All Canon cameras and Canon company and history of photocopiers

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The camera is a specialized device that takes pictures through the so-called Shutter, which is opened and then closed when the image is taken. The light - sensitive film is displayed in the light , and the image appears on the film. [1] Canon company and history of photocopiers Started the company Canon (English: Canon) a small operator in one of the streets of the city of Tokyo , Japan, has been specializing in optics at the time, as was the case of the company 's rival Nikon ( in English: Nikon). In the mid-20th century, Canon entered into the manufacture of calculators , copiers, and audio technology. In the same period, the company released its first camera , a SLR camera, , And was named Canonflex. [2] The competition between Canon and Nikon intensified in 1971 when Canon released a camera called F-1, which had many advantages. In the 1970s, Canon released a microprocessor , called AE1, which was affordable for most people. This was followed by a new camera called A1, which was considered one of the most sophisticated cameras at the time. [2] In the 1980s, Canon released a series of T-series cameras. These machines were very successful, and were characterized by the mechanism of action, and some of the specifications of this series are still present in modern cameras. In 1995, Canon, in cooperation with Kodak, released a digital camera with a DSLR camera called EOS-DCS, which was intended for amateur photography. [2] In 2000, Canon released a camera (EOS 30D), which had a 3.2 megapixel resolution. This camera has been very successful and has greatly improved Canon's economy, placing it at the forefront of the digital device market. In 2001, Canon released a camera (1D), also a digital camera with a monochrome lens that surpassed Nikon at the time. [2] Canon cameras Canon Nexus Canon IXUS cameras are compact cameras that are not intended for amateur photography or professionals. This type of camera lacks the many advantages they need. These cameras are suitable for everyday people to use for capturing family moments or taking pictures while traveling . The images in this type of Canon range from 16 megapixel to 20 megapixels, and the image can be magnified eight to twelve times. [3] Canon Powershot D30 The Canon Powershot D30 is suitable for use by adventure and adventure enthusiasts . It is waterproof to a depth of 25 meters and can withstand a fall of 2 meters. This camera has many advantages. It can shoot videos at high resolution. It also supports the integration of images with video. The user can take pictures while shooting a video. The camera then combines these images with the video clip to produce a new video. . The D-30 is supported by GPS technology, and it is used by marking the images taken at the place where they were filmed. [3] Canon Powershot Canon Powershot N is easy to carry and use. It is small in size and can not fit in the pocket. Its small size does not affect the quality of its images; it can capture high resolution images. Canon Powershot N100 is very similar to the PowerSpot N, but it is slightly different in shape and has a front lens that captures the user while taking pictures. [3] Canon Powershot S 120 The Baorashwt S 120 ( in English: Canon Powershot S120) of machines imaging high - performance, they are characterized by their ability to shoot high - resolution image sensor supports 12 megapixel resolution and enlarge the capacity of five times, and it did not prevent the machine from being a small size. The Powershot S200 is similar to the S-120, but its price is cheaper because its performance is lower. [4] Canon Powershot GX Owns a camera Canon PowerShot Ji Wen X Marc Tu ( in English: Canon Powershot G1 X Mark II) large lens with 12.8 megapixel resolution, it has been designed for the purpose of photographing images with high accuracy in places lacking light. [4] Canon EOS 1200D The Canon EOS 1200D camera has 18 megapixel resolution and the ability to shoot 1080p videos. This camera is a single-lens digital camera with a good price compared to this type of camera Digital. [5] Canon EOS 100D Of cameras single lens reflex digital, which is similar to or uninterrupted Palai de S. 1200, Vdguetha 18 megapixel camera , capable of shooting video quality 1080p. Owns brazier EOS 100 D screen touch screen allows the user to the camera through which control is the camera This camera is less weight among all single lens reflex digital cameras from the production of Canon.

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