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ত্র 3 of the 600 million dollar has lost! Bangladeshi currencies it two million 95 of 00 crore. Just one of the day শেয়ারবাজারে exactly this amount of market prices of lost social media Facebook. Users personal information বেহাত the complaints up after ওয়ালস্ট্রিটে shaky is on Facebook US. Analysts say, the new for the existence of crisis is on Facebook. It on the one hand, as technology company on the users confidence may be reduced, on the other hand may be corrupted business reputation. Allegations, Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকা the name of an organization's app permission to use the Facebook. The app by millions of Facebook user's personal information collection by Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকা. The information after is used in the United States, the President of Donald ট্রাম্পের campaign in. In the work involved in a professor of the most recently face খোলায় in public has everything. Now whole issue of the questions that made the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) a variety of the country politicians. তদন্তও start is. In the news after reading the Monday Facebook share price collapse the name. To share price 17২ of $ 56 cents down. One day on Facebook share price reduced 6 decimal 7 percent. The last few years in the company's stock price so loss unprecedented. Just Facebook is not, damaged other technology institutions. The financial times, according to, নাসদাকের share price reduced 1 decimal 8 percent. অ্যালফাবেট or Google share price reduced 3 decimal 5 per cent. Amazon price reduced the decimal 3 percent. Apple each shares have been than ever before the percent of low price. On the other hand, Microsoft share price two decimal two percent of decreased. Facebook this scandals unmute have been the government and politics bagha bagha person. BBC online news said, the UK's Prime Minister থেরেসা may in fact "very concern" called. Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকার London office searched run permission wanted to the data protection authority. On the other hand, the United States, the Democratic and Republican-both political party সিনেটররা information security of hearing digit has. Democrat Senator Amy ক্লোবুশার and the Republican party John Kennedy said, the hearing Facebook founder Mark জাকারবার্গকে questioning want to. The same with other technology organization প্রধানদেরও ask to speak said they were. Complaint the face of the last Friday Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকা the name of the consultant institutions dismissed the Facebook. Social যোগাযোগমাধ্যমটির from the statement claim to have been, নিয়মভঙ্গকারী a researchers from users of the information found Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকা. However, such complaints has denied Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকা. Complaint from beginning to end the United Kingdom and the United States, the media the first in debate started. The new York times published in the report is called, ২016 in the United States, the President of the American citizens to vote in case of the effects of had the information analysis to institutions of Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকা. In the case of Facebook billions of the user's profile information from was used. CNN reports have been, the University of Cambridge psychology professor Alexander কোগানের creating the application "দিসইজইওরডিজিটাললাইফ 'right to use the Facebook. The company said, the users get the chance to get the professor. The app basically a ব্যক্তিত্ববিষয়ক test চালাত. But the Facebook user of the app download used to, and they Alexander কোগানকে their different information to permission would. As a result, users US, their friends and the post of the' like 'would hear it could psychology the professor. The time Facebook policy in the activities was approved. The new York times reported, users of the information কোগান Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকার to provide. Facebook violate without this work was. Facebook five million more user information in this way, বেহাত is. The time of Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকা voters affects can be, that technology innovation tried. Facebook authorities claim, ২015 in Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকাকে that all the information to delete the said they. But a few days ago জাকারবার্গের institutions to know the database all been deleted. The Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকা authorities said, the new York times, the report that information to the the ২016 in the United States, the President of the Donald ট্রাম্পকে supply did not. However, triumph camp service to the প্রকারান্তরে accept the Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকা. New York times, and other media of published in recent reports the Cambridge অ্যানালিটিকার former contractors Christopher উইলির interview on the basis of has been created. So cry why? The United States, 016 President after the election of the Democratic electoral process of social যোগাযোগমাধ্যমের role of the questions is. Discussion that there are false news promotion, communalism and hate to spread the case of social যোগাযোগমাধ্যম the use of the matter. In with a few days before the face of খুলেছিলেন Facebook founder and chief executive Mark জাকারবার্গও. And he' Facebook save 'step to also said. CNN one of the analysis of the recent debate Facebook ব্যবসাপদ্ধতি with questions have been. Facebook as users personal information app developer and sold to advertisers is, it, they can do not, what with being discussed. জাকারবার্গের now for a number of questions wait have. User information, how is in use, the on Facebook what to users transparency maintain have? To a third party information বেহাত be to prevent the company more effective action what to take could? Republican Senator Jeff Flake সিএনএনকে said, it is a big issues. Personal privacy a violation of the very important. The question, who it is? When they could? How many days of the lasted? Analysts, according to these questions সদুত্তর to Mark জাকারবার্গের for a huge challenge can be.

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