Got A Useful Piece of Tech But No Manual, No Problem!



Got A Useful Piece of Tech But No Manual, No Problem!

I'm sure that we all at one time have aquired an electronic appliance, perhaps yard sale, flee market, eBay, etc., only to discover that it come without a relevant user manual, real bummer right? Well I jest recemtly came across a resource that has you coverred. I conducted a search on the web for the user manual for my Sony NWZ - A829 MP3 player, cool device I have not used in a while, and luckily I was able for find at

ManualsLibs' site is well laid out and easy to navigate. After entering my search criteria in the searech field, bada bim bada boom, I was presented with the user guide. I had the option of reading online and downloading a pdf copy if I so chose, great!

The site mentions resources for over 50 major brands and has in excess of 3 million documents in its database. ManualsLibs is well worth checking out as your one stop shop for chasing down those elusive user guides.

The site FAQ is found here.

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