The future of Virtual Reality (VR) - Blockchain meets VR

3년 전

I still remember the first day I tried VR for the first time. It was one of those experiences I dont think I can ever forget. Being teleported to another world where I could kill zombies or explore any part of the world via Google earth. 

Since then, I have been following VR closely. I have found that the multiplayer online games or chatrooms are very fun and interesting. Being able to interact and talk to other real people, is truly amazing. 

For past few months, I have been entertaining some of my own ideas for possible VR applications. The most prominent and interesting of these is what I'm going to be explaining.

Imagine a world that relied fully on blockchain. Where all the information is stored on a public ledger. Where the currency was used likewise. Imagine a society that was fully operational on a cryptocurrency. 

I think that this could serve so many purposes both as a test and as a practical solution.

For example, a real college could buy a section of this "world," or even create a new section of the world, and build a virtual school. They could then assign teachers to this building and allow real students to attend this virtual school.

Tuition would be paid with the worlds virtual cryptocurrency. Teachers would be paid in this same currency.

Everything could be open source, meaning that other developers could, according to the rules of this "contract" propose changes to different aspects of code to improve and grow the world, its society, and even potential universes.

All changes would operate on a propose and voting system in which everyone holding the worlds currency has the right to vote. The more currency you hold, the nore your vote is worth as it would he in your best interest to help the system (and your net worth) grow.

This would also help us know if a system using cryptocurrency as a base currency would actually work or not. It would allow for some amazing creations and useful things. It could truly be a virtual reality.

Next thing that needs to happen is the technology needs to advance to create a more efficient and immersive experience. But that's a topic for another post.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas about the future of VR and blockchain.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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