Startups in China Are Hiring Women as 'Programmer Motivators,' and It’s Just as Sexist as It Sounds

3년 전

Becoming a " motivator of programmers " is an aspiration on the rise in China, a country that is experiencing a social change in which openness clashes with deeply rooted moral roots. In this context, this striking job has emerged, for which " talented girls " are sought, capable of creating a "fun work environment" with the following characteristics: be beautiful , speak softly , measure more than 1, 58 centimeters , have a contagious laugh and, in addition, they should know how to put on makeup .

At least these are the requirements that are requested from , a Chinese finance company that hires this "motivational" profile. Shen Yue is one of her "motivators of programmers" and has talked about her work with The New York Times , which she does not consider to discriminate or sexual women.

"We all need someone to talk to and with whom to organize activities that help relieve pressure," says Shen Yue, whose role is halfway between being a psychologist and encouraging programmers , most of them without too much social life due to the Work stress He is 25 years old and a civil engineer .

According to Shen Yue, " many feminist ideas are too extreme now, " she says, alluding to criticism of her work: "I believe that women should be independent, self-sufficient and have self-respect.

And that is enough, "he affirms to the media in a categorical way. Some seven Chinese companies have implemented this profile to their staff, although some, such as the giant Alibaba, had to discard the announcement after the fierce criticism of their customers.

Thus, the girls walk around the office offering their advice , their massages and even organizing birthday parties and games like the typical bag race. Xu Jiaolong, one of the few female programmers at who also receives massages, claims to see nothing wrong with the job. However, he asks for "motivators" guys .

" A man talking to another man is like having a date with a boy. A little uncomfortable, right? ", Says one of the programmers of the company, making it clear that, for now, one of the most fashionable fashion jobs in China will not change sex.

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women can be good motivator but she should also be a good human.@cyberwarrior

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