The Technology Revolution Already Owns Our Daily Life

3년 전

Even in the 80s, the futuristic utopia predicted that in 2000 cars would fly, that a robot would serve us dinner every night and that with a pill we would learn English. None of this has happened exactly like this (yet), although autonomous cars have already been invented, there are applications that translate in real time, talking busts able to maintain a conversation and robots that pick up the junk of a room.

The technology is to blame for advances like these and other more everyday that have dynamited the day to day of many citizens. Watching television, making a transfer, buying airline tickets and reading the newspaper, for example, are actions that are available to anyone with a smartphone with Internet access .

The consumption of television through new platforms is, however, more independent of age, something that influences the simplicity of its use. «Companies take care of everything. For the user it is easy ", concludes De Elías. Thus, young people between 18 and 29 who watch television through different operators are 40.6%, compared to 30.4% of those over 65.

The arrival of the internet is considered the fifth revolution, a transformation "at the level of what the telephone supposed, for example, because it has changed the way society operates, has established a new way of communicating, of relating to each other ... ", explains Ángel Barbero, expert in Innovation and Digital Transformation.

In his opinion, some perspective is needed to analyze all these changes and their influence on society , although there are already some analyzes on the behavior in RRSS, in how digital natives think, in the way in which we manage the large volume of information that circulates, false news, its use to generate currents of opinion that influence elections, etc.

According to the Sigma Dos survey, 62% of those questioned read the newspapers online. "Those who only access them through digital media are 38.4%", confirms Asencio, while 21.3% only read them on paper. For Barbero, the crux of the matter is not so much the format, but the way in which the information is consumed: "We received a lot and in real time, but nobody has taught us to filter truthful sources or if it is news that really They are very interesting, they consume a lot of very fast news that are often irrelevant, which leads to many perversions, such as fake news. "

Therefore, education must play a fundamental role: " In education plans, digital must work in a core way , not only through programming subjects,".

The survey shows resounding data regarding the positive perception that Spaniards generally have regarding new technologies: while 72.7% believe that they will improve their lives , only 11.2% think that they will make it worse. " There is reluctance, for example, related to Artificial Intelligence , because we do not know its scope, we think that robots will take away our work ... But, apart from the social challenges that may arise, there are more opportunities than threats.

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Muy bien @cyberwarrior I just moments before you posted something apropos to your post in regards to the importance of education. I hope you don’t mind me linking it here. I’m relatively new here and don’t know if that’s a forbidden action 🙏🏽. All the best,