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In the cult sci-fi classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,you slide a yellow Babel fish into your ear to get translations in an instant.In the real world, Google has come up with an interim solution: a $159 pair of earbuds, called Pixel Buds.These work with its Pixel smartphones and Google Translate app to produce practically real-time translation..
One person wears the earbuds, while the other holds a phone.
The earbud wearer speaks in his or her language—English is the default—and the app translates the talking and plays it aloud on the phone.
The person holding the phone responds; this response is translated and played through the earbuds..

Google Translate already has a communique function, and its iOS and Android apps permit users speak as it robotically figures out what languages they’re the usage of and then translates them. but heritage noise can make it tough for the app to apprehend what humans are announcing, and also to discern out whilst one man or woman has stopped speakme and it’s time to start translating.

Pixel Buds get round those problems due to the fact the wearer taps and holds a finger at the proper earbud even as speakme. Splitting the interaction among the telephone and the earbuds offers all people manage of a microphone and facilitates the speakers hold eye touch, on the grounds that they’re no longer trying to skip a phone from side to side.

The Pixel Buds have been extensively panned for subpar design. They do look silly, and they may not fit nicely for your ears. They also can be difficult to set up with a phone.

Clunky hardware can be fixed, although. Pixel Buds display the promise of mutually intelligible communication between languages in near real time. And no fish required..
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