Our pride?

4년 전

Today, on the occasion of Bangladesh's Greatest Independence Day, Google displays special doodles on their home page.

To show respect to the Independence Day of Bangladesh, Google is displaying this red-green Doodle home page.

Behind the red-green doodle, the green landscape of Bangladesh and the white color of Google are showing.

Google wrote on their doodle page, 47 years ago today Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence. A nation is born. Today, the people of Bangladesh will observe the historic day through various programs. Google Doodle has been released to remind the day. The doodle is flying on the ground in Bangladesh, proud flag is flying, it has been highlighted.

In the memory of different day, person and event, Google makes special logo on their home page, which is known as doodle. Earlier, Google released such a doodle in memory of different day and person of Bangladesh. On March 26th, on the Independence Day, Google released a doodle for the third time on this issue.

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