Google’s AI sounds like a human on the phone — should we be worried?

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Google has demonstrated during its event of developers, Google I / O, the capabilities of the Assistant , that 'voice' of the mobile that works with artificial intelligence technologies and that, in its new version, is capable of making phone calls on behalf of the user without being noticed that it really is a machine.

Talking with a machine is nothing new. Anyone has done it and anyone has ever lost patience with their robotic approaches. It is too obvious when a customer service is taken with answering machines. However, here not only is the interlocution human , but also the order of the factors is inverted: it is the voice of the machine that calls a person and talks to her.

Google has demonstrated the new technology behind its assistant with something as routine as calling a hairdresser or a restaurant to book an appointment, with a result that is more than acceptable in both cases, and that the interlocutors do not always have an easy reaction to predict.

It is surprising how artificial intelligence can mimic speech, such as saying "aha" when someone asks to wait for a moment during the call, but what is really advanced is how can you overcome a conversation that does not progress in the expected way without noticing the 'trap', which is what happens in the second call.

The set of advances and tools that allow this has been called Google Duplex and the company has explained in its official blog . It is a very dense material and difficult to understand if you do not have the right knowledge in the area, but it can be clear that the machines will be able to make calls for us not too long and without the person on the other side of the phone knowing .

The goal of Google with Duplex is that you can perform mundane tasks without having to get involved with them. And that, in case something gets very complicated, you can resort to the user to finish it or do it from the beginning.

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Yeah, it is indeed scary that machines can mimic human voice perfectly. And super creepy when a machine can talk exactly like or mimic an individual. But it feels terrifying that this machine or AI will be owned by a big corporation or government and not you.

Already a company like Google has a huge data set on any person's voice who has been connected to the internet on smart devices with their apps on by default. And it would be easy for them to put together a personalized AI that talks like you.

Governments must act soon and enact laws that will prevent the use of such voice data by corporations if an individual wishes so. Any person must be able to send a notice to Google to take down all their personal data including voice and Google must comply by purging such data across all geographies!

Google is getting a lot bigger than anyone expected it to be. The James Demore lawsuit is interesting. How will google handle everyone on planet earth's data? Well, we know the have a serious left wing bias. It's possible things don't end well.