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Moodle: Khairul Bashar. Image: Users are actually a little lazy about the security of the first light. They are not as sensitive as they are able to get any service easy, but they do not even have the basic awareness of their personal information to be safe. It is a big proof of the fact that the information about the unreading of Facebook users is social networking. Above all, the question is how safe you are, but how much you are aware of that security Take this quiz to see who can verify thekeuttara achemiliye below.

  1. Invite someone to be your friend on Facebook (friend request), whom you do not know. Do you?
  • Accept
  • Exclude
  • Send a message and ask how you know
  1. Unlocking Smartphone, you need 10 minutes to update your app. Do you?
  • Delete update messages
  • Continue to do the following
  • Update
  1. Received messages in Facebook or e-mail. Here it has been said that the message will be forwarded to 10 friends. What will you do?
  • Delete
  • Excellent message. Send to 10 friends
  • Do not send 10 to the nearest two
  1. The photo posted today can be in the future tomorrow.
  • Truth
  • False
  1. When playing games in Smartphone, she asked for your current position. Your friends play games and play them. So it is safe to tell your position in that specific game.
  • Truth
  • False
  1. What issues should be kept in the use of social media?
  • Share as little information about yourself as possible
  • Sign in, contact only users
    Keep profile content visible to friends only
  • All the above
  1. Wish close friends. If you want to trust your Facebook account password, what will you give?
    Why not?
  • Give the password, but when the job is finished, change it
  • Do not give up
  1. You can browse your favorite websites safely because they are malware or any risk-free.
  • Truth
  • False
  1. You are responsible for your work while connected to Internet.
  • Truth
  • False
  1. Post something about others, do not be embarrassed if someone post you.
  • Truth
  • False

Answer the answer
1.Encourage. In social media, you should make friends who you personally know.

2.Do not miss. The operating system and any apps are always safe to keep up to date. Without smartphones, you should keep the apps that you use regularly.

Firstly, such messages can spread confusion. Second, the matter is boring.

4.Again.After posting online, you can not delete that picture. Anybody can keep down.It can be shared later. And so doing online thinking is good to work.

  1. Memory. Many apps do not require a position to serve, but they want information. In that case, you must stop geo-locomotion. Please read the Privacy Policy to keep personal information safe.

  2. Find out what information will be shared with all of the above. See in the privacy and security settings whether the information sharing options are your decision or not.

  3. Do not pay. Passwords are for themselves. Not for participation. Parents can save password or personal information only for teenagers.

  4. Money. Trustworthy websites like Google, Amazon, Facebook can be relatively safer. However, your website may also be in danger. Those criticisms of the information scandal against Facebook are due to the third-party app. Only if it is suspected that the link is clicked on the link. Avoid. If the web address starts with http instead of http, then it is safer.

  5. Actually, online or offline, the user is asked for permission before using any service. Who will take responsibility if he or she does not support it or not? Privacy policy is being tried by different countries to simplify the privacy policy, but the user has some responsibility .

  6. Honestly. Practice good behavior online. What you do can affect many people. Such as home, office, and again in the whole world.
    If your answers are correct, there is no reason to worry. If wrong, then the security of your personal information should be considered fresh.

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