Artificial intelligence

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Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking On Wednesday, one of the world's best scientists died on Wednesday. As well as studying the beginning of the world, he has always warned about the end of human civilization. He believed that there would be role of artificial intelligence (AI) and robot in the destruction of human civilization.
In an interview given to Wired in November last year, Hawking said, "I am scared, artificial intelligence might be replaced by man. People such as computer viruses have created. Someone might create such artificial intelligence, which will be growing by itself. "At the Cambridge University lecture, he once said that artificial intelligence is the greatest invention of man, or the worst of all.

Hawking has warned that the world is near destruction And so he has advised people to settle on another planet. This is now the most important work of the world's life. Said that finding the suitable planet for mankind is now the most urgent. "I believe we have reached a point where there is no way to return. The world is getting smaller for us. The population is growing at a terrible rate in the world, and we are pushing ourselves towards destruction

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