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How many times have you not seen in futuristic cut filmes houses, apartments with integrated security systems, integrated house conditions: kitchen, climate, everything to make the stay of the user more pleasant. And if that were possible? If the interconnection of mobile devices together with home or office devices were connected by a protocol?

Dear community, every day the technological development will allow this and much more. Keep reading and find out how IONChain works, the technology of the future, a future that is closer than ever, based on the theory of the Swedish Arrhenius who in 1887 gave a theoretical explanation to the phenomenon of electrical conductivity of electrolyte solutions, a theory that It is known as ionization.

The conductivity is the same as that applied by IONChain.


IONChain is a project of recent date. Its developers have worked with large projects such as Hyperledger and with other companies of Blockcnain-as-a-Service (BaaS). This project tries to positively impact the IoT industry, since it will allow the interconnection of all the devices with a network that will use this data to improve the quality of life of the user.

This project with headquarters Singapore and Shanghai did not have to maintain an ICO, since large investment funds would be very interested in this platform. Large private investment funds such as: LD Capital, Node Capital, Capital Hashlink, IBC Blockchain Capital, in addition to Blockchain Brother, one of the largest partners and one of the first dedicated to blockchain programming in China.

The ICO was initially launched as an ERC20 token; but, then a consensus was reached so that the main network will be launched immediately. Because the developers worked hard and on August 28 the mainnet development was completed and announced at an event held in Shanghai. There were investors from IONChain and their industry partners. There it was stated that in the coming months, after the event, the main network would be tested with industry partners, this first test would take place in a closed environment. Upon successful completion of these tests, IONChain will proceed to exchange the IONC tokens for IONC core network currencies.

How the IONChain ecosystem works

The rise of smart devices will allow the creation of a decentralized platform: IONChain, which will allow users to control their own data and create interaction between their IoT devices.

The unified protocol of IONChain will provide the opportunity for all these devices to share data and interact with other devices that are connected to this platform, since the IONChain protocol will be found in various IoT devices from different manufacturers and industries. This interconnection in several levels will allow to build a quantity of DAPP to help facilitate the optimization of these devices. A case of use in which the functioning of this platform could be observed, could be the launching of a mobile device. Pedro buys the Smartphone X which is not compatible with Y application, in this case the interconnection network will allow the manufacturer to know the compatibility error. Mary bought her Smartphone and presents an error in one of her update packages, through this network Mary can connect immediately with the manufacturer and solve the problem. Another use case that the devices use the IONChain Connected protocol could be that: Aileen has entered from your device so that the food left in the oven begins its cooking process. The more manufacturers that implement this protocol the closer we will be to those houses of the future.

Several IoT producers have studied the idea presented by IONChain and have already joined to use this protocol.

Process description:

-.Send a request from the dAPP
-.The device using IONC Connected loads the data to the nearest processing node.
-.When loaded, they are processed using data verification and time lapse algorithms.
-.After verification, IONC is sent to the wallet of the owner of the device (each device a unique ID) as a reward for the data loaded. Once verified, these data are stored by IPFS and BigChainDB and then used by the dAPPs.


IONChain not only innovates in the way in which it intends to interconnect all the devices but also in the way of managing the collected data, this through a new method in the creation of value and transfer called IONIZATION.

What this method consists of

The IONIZATION aims to separate the processes of value creation and transfer with the intention of greater adaptability to the IoT industry. Here is the description of the results:

For the creation of value it will be fragmented into four stages or layers: Generation, Verification, Evaluation and Confirmation.

Value generation encompasses IoT Connected IoT devices and Edge Computing centers near the device. All devices will have a standardized IONChain protocol and a unique IONChain identification code, which includes device manufacturer information, device identification and other related information. The information is stored in the device and encrypted with a zero knowledge test algorithm. IoT devices can be used as a mining machine, and the information from them can produce IONC coins after certain algorithm verification. All IoT devices integrated in IONChain communicate through an IMQTT protocol customized by IONChain. The MQTT protocol was initially developed by IBM for communication between IoT devices; However, it does not include the value transfer layer. IONChain adds the value transfer function over the MQTT protocol, creating the IMQTT protocol. With the use of the IMQTT protocol, IoT devices can not only exchange data, but also perform the transfer of values.

While the transfer of values ​​will be fragmented into six stages or layers: application, service, IONChain protocol,
intelligent contracts, blockchain and data storage.

The application layer refers to the IONChain user interface layer, and will use a representational state transfer API (REST) ​​interface based on the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). The service layer refers to the layer that will be used to communicate between the internal modules. In general, this layer will not be open to end users or node owners, although this might be an option in the future. The IONChain protocol layer is the term used to address all the central protocols that IONChain has implemented in its ecosystem, such as its consensus protocol, network protocol, currency exchange protocol, etc.

One of the most important layers is the intelligent contract layer, which forms the bridge between the block chain and the application. This ensures that users can legally and safely use the data stored in the block chain. The blockchain layer speaks for itself, it is the core of the IONChain ecosystem. The final layer is the data storage layer. It uses the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) in combination with BigChainDB to facilitate decentralized data storage.






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