Macbook at cheapest rate

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A new version of MacBook Air can be brought to the market by US technology maker Apple. This second-quarter, that is, from April to June, the laptop can be seen at affordable prices. The information from KGI Securities's Apple Product Analyst Ming-Cueo has published information on technology website Nine to Five Mac.

Quo said Apple will increase the price of MacBook Air laptops by bringing affordable new MacBook Air laptops to 10-15 percent this year.

In 2008, Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs opened MacBook Air in MacWorld Express in San Francisco. However, until 2015, it has not been updated. Instead Apple has given much importance to the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro.

13-inch MacBook Air is more popular among students. Currently its price starts from 999 USD. At the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2017, Apple brought a few updates to MacBook Air. It added a bit faster processor, 8GB RAM.

In addition to the new MacBook Air this year, the new AirPod and the 6-inch-size new iPhone can come in the market, according to Kiji analyst Qo

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