The Exponentiation Operator in JavaScript

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JavaScript used to rely on Math.pow for exponentiation. Oddly enough, it did not have an easy-to-write syntax for this purpose. However, the operator ** was added recently (in ECMAScript 2016 specification) to the language and it is now available in all major browsers and NodeJS.

This is how to use it:

const x = 2 ** 5    // 32

The exponentiation operator is right associative. For example, a ** b ** c is equivalent to a ** (b ** c).

Note: You cannot use unary operators (+, -, ~, !, delete, void, typeof) immediately before the base, because that makes the expression ambiguous.

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This syntax is much easier to use than Math.pow. I wonder if there is a performance boost, as well.


Good question. Probably there is a better performance, because the method call is removed.


So, I ran a benchmark and turns out ** is almost three times faster than Math.pow on NodeJS.


That's a very nice performance boost. It surely is an improvement.

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Amazing that something like this could happen!!

Great post,thanks

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good pointout for new habit of writing, thanks!

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