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Basically web design separated into two parts the font end and back end lot of time back end is more classified as web programming and add so much web design but nonetheless it's really great to know both sides not just to be a design or programmer you know it's better to know how to design but then also how to program it. Now when you hear the term code you really just imagine a bounce of line of jibber jacks that you really have to kind of wrap your head around just kind of keeps stuffing more and more coding in order to create a successful product and that's really not the way its works in web design.


Web design have many many language and it's all start with basics. Which are in my opinion for the font end is HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT and the back end is the php and there are tons of more languages that branch off from those there are tons of more that on their own that all do many different things.

But i think these are the four that every single web designer and web programmer needs to know. Now the reason why i say web design is little bit different from other coding because they really all work together to form fully operational website so for example HTML is base it contains pretty much of all the elements that are going to under page then you take that and you move the CSS. CSS styles you pages and it tells the browser to make it as it's coded. JAVASCRIPT is the pop out design like you want to show message or anything functionally show on hover over the object. PHP can do many thing and many different versatile things. It can show errors on form and valid your form and it can able to store you data into the database.


With all those together a pretty much strong and professional look web site can be build.

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