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notion app review

I love notes, writing, and storing ideas. I use my bullet journal for most things and enjoy the feeling of writing with a fountain pen. That said, being INTP I tend never to have a rigid schedule and find myself writing very little in my Bullet Journal from day to day. The same three to five things hit my plate daily and so most of my daily log in just that. When I have a busy weekend, the pages fill up quite fast, and it feels really great to be able to capture the day. The more I use the journal, the more I like it and plan to keep it around.

The one thing I can't (or won't) put in my journal are my blog posts. Writing them out by hand just to type them again seems foolish. So I use a note taking app for creating and storing this content. I started out using my Nextcloud instance, then moved to Simple Notes, after then I relocated to Standard Notes because Standard Notes encrypts your data by default.

Keeping my data, my data is important to me.

I Need More Cohesion

Then I was browsing YouTube at the end of the night to relax before bed and came across a video talking about note-taking applications that are both cross-platform and robust. This is where I heard about Notion again. I can't remember where I first heard about it, but the first time I chose not to give it a go. After that first video, I looked up some others on Notion and saw how much this app can do and aims to achieve.

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Have you found a good bullet journal app yet? I want to write on paper so bad again, but my OCD keeps it at Bay. I'm a collector, and I don't want to ruin all my beautiful notebooks with my scribbles. But typing, I can't be ugly there!

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Notion may be your best bet as a digital bullet journal. It can do basically anything you need it to do.