Now Facebook Wants To Compete With Tinder Meet "Facebook Dating"

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The creator and CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg , has also announced that group video calls will arrive to WhatsApp, live videos for group members of its social network and the increased reality on Instagram and Messenger.

More serious than on other occasions and knowing that all eyes were on his speech , Mark Zuckerberg climbed on the boards of the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose (in California, United States) in the eleventh conference of developers of Facebook, known as F8.

The premises were clear: talk about Cambridge Analytica, but without going too deep; return to chant the "mea culpa" and talk about the progress that has been made since the scandal that has affected 87 million people around the world; and to give striking announcements that would stop the intervention and that would make you forget for a moment (that lasts two days, like the convention itself) that Facebook is in one of its most complicated moments. And a Zuckerbergback to the blue sweater and the enthusiasm that characterizes it (far from the seriousness of the Congress) fulfilled each and every one of them.

Thus, the news that has made a smoke screen on all the problems that the company has been dragging for a few months is the incorporation of a dating application within Facebook. This is not totally new news, as it is known that the platform has been thinking about introducing this tool for some time.

In this official launch, of which Zuckerberg has not given more date than "soon", it has been spoken of that this application, that will be optional for the users of Facebook , reinforces the objective of the social network: to approach the people. Especially when "one in three marriages are known by the network", has assured its creator.

Live videos with groups

But not only this function has eclipsed the possible dark clouds of the day. He also explained the new tool «Watch Party, an option that allows you to share live videos only between members of groups and that has even led him to joke about his appearance in Congress.

Precisely this joke has been the one that has relaxed the atmosphere, after a much more serious Zuckerberg explained that they are also working on a tool so that Facebook can not track the user out of their network («Clear History»), in addition to the Improved artificial intelligence systems to detect inappropriate content.

Augmented reality for Instagram and Messenger

He also announced new features for his other giants : both Instagram and Messenger (Facebook chat) will have videos with augmented reality (Zuckerberg has joked about how well he spends putting a lie mustache on his face), and video calls from Group of up to four people will arrive very soon to WhatsApp.

There has also been time (a few seconds, actually) to praise the figure of Jan Koum, creator of the most famous instant messaging application in the world and leaving the Facebook boat.

The virtual and augmented reality had its predictable gap in the speech of the CEO of Facebook, stating that this technology can already show our memories in photos, showing images of a home environment created from small image files that, clicking, revealed familiar birthdays , parties with friends or funny episodes that in the future will be seen through glasses (sold around the world under the name of Oculus and whose manufacturer is Facebook, of course).

Nothing new about Cambridge Analytica

Serious but clearly much more enthusiastic than what was shown in the Congress, the founder of the most famous social network in the world returned to refer to the guidelines of his speech on the protection of data of users of his platform:

"Now I can not happen what happened with Cambridge Analytica because the most important decisions are We took in 2014, "he said in front of an audience full of developers who have paid an entry to the same company that has restricted their permits as an attempt to stop a possible bleeding of customers, both anonymous and advertisers. As the conference went on and the ads were unfolding, the excitement mounted.

But if there was any skeptic in the room, Zuckerberg finished seducing him by giving each person listening to him in California virtual reality glasses Oculus Go to celebrate the launch in the United States for $ 199 a pair. Zuckerberg knows very well what he does, despite the fact that the moment is not at all favorable.

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Facebook wants to compete with dating apps. fine. but in light of the FB privacy crisis, isn’t dating the exact kind of service that people would now be hesitant to trust FB for? if I’m Tinder or Bumble I’m not panicking.

Wonderful post ..Best of luck friend ✫
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