- A Quick Report


Hey guys. It’s been around three weeks since I started and I thought it would be cool to give you a quick overview about our current state.
By the way I thank everyone for using and for your trust.

We’ve already got over 150 Users within just less than three weeks! That’s insane! The bigger our community gets, the better it works and the more everyone is profiting.

So please keep inviting new people!

- By using your referral link your will earn credits for every invite

Platform statistics:

Total Users 159
Active Users 97
Voting Power (total) $ 4.51
Voting Power (active users) $ 2.42

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your link does not work is this a resteem service or upvote service, you give no explanation or links. thanks!

  ·  작년

Could you please tell me what that means "Define how many Voting power you want to have left at least" When do I earn more? Is it when I'm at 90% or at 10%?


The lower the slider is, the more upvote we will do with your account and the more you earn :)