hell building this and had the good mission the whole time and no one who should have helped us did so, too busy racing to F everyone instead.

Over 50 MILLION PEOPLE ARE DEAD since I began my startup. No one gives a FK.

92 Dont breathe safe air.png

That obviously bothers me. It makes me angry, It makes me want to Change The World even more. If you want to say people like this are supposedly some scam, that's your free speech right, sure, sure, just don't fkng say that where I will see it. Keep it over there. Positive only over here. there is only VICTORY AND CHAMPIONSHIP over here. There are no losers welcome on this mission. If you have a loser mentality, go play on that loser team thats 1-15 and just plays to get the ticket money. Don't bash the guys trying to win it all for everyone.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 9.58.57 PM.png

PRIDE. If you don't know what it is or have it or believe in it, get some. For yourself, for your family, for the world, Get some. The world needs LEADERS not LOSERS. CHARGERS not fkng TALKers. The whole world should go to war to help these people. But they don't give a FK. Don't TALK to me about scam. YOU....YOU go out into the third world and fkng DO SOMETHING, then you can talk to me about this subject. Lets see you do it. Lets see any of them do it. I'll smash their fkng lambos these con artist cnts. Why do you give them your money? WHY? WHY? What the F did they EVER do for anybody? Nothing. Absolutely fkng NOTHING!

PRIDE. Its a good feeling. You should try it. I love my family. This business IS my family.

There is no MAYBE victory here. There is LIFE AND DEATH here.

We are paying 3X. These VCs that have been ignoring us like Obviously fkng incompetent ventures does. They DONT deserve it. YOU DO. YOU. Those who actually support us. These little tiny Bitcoin traders who saved us from death time and again while the whole establishment ignored and lied and lied the entire time ignoring all the Breakthrough Small Private Innovators all around the world.

They ignore us while they blow 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS a year on Climate Change propaganda. They ignore us while they say EVERY FKNG DAY in the media that we need 4.5 Trillion a year for the Sustainable Development goals but they refuse to support with the very first ONE DOLLAR... FOR YEARS. I will give this 300% on the NEWS like it was the greatest thing in human history awarding it to my investors SHAMING THESE MOTHER FKRS ON THE TV. I CANT WAIT FOR IT. I FKN DREAM ABOUT IT.

1.5Trillion Climate Cartel.png

What else can be said about high value tech? I can sell ONE tech for 10 Million Dollars a pop once we are funded properly to finish our foundation and run a proper license and patent mill in full tech facility. (est $500k) We are raising just 2.6 Million in our Seedround. We aren't trying to raise it all the first time. We will raise 2.6, finish our foundation, get several of our units to stand alone profitable sustainable, and then do one raise for 20-40 million pre-IPO, then build strongly into our IPO.

SBI securities already valued our IPO for 1+ BILLION Dollars. They said they will raise over 50 Million dollars just from their office alone. That's the tiny little office in the third world, that's NOT the Japan office. I will not leave our IPO to just one underwriter. We have already been in the offices of 14 underwriters. If you think You can't pay back 10.4 Million from 50 million on a 100 million to 1+ Billion market cap, your understanding of math is very poor.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.15.52 AM.png

We are building the "VC Darling business model" Profitable in less than 2.6 Million$ several divisions with some of the most valuable tech if not the most valuable tech in human history.

300% or 3X as it's called, is the "cheap end" of the VC range of 3-5-10x There is no equity. This is very founder friendly. Think about it. As a Startup founder would you rather have given out a 6% debt note convertible to equity at a tiny valuation they F you with and then at a discount to that also, and you can't buy the shares back even at 3x that price, OR would you rather guarantee that 3X in a debt note, and have all the equity long term? Think about it. Do the 3x.

I have re-written the Startup finance model with a new offering. I call this the AlphaOmegaEnergy Note. There are two versions. the 30% a year fixed rate note for 3 years, and the 3x note. Take your pick.

There is a possibility that VC just gives us the 2.6 at once for the 3x note and we don't do a public round the first time. I would rather actually and just put our heads down and build. However we may raise just 150k-300k to pay for pro promotion to raise the 2.6 in an ICO or IEO offering. We will ultimately see. We are open today for people to invest via Bitcoin. We will commit to 3x for any who do, with complete confidentiality. We will also accept bank transfer. We will sell the BTC to fiat immediately anyway. Equipment doesn't build itself with Cryptocurrency. We need cash.

Ethereum is up 9,000+% in 10 years
Bitcoin is up 8,900+% in 10 years
EOS +500% in 2 years not even
LTC up 2,682% in <10 ys

We have a REAL BUSINESS. In fact we have maybe the ONLY REAL ECONOMY business model in all of "Crypto" No one is making any hard REAL products and services. What maybe 3-10 companies are? Everything is an app. Where is my Plane? Generator? Industrial Machine, Air cleaner, Monitoring station? Education network? Electric Car? WE are REAL ECONOMY. Not FAKE economy.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 12.15.00 AM.png

We take in 2.6. We pay back 10.4 MAX. We will IPO for MINIMUM 100 Million. We are already on track for IPO in 18 months from close of Seedround. So. I'm paying 3X. If you get it, invest. If you don't, thank you for supporting Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the ONLY reason that we ever got $1 at all to be able to do this. Because of BITCOIN we will win. You have already been a part of this Victory, and for that I shake your hand.

These people need our help. These people deserve our help.
Life is to be used to fight for meaning, lived with meaning and passion. To lift other people, to make a difference in the world that really matters. The world needs more warriors, the world needs more Champions, the world needs more fighters and heros and people to go to demand the changes we should be making. You should think about your life. You should think about what you are going to do with it. I know what I am going to do, with mine.

There is only ONE Price, VICTORY
There is only ONE LIFE, VICTORY
There is only ONE Future, ALPHA OMEGA ENERGY

We, are AOE.
There is only one direction for us.
"We Changed The World!!"

We look forward to your support, if you give it. If you don't, we're just going to go and win anyway.


See our Video Here!!/v/aoecoin/otl75v3j

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