Vivo in bd

4년 전

Smartphone brand Vivo has started its journey through the unveiling of the latest smartphone model V-Nine. V-Nine packets were unveiled in a five-star hotel on Monday.

Vivo Vee-Nine with 'Love Bangladesh, Luv Vivo' slogan presented in front of the CEO of Vivo Bangladesh (CEO) Du Bauhua. Actress Tausif Mahbub, actress Shabnob Fariya, members of the Global team were present at the ceremony along with the media representatives of the country's actress Nusrat Faria.

Mr. Vuvo, CEO of Vivo Bangladesh, said, "Artificial intelligence technology plays a big role in our phones, so we have received tremendous encouragement and encouragement from the customers of the world market to get the perfect picture." He said that the phone is from Pearl Black and Sonali Available in color. Each phone will cost 29,990 taka.

Vivo V-Nin phone is designed to work with artificial intelligence (AI) to give a new experience to artificial intelligence, perfect image for the young generation of Bangladesh. It is possible to hold the perfect picture with this phone. Artificial intelligence technology like AI Face Beauty, Ai Smart Engine and AI Selfi Lighting, has been used on VivoV-Nine phones. As well as the phone uses five ginger and screen finger printing technology.

The VivoV-Nine phone has an artificial intelligence face beauty option of about 10 million wide database. As a result, the light on the phone can determine the age, sex, skin type and color of the photo. Due to the artificial intelligence technology, its cellfight light transforms mathematically by holding two-dimensional and three-dimensional appearance, causing the picture to be visually impaired. In addition it has artificial intelligence smart engines. image

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