New gaming laptop is coming

4년 전

Taiwan's tech company Asus has opened a new gaming laptop in the country's market. Laptop named Jodi Strix Skaer Edition (GL 503 VM)

Specially made for professional first person shooter gamers. It will be special to play professional games like 'Counter Strike' or 'Over Watch'.

The laptop has seven-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 6GB Nvidia Gifter's GTX 1060 graphics card and 16 GB DDR 4 RAM. Screen resolution of 15.6 inch display laptop is 5 milliseconds, reducing motion blur while playing games. The laptop's keyboard has been built keeping in mind the professional gamers. In addition, the buttons used in game games can be arranged according to your choice.

Strict Skar Editions have an Intelligent Thermal System, which automatically adjusts the cooling system for Optimized Speed ​​and Zipi performance.

Venting specifically on top of the keyboard and under the laptop helps to get cool air. It has 12 volt fan, which is more effective in cooling than the conventional 5-volt fan blades.

The Genuine Windows 10 operating system includes a more gaming center, which supports overclocking, system tuning, gaming profiles and system monitoring, according to the gaming requirements. The cost of laptops is Tk 1,55,5 thousand

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