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They deliberately mislead us. But not because they've figured it out. It's because they're clueless as to where to go.

They used a similar main GPU chip, but one of their teams probably developed a small raytracing chip that has some new optimizations. All you'd be doing is buying the same thing as before, but with either some new cores, or an entirely new chip, in the literal sense of a chip that's been soldered to the board. A small, nearly worthless chip.

But it's all they have to show. This is 1.7 all over again, isn't it?

It's one new feature but there's nothing here but an attempt at grabbing onto some media attention and money.

They need to keep people thinking that developments are happening, but here's the dark truth about corporate hiring: They don't care about passion or personal interest. They've gone too deep into wanting experience and college degrees that they completely sidestep around people who have true passion for developing the next generation.

They expect the best and brightest chip developers and driver writers to be involved in the banking system and play the corporate-advancement game.

But the best and brightest are here, knowing that the corporate game is deliberately difficult. Cryptocurrency is the future, and in this sort of tough market, no one wants to play a game where they only might be hired by Nvidia.

They want a solid future, and if you train for this sort of advanced chip development, but don't get brought into a core team at Intel, Nvidia, AMD, or maybe the next two biggest, you're nowhere. No one wants some off-brand graphics card, and there's no proof that it'll go anywhere, as well as no prestige to be had.

If you're a chip developer but you're not working at the big three, then you might as well just do an easier, but equally well-paying job.

The genius who understands the next generation will not be working on the next generation due to this absurd corporate economy. They will be here in the cryptosphere, making their riches quietly, without the corporate slavery that only the most brainwashed sheep get lead into.

If you were a genius, and you knew that going into debt for college would only enslave you into paying off that debt, but only by trying to earn money playing a rigged game, why go into debt in the first place?

Best to avoid debts and to focus on your own life, outside of corporate slavery. There is far more to the world than simply making money. If you are a genius, then the money will be made, university or not.

If you are truly wise, then the money and prestige will flow no matter where, when, or what you're doing.

The wise will not be fooled by delusions of grandeur, nor will they buy into false hype that these technology companies are trying to sell us. If you want a proper graphics card, look elsewhere, or buy used.

There's been nothing for years, other than petty optimizations. It's just a technological desert right now, with the way the economy is. What we need is a new frontier, lead by new people. But who?

Who is not just rich enough, but brave enough, to start the next ultimate technological corporation?

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I shudder to think what card I will need for the next Rift.

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