Why Bill Gates Refuses 2 Invest in my Multi-Award Winning 2,929 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Startup


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Bill Gates is known around the world now for his pledge to supposedly support "Breakthrough Clean Energy" after he pledged 1 Billion dollars in fact into a "Breakthrough Energy Ventures" fund, and then 29 other actors piled on with him on stage to also pledge support and make the fund bigger.

So, Why would they all then ignore the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in World history, who has been haranguing their blogs, social medias, & organizations ever since, for YEARS?

You can earn 300% Minimum Rate Of Return as an investor in AOE through either our Coin, or directly via our debt note. AlphaOmegeEnergy is the World's #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator with 2,929 new techs, across every class of energy. #1 in FuelCell, #1 in Electric Planes, #1 in a huge variety of EV techs, the list goes on and on, AND they are going on the Blockchain.

Bill Gates can earn good money also, though we would be definitely imposing a 'wealth adjuster' of some kind either directed to our social enterprise divisions if he invested, or a lower return, or limiting him to finance only, being that he is the richest person in human history and still not even providing free copies of the most needed software on earth to the poor in undeveloped nations, nor advocating hard enough for such at Microsoft clearly.

So, Why on earth would he refuse to invest in the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in world history, who made 2,929 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Technologies? Wasn't this supposed to be the guy with the BEV fund? Well, maybe not so fast....

Joining him on stage after all were, hmmm, a bunch of politicians. Politicians, who of course have always been all talk ZERO Investment Action into any of the Breakthrough CleanEnergy innovators around the world and in fact have fought tooth and nail against them for 140+ years already colluding against them at every turn. Of the politicians on the stage, in fact, NONE of their nations have ever done anything to help the Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators, & are the most anti-Breakthrough Energy of any nations in history in terms of who they support and at what stages.

Tesla 2450 0 Funds.png

Government is the exact reason full stop that the people don't all have electric cars, don't have Nikola Tesla's technology, don't have any Breakthrough Innovators with a dollar of support anywhere, and we live instead in a world full of toxic corruption. If government cared one iota about solving this problem, all the existing innovators would have a blank slate check for a million dollars or more, at least, just to see what they can come up with. We all know that's never gonna happen. They don't even get ONE dollar let alone a million.


Canada, who's government outright refused to support the famous water car inventor, the famous Fuel Cell company, the famous EM inventors, the Electrogravitics inventors & innovators, the Hydrogen car innovators, Canada has been nothing short of an absolute human wide disgrace when it comes to not only zero support for innovators but also energy suppression with a number of them killed instead of protected, raided & stolen from and cleaned out instead of ever funded and secured with even the very first dollar.

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This is Stanley Meyer, Famous Canadian "water car" inventor who was murdered by poisoning after refusing to sell his patent to oil companies.

The USA. Al Gore on the stage LOL, mister Lying with charts himself, who has never promoted a single CleanEnergy innovator in his history, and seemingly hasn't funded any either, instead has gone the dirty super sleazy politics road, selling courses and classes and certifications to push a radical liberal communist agenda shockingly devoid of even any mention of support for Startups at all let alone the Breakthrough Energy Innovators. Flying in private jets to collect $350,000 in single seminars to push propaganda as a showing spit in the face in energy innovation as his organizations at every level completely ignore every innovator who solicits, for years.

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The USA also has today 5,800 Energy patents seized. If any of these governments, or Gates, had any care whatsoever for Breakthrough energy, not only would they have ALREADY lifted the ban on all those patents, and have released fully every Nikola Tesla document they have, but Startups like AlphaOmegaEnergy would have BILLIONS of dollars thrown at them just to see what they could do, being first in human history with 2,929 techs. We all know, it's never gonna happen, none of these people are EVER going to support as they should have done, should be doing, and should do.

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India just had their entire nuclear team of top scientists all murdered recently, something like 17 of 19 of them. Why? the government and all the media have seemingly completely squashed the story.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 2.56.28 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 2.53.38 AM.png

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You can watch a video about it here

The other corrupt 5 eyes states UK, Australia, and New Zealand, continual bigots who refuse to fund a single anything outside of their nations unless government to government or NGO style centralized pork barrel waste including absolutely ZERO to private industry, of course has never supported a single innovator nor will they ever. Australia has a number of great innovators, some also killed, some jailed, never supported at any level. Al Gore didn't mention them at all on his trip and as far as any innovator knows, has never mentioned nor funded a single one, and he didn't support the ones still alive either, nor any Startups in the nation before burning off onto his jet costing the taxpayers another $320,000-$360,000. I know 49 Breakthrough Energy Innovators who have all solicited Gore's organizations and social medias and not a single one of them has ever been responded to.

Japan has water cars with technology made by Japan's most famous inventor in history who happens to be the #1 patent maker in human history also with over 3,500, and still the company just mysteriously vanished never to be heard of again and no one can even get ahold of the company. It's CEO and other execs have mysteriously vanished from the public eye. Also vanished is Honda's true Hydrogen car line, replaced for merely the far inferior old Fuel Cell version. Japan refuses to pay anything for Fuel Cell power paid into the grid even despite their nuclear meltdown which has resulted in 350,000 kids getting cancer and our entire ocean being polluted with nuclear radiation found all the way on the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington and Canada.


Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 3.06.50 AM.png

Some people still lie that Japan's most prominent, and most reputable, and most decorated in human history inventor and technology inventor Nakamatsu who contributed technology to this car, somehow made his very first bad technology in this car. LOL. Right... Who knows what happened, but Nakamatsu is a tech salesman who doesn't generally build companies, just makes and sells off inventions.

And then on another occasion where it wasn't the politicians up on the stage with Gates, it was CEOs of the most oppressive companies in technology history, the so called social media cartels who have been tightening their radically satanic deathgrip on Freespeech, democracy, regional representation, human rights, religious freedom for Christians, and it was Actors. Now, nothing against actors, but, afterall, they are... ACTORS. Who knows, could their promise pledges be merely virtue signalling and just selling up their image cleverly? It would be a good move afterall and make their "characters" more well liked among the public, thus turning out more box office returns, and cheaply also?

How much does it cost to get up on a stage, a famous face, saying you are pledging support to this or that cause on the media? Its free in most cases. Most of them never actually follow through on it anyway, and when a lot of them do something, scandals often ensue, Bono is one known for 95%+ of all money in just going in his pocket for example. But, It's such a smart move that I wonder why more actors, in fact all of them, don't have at least 2-10 causes they are supporting. It shows perhaps how little they actually care about supporting these kinds of initiatives.

You would probably pump the hell out of a charity with your free celeb status wouldn't you? I know I sure would if I ever had such. I don't think I will have ever have any celebrity however due to my position being such a pro-humanist. The centralists are deplatforming all humanists around the world at a shocking pace. It seems the only fame Energy innovators & engineering types get is a mere posthumous mention a generation or two later once the writing over their history get's finally uncovered by other engineers. That's if any of them aren't killed off first. Even the engineers at Tesla motors or SpaceX never get a mention.

One of the celebrities on the stages pumping CleanEnergy support was none other than Leonardo Dicaprio, supposedly a self-proclaimed "Climate Advocate" who "advises" a Venture Capital company named "Obvious Ventures". Of course several YEARS AGO we solicited several times this so called "Obvious" Ventures, who has ignored us ever since. We also blogged on Dicaprio's Fakebook and other social medias, until his fans started to rally behind us and then suddenly our Fakebook page, which wasn't even up for 2 months, was spookily shut down and no one out of 18+ people in our community has ever been able to get an answer nor ANY communication as to why, the general policy of Fakebook when they decide to deplatform someone is to just say nothing and lock you out where you can't even reach anyone to find out why. This crime now being committed daily upon millions and millions of people.

AOE Censored.png

Obvious Ventures... 50+ MILLION people are DEAD since we began our startup, 4+BILLION people don't have any electricity, and we have 2,929 Breakthrough CleanEnergy techs, and thats just not "Obvious" enough, for "Obvious Ventures" or Dicaprio. Obviously they are completely clueless about investing. LPs should take a walk from "Obviously clueless" ...Ventures is it?. We will write a whole article on this issue later. Maybe a new name like "Obviously we would rather a lot more fkng dead people ventures" would be a better name. Sounds a lot more accurate to me.

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Celebrity funding consultants states "Celebrities typically prefer not to invest in seed funding, as those rounds are aimed at financially supporting the early stages of product development." Who knows why? How can you even PRETEND like as if you care in any way about Breakthrough Energy when you REFUSE to support the commercialization of it??? What is it going to magically up and build itself?? These absolutely incompetent morons have been watching far too many transformers self-building machines movies, clearly. They are so completely spoiled with money from the sky for merely playing Games & PRETENDING in movies that they think machines PRETEND themselves into existence or PRETENSE gets the innovators they need to magic up their designs into running equipment. What fkng lunacy. Celebrities. These are obviously not people who build things. They are people who make up fairy tales, PRETEND, gossip, sleaze, sing and dance, go to the gym, and play games for a living. Is there any wonder the disconnect? They don't even clean their own bathrooms nor ever repair them, why would they ever invest in a new invention? I guess it all just makes itself for them on their red fkng carpets as they are Titanic-ing humanity into the toxic depopulation era Maybe that's their plan? For F sake.

screen of 92.png

Back to Gates, we blogged endless advertising and requests to talk or pitch or even work for him on his medium account blogs, his other social media accounts, his wife melinda's also, maybe a hundred times, also on their fakebook until we were shut down, on their twitter accounts, even sent email to their BEV fund. Not only did NO ONE EVER respond to us in any way, nor comment on our comments nor ever like them among any of his followers, very "censorship strangely, but, his BEV ventures fund said:

"Do not send us your technology. If anyone sends us their technology, their technology does not belong to them any more, it belongs to us." This was printed right on their website in Fact. WOW. They also said, and state on their website, "We DO NOT support the small private innovators, the ESTABLISHMENT government and university programs are the source for energy progress, not the Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators." So, truth is out folks, they are NOT for the Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators, in fact they have merely just hijacked this concept and name, and state full stop WE WILL STEAL YOUR TECHNOLOGY if you send it in, so don't. 'We don't want you, we don't want to fund your type, you are not the answer, Only the crooked corrupt fraudulent failed establishment with all the hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars in funding ALREADY is somehow the answer.

So, Gates is throwing another 1 Billion dollar log on the fire to burn, on top of the global government ANTI-INNOVATION cartel's 400-700 BILLION a year which has already failed humanity in their hands, on purpose of course. How much is he giving to the REAL innovators? Absolutely fkng nothing.


BUT, again, not so fast, as the photo shows, Gate's fund has seemingly given up on Breakthrough CleanEnergy in total now, as it's not even part of the mandate nor plan. Batteries....yeah like that's gonna generate energy...then mini-grids?? Intermittent low power nonsense... then Liquid fuels? WHAT? The same shit we are burning now? then.... nothing... not even any support for the guys making improvements to existing renewables. O.O So they packed it in. Breakthrough energy ventures is OVER, and thus again TOTAL FAILURE of the establishment, AGAIN. And of course folks, it was done on purpose.

Gates is in fact NOT in renewables. He is in NUCLEAR. Toxic Radioactive Nightmare. He is not only into Nuclear but he is veritably the nuclear posterchild of the world now. He was involved in investors being drawn into a company called "Terrapower" and he tried to build a plant in China of all places, but then the project failed and had to close down. The status of Terrapower? Who knows. Probably it's dead or soon to be just like Aquion Energy. Apparantly over a Billion dollars has gone up in Nuclear smoke in "Terrapower". So much for "Breakthrough Energy" there.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 3.26.37 AM.png

What could possibly convince this guy to suck investors into something that is leaking into our oceans at unprecedented rate just down the coast from Beijing, as 350,000 children have cancer in Japan? Some say all his work with population control via vaccines makes him numb to the massive loss of life and health.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 3.27.06 AM.png

While the world thinks Gates is pushing for CleanEnergy, in actuality, he is pushing for no clean energy at all, let alone any "Breakthrough Clean Energy", and refusing totale to support any Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators like AlphaOmegaEnergy. He instead states he will steal their technology, and in fact is pushing the US government to do more nuclear and then all over stages lying through his teeth that somehow Nuclear power is safe, and lying through his teeth that Nuclear is somehow "renewable energy" It is literally sick.

Another company Gates was involved in is Ambri batteries which is the Liquid metal battery of an MIT's professor. No one would fund him for Years and Years, even though he was an MIT professor using free global best equipment at one of the top tech universities in human history, so after even more years of no-one supporting innovators and all these governments refusing to support anyone whatsoever not even the MIT professors, people went and got Gates & him and others dumped 15 Million dollars in. 6 years later there is no battery still. Nothing. There is an obvious pattern here folks. WTF. How does it take 6 years to build a single battery? Give me my shop and funds and we will assemble in less than 8 weeks.

6 YEARS after 15 MILLION dollars and you still don't even have a single comercialization? This is M.I.T. folks. There can be no more clear example than this how the establishment, government, and universities are a total FAILURE for humanity. If they gave us 15 Million dollars we would have already been on the stock market and in 3-4 countries by now, a Unicorn no doubt.

Here is another one, again, NOT energy at all, but another Battery. Aquion Energy bilked investors for 192 Million dollars when Gates invested, and magically in some record breaking spending spree, all 192 Million dollars vanished into thin air, it was gone in not even a year!. Aquion went Bankrupt in only 1 year with almost 200 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! Hmm...a very severe pattern here. How the hell do you blow 192 MILLION DOLLARS in a single year? We lasted for 2 years on only $184,000. If we got 100 million dollars the whole world would never be the same again. What a pack of absolute frauds.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 3.53.05 AM.png

Gates had at one point even said on stages "We need 5-10x the energy we have now in order to just give everyone energy" when he was supposedly in support of renewables and now he's not. Two things he didn't mention which are crucial and I get no credit for pointing out are that: 1. That's only today's demand, but energy demand will double in 20 years as well so we actually need 10-20x more energy than we have now just to keep pace with 4% energy demand growth, barely above inflation.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 5.36.40 PM.png

Also, #2. If we have this much pollution at current energy levels, we will no doubt have 10-20x MORE pollution than we have now at those levels. Clearly the ONLY solution is AlphaOmegaEnergy and Bill Gates is 100% against supporting us, and doesn't even support renewables at all anymore, he is trying to make money in Nuclear radiation of kids and putting mercury into kids.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 5.36.57 PM.png

Maybe someone should convince him to sell them vitamins and a bible instead along with a donation of microsoft office 2019 and his investment into AlphaOmegaEnergy. Something tells me that would be a very very very hard sale to make. Impossible even.

Some people say "Well Gates, he was always a controller, look at all the anti-trust violations, look at how he deep sixed netscape navigator to take it over and how he crushes his competition, how he still doesn't give free windows to poor nation's kids, not even a stripped down version of the basics." He certainly doesn't seem like anything but a hard core establishment type, that is true. More so as the time goes on unfortunately.

I think anyone who has a so called "Breakthrough Energy Ventures" fund who is deliberately ignoring all the small private innovators, ALWAYS the source of all new Breakthrough Energy Innovation, is not in any regard genuine towards the goal at hand. It is so off base so radically in the wrong direction and knowingly so, that it is spooky, unfortunate, and gives rise to the fact that all us people need to hold these kinds of people to account a lot more than allowing them to have 100 Billion dollars while everyone else suffers and they just continually ignore the truth and facts while pretending, even lying that something else is opposite.

The anti-vaxx community reeally is being hard on the guy also and moreso lately. Not only are they against Gate's multiple on stage campaigns for global depopulation, and using vaccines to achieve this, which anyone can go view online, but there is evidence out showing a lot of correlation and cause and effect of paralyzations, and many deaths due to the vaccines administered by Gates foundation. Uh oh. This issue isn't my area of expertise granted, but it doesn't take a quantum mechanic to realize that mercury contents above what's illegal in water being injected into babies, or any other substance known to cause cancer, isn't a sure thing for positive health effects and raises concerns. While some on the radical left are in fear to have children due to man made up climate change, I am in fear not to have children but to have them vaccinated with anything more than or different than I was personally vaccinated with. Truthstream Media reported back in 2013:

Perhaps the worst part of this tragic backlash in what is meant to be a campaign to improve public health is that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UN’s World Health Organization knew that oral polio vaccines caused paralysis – but they thought the trade off was worth it.

After years of controversy in the United States, the use of oral polio vaccine (OPV) was discontinued in 2000 due to its proven link with vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV), and in the UK circa 2004.

The use of an injected and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) replaced its usage in the Western world, while oral polio vaccine continues to be used in the developing world.

Wikipedia notes that the WHO “considers the benefits of vaccination to far outweigh the risk of vaccine derived polio.”

Who knows, maybe even I got some autism from vaccines, I did after all make 2,930 Breakthrough CleanEnergy techs, and a very abusive human being who said they chose satan over God, used to abuse me a lot claiming I have autism. No one else on earth I have ever been around said such though, unfortunately for my enjoyment to be a little 'special' lol. I kinda think it's cool if I do have some 'autism'. Rain man is cool to me. I like his ecclectic supercalculator super smart style actually. Humble confidence. ... ohh wait... could it be that Greta Thunberg's Autism could be a political push that is pro-vax? Wow I actually never though about that until I wrote this. What is more pro-vax than having someone who has been damaged by vaccines as global spokesman for the world on "Climate"? Now that's an eye opening thought. I'll write more on that in another article.

Bill Gate's hardcore up front to all public stand for global depopulation sure is freaky though, and with the growing stand for more Nuclear, against the Libertarian CleanEnergy Innovators, and other issues, wow try to figure out this Gates guy. I sure can't but one thing is for certain, he sure as hell doesn't want to support us nor any of the small innovators in undeveloped nations. Maybe his plan is for all those to be the depopulated people. Boy I hope someone asks him soon who should be the depopulated ones or more details on how vaccination exactly will be used to depopulate the planet and what is his plan to make that happen?

Let's ask this question also, why WOULD Bill Gates invest in our Startup? ... LOL... now that I'm done laughing from the fkng frustration of this santanic level of lunacy these people have made for all of us, Well, it's a good question with an endless list of OBVIOUS venturing fkng reasons.

#1 in Power Generation per square meter in terms of Clean Energy in human history
Gee, you certainly wouldn't want to invest in anything like that now would you.....let's just lie that it doesn't exist instead or that innovators like this are not the ones to support but instead the failed fkng establishment crony pyramid of total fkng failure is what you should be supporting instead. Yeah right. As the millions of bodies just keep piling up. Not that these guys care, clearly they don't. Oh, right, they wanted depopulation didn't they...
AOE Power System 200x the Energy of Solar.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 5.38.25 PM.png

So, instead of CleanEnergy power Generation, you want more batteries. Batteries. Which degrade, wear out, double the price of solar, use up all your land, only run 4 hours a day, MAYBE when there are no clouds. When it's more stormy? Nuh nuthin, rain? nuh nuthin, when there is more pollution like in China or Paris? Nuh nuthin no solar electricity coming in. So what are you even going to store? And then they wear out dead in just 3-4 years and go into the garbage pile and you have to BUY solar AGAIN. (thus, it doubles the price) every 3-4 years. It's absolutely ass backwards. But, thats what Gates & all the others have done. Then you have a massive sanitation and environmental problem. How Obvious can you get? It's still not Obvious enough for Obvious ventures either. So much for their math skills. Stem schools? You need to go teach some 1+1 over there in san fransico as soon as possible cause there is a major fkng meltdown over at "Obvious" I guess 1+1 isn't that Obvious after all is it....... and the bodies keep piling higher. Oh well, less people to vax.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 5.27.05 PM.png

Nuclear is NOT the Future. ONLY AlphaOmegaEnergy is the future. How disgusting is this world where these liars run from the truth of innovation instead of supporting it with everything they've got. Then they claim they are pro-humanity and pro-climate and pro-environment blah blah blah on stages and THEY KNOW we the small private independents have all the tech in the world. And they do NOTHING folks they don't even want to fkng hear about it. They want us to shut up they want us blocked they want us banned.

So, why does Bill gates refuse to invest in my Multi-Award Winning (2,930 as of today) #1 in Human History Breakthrough CleanEnergy Tech Startup?

  1. He doesn't invest in Cleanenergy, thats NOT the BEV mandate.
  2. He is against the small private innovators and refuses to support them and says thats not the way forward for humanity, even though they ARE THE #1 source of Breakthrough Innovation in ALL THINGS in humanity, PERIOD and FACT.
  3. He is the world's new Nuclear poster child and wants it in your neighborhood your kids dancing right on top of it.
  4. He is not known for investing in anything outside of the USA and we are in the Right priorities FIRST undeveloped nations
    and the 5th and final:

Bill Gates is now labelled as "The Kiss of Death" Of Renewables after his promoted investments have led to nothing but a row of bankruptcies and zero results whatsoever towards even a single Kilowatt of clean electricity ever being produced, let alone ANYTHING in the undeveloped world, and in fact, some of the most expensive, fastest and most catastrophic Bankruptcies in renewable energy history, with Aquion battery at the top of the list in seemingly set up on purpose to fail so badly that any others won't even try it fashion. You just have to wonder.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 6.15.21 PM.png

Maybe this is why we had ABSOLUTELY ZERO RESPONSE when we went onto Startup investment platform Crunchbase and listed a $100 Million dollar deal by each of Gates and Masayoshi Son to our Startup. We did this on April fools day as we were both frustrated as hell and the joke is clearly on all of us all of humanity for thinking these kinds of people would ever help or that Silicon Valley or the Big TALKers about Change The World would ever be any kind of genuine on any of these issues as they totally ignore the undeveloped world year after year after decade. I thought what better time to list it, April fools, the one day I can get away with it if I got in trouble for listing a deal that didn't happen. And of course it would never fkng happen, I have now realized. The joke is on you folks. Are you getting it yet? Its on you it's on me it's on all of us. These people are FAKE, they don't care. If they cared, there would be hundreds of innovators like me, like us, funded all over the place, and so would every one I know, and none of them are funded and they will not fund these people not today not next year not in 10 years.

So, now I'm feeling bolder and I'm going to post it again to push this point. Obviously it's quite shameful that we listed the 100 million dollar deal that guys like Masa and Gates should have given us years ago. Certainly not shameful for us that we didn't get it, of course. But shameful on them, on silicon valley and on all of these lying two faced politicians and climate propagandists that factually couldn't give a shit if you and your whole family is dead and all the rest of us tomorrow. They don't care one iota. They care about MONEY about POLITICS about propaganda about their fking sopro images they don't care about this issue.

So, I'm going to do it again. I don't care if I get kicked off crunchbase. They aren't helping us anyway. They do nothing for us and the platform doesn't do anything. You can't even use the search features unless the startups pay for it first. Wow that's really causing change for the undeveloped world isn't it? What amazing "leadership". So, I'm going to list ANOTHER 100 million $ deal from each of them this week. Call it "The Summer solstice deal." in fantasy movie actor reference just like the horoscopes. The fantasy the whole world was hoping would actually finally happen. Ill do it every 3 months. Just to make the point of how fkng ridiculous this really is.

No one should ever have to post a fake deal up to get some eyeballs for a deal that should be done or should have been given. They will hate it of course, but, now I don't care. I have been pushed too far I guess it is. Crunchbase will just ban me from the platform surely. We already had a lot of glitches with their crappy poorly built platform that "blocks out the poor startups from functionality in their incredible leadership for the undeveloped world" anyway. How fkng amazing. I think i'll add one of these climate TALKers from this Fake30 political camp like maybe who knows lol maybe that Trudeau. Maybe Abe? Ill look into it.

WOW.... I just went to Crunchbase and get this.. our Startup's company profile has been deleted from the platform without any notification whatsoever. O.O No Shit. Look at this. Not even anything you can find.
Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 8.03.24 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 8.03.01 PM.png

WOW. WTF. We have been literally deplatformed, depersoned from Crunchbase. Without so much as a single phone call without a single email just deleted. O.O .......

So, who owns crunchbase? There is little info..
Emergence Capital funded them in A round.
Mayfield capital in B round.
They used to be owned by Techcrunch. Techcrunch has ignored us completely refusing to respond to us every time we reached out to them for media support, zero response whatsoever. It was wierd truely. I'm going to twitter to them and call them also.

This is truly fkd up. We had issues with techcrunch and not being able to log in before and sent them 3 or 4 support requests before and never got a single email back ever. How about that service.... So now we're asking for a call appointment to their robot online. Human service obviously not their plan. Even when I'm working I try to keep in the chat room on the website but these silicon internet companies seem to hate servicing their customers.
Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 8.41.25 PM.png

This is simply fkd up folks. I can't say I'm surprised but it actually never stops surprising me. I wonder how many companies they have banned from their platform to date. I'm going to ask them. Another kick in the guts for the Breakthrough Energy Innovators. THIS IS THE TRUTH FOLKS. WE ARE THE LITMUS TEST WALKING of what is really going on. LOOK AT THIS SHITTT. It's unbelievable.

Sorry for being a swear mouth now folks but I've had it at this point. If you want innovators to keep bending over and taking it as these lowlifes lie endlessly through their teeth, stuff a huge wad of cash in our mouths so we can finally build what we need to, that'll shut us up. CASH. Best way to shut up an innovator, CASH and tools and or CASH so we can buy tools and materials supplies and hire staff. Don't whine or judge us when in YEARS AND YEARS we have to chase these lying bastards all over the world spending every dollar we've got in endless bullshit goosechase just to never get a single smidge of support from anyone. What a fkng joke. These people aren't leaders they are a cancer to humanity. Someone needs to do some surgery or something. This is just unreal. And then they are on stages people gooing and gagaing over their TALK that they support climatechange. What a fkng show. The April fools day F you all show. great ACTING. Really great ACTING.

Folks, AlphaOmegaEnergy is LITERALLY THE MOST BANNED CleanEnergy company, ON EARTH.

So folks, The ONLY WAY we are going to get off this Toxic Centralist Pollution is AlphaOmegaEnergy and you the people one at a time on your own supporting us, or introducing us to a few guys who can get us our seedround so we can commercialize. God knows these people are never going to actually do what they are saying or actually be about what they are TALKing.

I Implore you on behalf of all of humanity, to support us. I'm going to send this letter to the Fakes at Obvious FAKES again as they deserve to hear someone say it. OBVIOUS FAKES. I'm now pissed to incoherence level folks so I'm signing off my article here closing out for now. Gonna start dialling these owners of crunchbase to see what's going on with their serviceless oppressors and toxic energy death dealer future makers over at their "investment."

We are paying you 300% Fixed Minimum Rate of Return in either our coin or debt note or other methods we may need to do individually due to your nationality restrictions which may or may not then strip your return rights due to your hostile anti-human rights SEC regulators of the country which claims ownership over your soul. We back all investments and contributions with a debt note, secured by 100% of assets and collateral in AOE.

We appreciate you our fellow humans in the battle for all of our futures and children's futures, and the future of humanity. We are AlphaOmegaEnergy, pissed off, beaten the hell up, but still in the fight, and still know we can win.

"We Changed The World!!!"
3,000 by 2020. If you don't think so or don't like it or don't like us saying so, too fucking bad.

  • We are doing a Seedround on Blockchain
  • Paying 300% Fixed Return Minimum to our Investors as a debt note.
  • Pre-sales are open now DM to invest.
  • We will be building power plants with our world leading technology, as an asset backed Blockchain. We are mining with the power we make, and building an electric plane and several scalable social enterprise divisions as well.
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I apologize for overreacting before. All downvotes from accounts under my control have been removed.



I saw that, it's pathetic.

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Firstly, sorry if we stepped on someone stumbling into the steemit world as a noober. We seem to have crashed into someone's experiment table.

It's very important for steemit users to respect new recruits and help them fumble through the learning as they are what is needed for this decentralized approach to succeed. We need to treat all with respect so please everyone calm down and STOP THE ABUSE!

  • Defend steemit bloggers from abusive action.
  • Calm ourselves if we have a spaz
  • Return to fairness and constructiveness as soon as possible
  • If you don't like someone's blog posts, STAY OFF THEIR BLOG!! MUTE, IGNORE, but don't harrass, threaten, downvote, false accuse or other destructive behaviors as that can destroy the steemit platform and it's happy helpful community.
  • We need more helpers! Not attackers, let's face it, we're all learning
  • 200 million more steemit users may come in the next 5 years due to the mass market onboarding of crypto. We all need more teachers, guides, better information. Give the noobies a chance.
  • Forgive each other and make up quickly. We are all human and will have our frictions.
  • Lets all make sure to make steemit a bully free safe place!
  • Fairness! Thoughtfulness! Positivity! It always works better together!
  • Thanks to all those helpers out there! And over here.
  • We should all be more supportive of people asking for help and support. Is it really that hard to support people when they need it, instead of attacking them? A lot of people are trying to do something good in the world. We can all support them instead of be "a grouchy kitty."

And due to steemit's edit feature, we can all go back to edit our mistakes. It takes a real man to do it and correct his course of action. We will all make mistakes. The real men are those who can correct himself and re-steer, not just heading off the cliffs. The man who corrects himself is one with a moral compass not merely an accellerator and no positive direction in life. A carwreck waiting for one, and success for the other. Let's keep our hands on the steering wheel of our own minds and hearts and keep dodging our own potholes. Handshake to all better men who do.

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You are committing false accusation, slander, libel, and defamation, harrassment, bullying, and cybercrime, which are crimes in all countries including yours.

  • You need to remove your unethical illegal slander from our blog which is not your blog immediately. If you don't, we will contact the appropriate authorities in your community and take legal actions against you immediately.
  • Keep in mind that your illegal actions and abusive actions towards others are stored forever on the Blockchain and thus can be used against you by authorities and the law. You are NOT Immune.

Harassment and cybercrime should never be taken lightly by your victims. You have no legal ground upon which to make such wild and demonic baseless factless accusations without a single dollar in loss as well and absolutely zero evidence whatsoever. No crime has been committed but for yours.

We will not tolerate this kind of abuse.

  • You did not ever attempt any real communication with our company, and only committed crimes against us instead
  • You did not invest in our company and have experienced no loss and we have no pending loss claims nor any claims of wrongdoing whatsoever anywhere from anyone.
  • You did not even do the courtesy of giving us a single call before you labelled your wrongful, very much illegal and completely unethical false claims against us.
  • We demand you take them down immediately or we will absolutely pursue immediate legal action against your crimes.
  • You have no right to just go on the internet and do cybercrime against others including but not limited to: Lies, defamation, slander, abuse, harrassment, online bullying, false accusations, and seeking to harm their reputations or harm their commercial business or do financial harm to them.
  • The penalties for such actions range into many multiples of actual damage, this is common and to be expected.

If you remove your comments, apologize as you should do, and engage with the human on the telephone making real person to person real life contact instead of mere cyber-bullying on the internet, we will forgive your actions. Let's see if you will choose to do the right thing. I know you have it in you.

Some people are giving their lives, efforts, time, money and futures to make the world a better place. You should always support them and never discourage nor attack them. Let's see the encouraging neil which is the true one you are supposed to be living.

Everyone makes mistakes. This is one you can not afford to be making towards others. Fortunately here on steemit we can edit our our mistakes and start anew and improve our behavior. Take some time, figure it out, make the correction and try again. Fail fast is a Startup mantra, it's meaning is actually however to improve fast, the purpose to make many improvements early and quickly to rise above all the errors and mistakes to get it the right way, the right behavior and delivery for the community.

Let's see you rise to the occasion! Cheering for you!

When Steem goes into action supporting renewable energy projects?




Firstly, sorry if we stepped on someone stumbling into the steemit world as a noober. We seem to have crashed into someone's experiment table.

It's very important for steemit users to respect new recruits and help them fumble through the learning as they are what is needed for this decentralized approach to succeed. We need to treat all with respect so please everyone calm down and STOP THE ABUSE!

  • Defend steemit bloggers from abusive action.
  • Calm ourselves if we have a spaz
  • Return to fairness and constructiveness as soon as possible
  • If you don't like someone's blog posts, STAY OFF THEIR BLOG!! MUTE, IGNORE, but don't harrass, threaten, downvote, false accuse or other destructive behaviors as that can destroy the steemit platform and it's happy helpful community.
  • We need more helpers! Not attackers, let's face it, we're all learning
  • 200 million more steemit users may come in the next 5 years due to the mass market onboarding of crypto. We all need more teachers, guides, better information. Give the noobies a chance.
  • Forgive each other and make up quickly. We are all human and will have our frictions.
  • Lets all make sure to make steemit a bully free safe place!
  • Fairness! Thoughtfulness! Positivity! It always works better together!
  • Thanks to all those helpers out there! And over here.
  • We should all be more supportive of people asking for help and support. Is it really that hard to support people when they need it, instead of attacking them? A lot of people are trying to do something good in the world. We can all support them instead of be "a grouchy kitty."

And due to steemit's edit feature, we can all go back to edit our mistakes. It takes a real man to do it and correct his course of action. We will all make mistakes. The real men are those who can correct himself and re-steer, not just heading off the cliffs. The man who corrects himself is one with a moral compass not merely an accellerator and no positive direction in life. A carwreck waiting for one, and success for the other. Let's keep our hands on the steering wheel of our own minds and hearts and keep dodging our own potholes. Handshake to all better men who do.


Orginal post: =

hm. After being false accused harshly 'by a couple people on the internet' for a number of things quickly after writing this article, I am feeling 'in the shoes' of "Obvious Ventures" and possibly "Bill Gates" who may be innocent. (though also maybe not, and the 'incompetence' seems inexcusable as an activist) us activists always want others in powerful positions of course to take the proper actions for humanity or else were miffed or angry etc and want to put pressure to get the right result people need. You do get more bees with honey, however sometimes it takes some fighting spirit also, especially as a Startup and especially when you are trying to Change The World, with the hardest mission anyone has ever tried outside of war. Some even say this is war, especially since so many clean energy innovators have been murdered. Anyway, if either "Obvious" or Gates really are so mental that they don't support us and won't, oh well, next. It would be pretty pathetic. If they can forgive my frustration, ill forgive also, but there will be adjusters because they refused to support when they should have, and thats the first solicitation for something so severe a need for humanity as this, especially how they TALK. I think when you TALK, you have responsibility to take ACTION, and if you don't, there are consequences for everyone not just us, but EVERYONE. Real leadership on such crucial issues for humanity requires proper support and action for those working on this. This problem is far more important than the space missions in FACT. Think about it. This issue is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to humanity. No one dies if we didnt go to the moon. But 15 MIllion people a year are dead just from breathing when they don't support those working on this. Can there be any excuse when you thus turn your back? I don't think so, no, no there is no room for that as a leader in this world, there just isn't.

So, Obvious Ventures, do the OBVIOUS that you should be doing. Pony up some minimum support or take the nasty mouth like a man if you don't. People are dead. That's not funny. Thats not a game. And I'm not playing one. You shouldn't either. Gates, what the F are you doing? Where the F are you on this? You are wrong here. Very very wrong. And history will know it. You have a chance to steer humanity to a very very nice place. Don't miss the opportunity you have been given to support this. You have been blessed with privilege, now use it for the right things. You have a responsibility now, a duty now, don't fail your responsibility, don't fail your duty. Do what you are entrusted to do. People gave you that trust they give it to you every day and believe in you. Now do the right thing and help us. Do the right thing and help us. If you do, the whole world changes.

Were waiting. All 8 billion of us. Were waiting.

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