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Using glass (glass back panel) behind expensive flagship smartphones has become a bit of a norm. And in the last few years it will be seen. Because, since the beginning of the year, almost all of the flagship phones that came in the market and are about to come are behind the glass.

Nokia 8 Cycore, Samsung's S9 and S9 Plus, Sony Xperia XZ 2, ZTE's latest Blade V9, with Asus's Genfon 5, glass has been used. Apart from that, made of glass in the last year, LG V30 and Huawei's Met 10 and Mt 10 Prores have been made in the market last year. As a result, the phone that comes in the coming days, it is expected that the entire body will be completely covered in the glass.

The mobile phone conglomerate of the LG World G7 phone that has been exposed, there is a glass of rear. Similar images were found in the leaked photo of Huawei and One Plus's upcoming new phones. As a result of the metal structure, aluminum is now taking place in the glass. Although compared to aluminum, the glass is very fragile. Still there is reason to use glass.

Because, glass design is more attractive to look at the smartphone. Some people think that the glass luxurious sign of mobile phones costing more than a thousand dollars. But the most important thing is that the glass is more suitable for wireless charging technology. In addition, the glass works better than the antenna added in the back of the WiFi, FourGi Internet and BlueTooth phones.

The main problem is that if ever the phone's back panel collapses, it will cost quite a lot to change it. If you do not have Apple Care Plus, you'll have to count to replace the iPhone tone glass back of $ 549
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If I could take a picture of my Axon 7, I would. It keeps up with the best of them, while looking stylish. Best part is no-one recognizes it.